Tuesday, June 6, 2017


June 1st is the technical start of Winter hereabouts....
Time to try a Winter pudding, Apple Pan Dowdy, a good old-fashioned recipe from my lovely friend M.
Reader, it was delicious....

The Garden of Neglect is making quite an effort, with all that heat and humidity banished for a few months.
Mornings and evenings are quite cold, but we have balmy sunny days, with maximums from 20-24C.  
So good to be able to wear jeans, and sleeves, again.

Here is the June picture on my Canadian birds calendar.
No names are provided, so I hail my Canadian readers to let me know something about this little yellow fellow, and his lovely purple blooms..

Found some polka dot pants on sale...fun with my white sweater and a B/W scarf..

Mr C has been home for a week, and finds the recovery process quite tedious and painful.  But he is a really good patient, and does everything he is prescribed, which is quite extensive exercising.  He has now taken a few solo steps, albeit very stiff-leggedly!

The pain continues, and ice packs are used several times a day.
I have to take him to a physiotherapist one day, the Hospital Rehabilitation unit another day, and also doctor check-ups.  As well, keeping up my own medical exercises and appointments and helping with his care.  Busy times....

I received this beautiful gift from a very special and generous friend.
It is a hand-made journal, made just for me, featuring my own personal loves:
art, sewing, music...

It is a work of art and just so lovely.

Here is a peek at some of the pages, featuring vintage fashions, sewing patterns and notions, and old music:

Thank you H, I love your work so much, and the book is gorgeous..

Stay warm - down to 3c tomorrow morning..



  1. I have a passion for polka dots, for some unkown reason, and have several scarves in various colours covered in polka dots! I think that I must be a bit dotty.
    I like a sponge pudding with fruit beneath, it is so versatile - sometimes I put sultanas with apples, or even use nuts.
    As you know I am not a Canadian but will make a guess that the little yellow bird is a lesser Goldfinch.

    1. A polka dot scarf sounds very appealing to me too. I have always loved the whimsy of the dot..
      Goldfinch certainly is the perfect name for this little yellow bird, so Goldfinch it is :)

  2. Your journal is really pretty. What a special gift from your talented friend. I hope Mr. C is feeling all better very soon. I know exactly what you mean about being able to wear jeans and sleeves again. That's my October, I look forward to the magical moment all year when I can first wear what I call "real clothes" (i.e., not a t-shirt and loose-fitting shorts with flip-flops). :)

    1. Twins! So good to return to real clothes, and I get so bored with the shorts and sandals for nine months at a stretch. I am glad you like my journal, which is now in pride of place on our coffee table.

  3. I adore those polka dot pants!!! So smart and with a white top perfection!
    I spy a pool...oh how wonderful to be able to dive in whenever you want, I envy you!

    1. Sad to admit, I could never dive in because I cannot swim! I know, it sounds so un-Australian but I grew up in the country with no swimming lessons, and as an adult never liked my face in the water. However, on a hot day it is nice to be in there cooling off.
      The polka dot pants say Good Morning, and have been out for coffee today.

  4. HI Patricia!!
    Rosemary is correct...a Goldfinch...the plant??? no idea! hahaha!
    Glad to hear that hubby is making some progress...
    LOVE those pants!! You area such a snappy dresser!
    Enjoy your week...
    Linda :o)

    1. Goldfinch now goes on my list of birds I hope to see in Canada. He is really pretty. Polka dots were $15, on sale at H&M - bargain! They will have quite a social life in the next couple of months. Happy days Linda.

  5. Oh I love polka dots. I just finished some royal blue polka dot pants and they were the test run for the navy ones I want to make. I'm busy making warm things...I love the look of the pudding.

  6. Hi Summer, blue dotty pants sound cute; another polka dot fan! I am on to the warm things too, planning a coat. Hopefully!
    Bring on the warm puddings, I say.

  7. Patricia, your black and white pants and scarf is delightful. Black and white combination is one of my favorites to wear. What a cool journal your friend gave you. How creative, and it looks like a lot of time went into making it. What a beautiful yellow bird. Not sure what it is, as it has a bit of blue, which I've never seen. I have many different birds on my post today also. I wish your husband well during the healing process. Sometimes it takes awhile, but with you there by his side, I'm sure he'll be back to his self in no time. :)

    Have a wonderful rest of the week, Patricia. Enjoy your winter weather.

    love, ~Sheri

    1. Long live Black and White! Hope I see one of those yellow birds one day - I remember a song called 'Yellow Bird'. Thank you for your good wishes. HB gets a little stronger each day, but has a long road to go.
      I do enjoy the Winter, and wore a warm jacket All Day :)

  8. Lovely thoughts and great photos too. Thanks for sharing, warm greetings and best wishes!

  9. Wishing himself all the very best for a good recovery, Patricia! Your gift is beautiful! Even at only 3 degrees, your weather is is wonderful!

    1. Hello Val, we are having a wet weekend here, unusual! Thank you for the good wishes - he is doing very well according to the medical people. Happy Sunday :)