Sunday, November 18, 2012


We spent the weekend in Sydney, which was just as well because the storms here were, apparently, horrendous!
I was happily fossicking in the Antique & Collectables centre near my son's place.
Bought a retro yellow vase ....
and a length of retro navy floral crepe de chine from the 60s ..
inspired by a dress I saw in Marc's ...
It will be off to the sewing nest for this piece.
Enjoyed brunch at Grandma's Little Bakery ..
which was also delightfully retro, from its red spot tablecloths,
to the kitchenalia decor..
I think this is a washing machine.  Any ideas?
And they sold this little specialty -
Quince Jam, perfect to make the Christmas Cake featured
 by Sanda, of Halcyon Days.
Go and read her wonderful recipe in a recent post.
We spent some time in the city, at the Queen Victoria Building.
Unfortunately I managed to make her sceptre look like a long pipe.
Her Majesty might turn in her grave at this outrage!
Our son and his Irish lass fed us a veritable feast ..
Just look at this baked cherry cheesecake.
Reader, it was Amazing!!
Naturally, we toasted the arrival in Canada of our new grandson.
He has a wonderful name which works well in both English and French.
Just like his big brother.
This is probably the first and last photo of him I will show and tell, 
taken at about 3 hours after birth.
Isn't he beautiful?
Have a delightful and safe week.



  1. How lovely to see sydney through your eyes, and the photo of the smallest garcon.

    1. Thanks Valerie. Every Sydney visit is a different experience, I find. Great city with lots to do. I'm totally in love with the baby ;)

  2. Looks like you had a good time. I really like the cheerful decor of the bakery. What a lovely baby, when do you think you will get your hands on him?


    1. Hi Darla, we will travel to Canada to meet the baby next year, after the snow melts!

  3. Glad you escaped the worst of the bad weather. I love the look of the little Bakery, very cosy. Your newest addition is a gorgeous little fellow. Sounds like a great weekend.

    1. The bakery was lots of fun, as was the whole weekend. The least we could do to toast the new arrival was go to a place called Grandma's!

  4. Love the yellow vase. And what a charming place to eat among all the red polka dots - rather like a Minnie Mouse Cafe. I would guess that Eberhardt monstrosity to be a gigantic juicer. (Just kidding - really does look like an old washer.) Between you and Sanda, now I must seek out Quince Jam, instead of my usually Quince Jelly (for toast) or Quince Paste (which I love with some odd Spanish Cheese that starts with an "M" and I only recognize when I see it. Most delicious pairing on the planet!) Lovely Cherry Cheesecake to finish the beautiful meal with your son's family. And the best for last, what wise eyes your new grandson has - he is wonderful!

    1. He he, it did look very Minnie Mouse, and a giant juicer is just what I need these days! Mmmmmm quince past and cheese YUM.. Little bebe does have wise old eyes; his mother says he is like a baby many weeks older. Another little genius!

  5. So many wonderful things in your blog today, esp. the darling baby boy!! You had a wonderful day chock full of interesting finds and experiences. So glad you found the quince jam, and thanks for the mention of my Christmas Cake post!! I will be getting the ingredients for my cake this week to get it started over the upcoming weekend. (Love those green bunnies, and your guess for that odd "contraption is probably a good one!)

    1. You are welcome Sanda, and yes, he is a darling baby! Green bunnies were very cute too.

  6. Hearty congratulations to the Cardinal clan on the arrival of the latest little bub. Am thrilled for you Patricia and I'll bet you can't wait to get your mitts on him.
    I noticed the old bread tin straight away, I remember taking an identical tin out to the front gate every night as a child, for the baker to deliver the morning loaf of bread wrapped in wax paper. Those were the days.

    1. Thanks Annie, and welcome back to blogland! Nothing like the nostalgia of those old kitchen items - thinking of the smell of fresh baked bread right now. Yes, can't wait to hop on a plane to go play with that baby :) xx