Sunday, November 11, 2012


This beautiful hand-painted, Wedgewood cake plate belonged to my mother.
I loved it as a child, and was very happy when I found it during our clean out of the old family home this year.  It was in the kitchen, mixed up with a lot of cheap and chipped plates.
And it was still in perfect condition.
This year it may take the honour of holding our Christmas Cake.
Mum's little Shelley apple blossom dish is another treasure.
Such items keep the memories alive and are a pleasure to use...
and this Christmas I have my mother's old Nativity scene, given a new lease of life at our nest.
Today is Remembrance or Armistice Day.
We remember those of lost their lives in World War 1.
My Grandfather survived the experience, serving in the Fields of Flanders and the Somme.
These are his service medals.

Lest we Forget ...


  1. I have a real weakness for old china. Enjoyed seeing those old medals from your Grandfather too.


    1. Me too Darla - love a piece of beautiful old china!

  2. I love pretty china, a pleasure to use when it reminds you of someone special. So sad to think of the suffering endured by all those involved in war.

    1. Hi Sulky, yes, WW1 was terribly sad, and a whole generation of young men lost.

  3. Your grandfather had much to be proud of - nice to still have his medals. Was he living in Australia then?
    I love the old Nativity sets. So lucky to have yours still. And that Shelley Apple Blossom dish is divine!

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  4. How well the plate2 matches the tablecloth! Amazing. I´m sure the saving the medals in your family is an important thing. The young grandsons will be thrilled to have them some day.
    A delated Armistice Day greeting to you!

  5. Such special things that have been preserved. What stories your grandfather must have had after serving at Flanders and the Somme.

  6. Having trouble replying to comments today - the computer has gone a bit nuts, jumping all over.
    Yes, the First World War was a terrible thing, and my grandfather never wanted his son, my father, to go to war. I hope the medals are passed down through the family. Both them and the plates are special memory items.