Monday, November 26, 2012


Remember this machine which I saw in a bakery last week in Sydney?
Not one, but two friends with impeccable credentials, J and V, have told me what it does.
It is a piece of Baker's equipment - surprise, surprise!
The baker puts a big round of dough on the plate, pulls down the lid,
and it cuts and rolls the dough into 30 little bread rolls.
Brilliant, and now we know how they make the rolls all the same size.
Thank you ladies...
Yesterday we took my father to his favourite place, good old Tamborine (no U) Mountain.
The mountain, a plateau, has rich red volcanic soil, and a mild climate with good rain.
It is home to lots of little farms and beautiful gardens, and is a great place to buy organic produce.
We had coffee on a deck surrounded by avocado and other fruit trees.
Even found me some organic marmalade.  Yum.
I told Dad about our newly arrived grandson, his latest great-grandson, in Canada.  And that one of the baby's names is Dad's own name.
He was just wreathed in smiles.
It was wonderful to see.
This is what I am reading these days:
'And Furthermore' by the lovely and much-loved Dame Judi Dench,
heroine of the short-haired, vertically challenged, woman of a certain age.
Which would be moi.
Reading it is like a breath of fresh air, and her delightful personality shines through the anecdotes of her life.
She seems to be incredibly energetic.
I think the Cardinals need to go see her as M in Skyfall!
Happy Monday!


  1. What a clever machine - I thought it was some kind of ice-cream machine. I love your tree set-up, even FF would be proud of that!

    1. That machine sure fooled us!
      From an early age, I was into the Christmas tree thing. Love it!

  2. Great machine .
    How wonderful to name your grandson after your father. We did the same with our middle son..he is named after his grandfather.
    I love Judi Dench, there is something very special about her.
    Your xmas trees looks lovely Patricia.
    happy monday..

    1. Hi Val, We were very happy with the baby's name; a special tribute to Dad. Glad you like our tree. xx

  3. Will have to look for the book, Judi Dench is a favorite of mine. Sounds like you gave your Dad a lovely day out.


    1. Everybody loves Judi - she is an international treasure!

  4. How lovely to read that you take such good care of your father !
    I would have had no idea of the machine, clearly no engineer skills of any kind.
    The Xmas tree inside and the flowers outside make a big contrast!

    1. Thanks, Mette. Dad is getting frail but still enjoys life. So true about the contrast - fake snow, pine trees and glitter inside, bright sunshine and flowers outside. That is Christmas in the Southern Hemisphere :)

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  6. I'm glad we found out the machine's purpose! You truly live in tropical paradise. To pick avocado from the tree would be heavenly. Will your dad be able to join you at your home for Christmas? Love Judi Dench and she is so great in the Bond movies.

    1. The mountain is a bit of a tropical paradise; but it is an hour from where we live. However, in Dad's old family home, there is an avocado tree in the back yard, which has kept us in fresh avocados for many years. These days the birds are eating them, I suspect. Dad came to us last Christmas so this year he will be at my sister's. We'll probably pop over there during the day. Christmas is certainly getting close - must start shopping.

  7. Thanks for the picture of the bun maker, and telling us that it is a bun maker. Good to know.
    Glad you got to have a nice day out with your dad. My grandparents had an avocado tree, too. Did you ever fry the ones that didn't get ripe. Most delicious substitute for fried potatoes possible.
    Love Judi Dench in the Bond movies - just saw Skyfall this weekend. She looks really good in this one. Hard to believe she is the same actress I first saw as Titania in Midsummer Night's Dream.

    1. Hi Beryl, wow, I never heard of that delicious solution for the unripe avocado. When I think of all those wasted years/opportunities.... Can't wait to tell my sisters - there will be a sneaky trip back to the old house to grab a few and try it out!
      I remember Judi from way back in the early years, too. Such a great actress.

    2. It's really simple to do, too. Just cube and fry in olive oil until they're hot and a little creamy inside. Just like a fried potato.