Wednesday, October 3, 2012


I have been amusing myself making photographic Still Lifes at the Art Gallery.
Have you been to see Portrait of Spain: Masterpieces from the Prado yet?

Located at the exit, for those who have attended the Exhibition, is La Sala del Prado,
a cafe and lounge environment designed for visitors to experience the vibrant Spanish culture.
A cafe serves  Spanish snacks and drinks.
An long still-life installation features products introduced to Spain from the New World of the Americas.
Items like chocolate!

Visitors can capture their own still life on multimedia tablets or on the pencils and drawing paper made available for the purpose.

Or, like me, you can take a photo:

Hurry along - the Exhibition finishes on November 4th.

We had a visit yesterday from an unusual bird: the Pheasant Coucal, found in eastern and northern Australia.
It is a member of the cuckoo family, but is unusual in that it incubates and raises its own young.
It is found in grasses and low bushes - no wonder it came to our Garden of Neglect!
And it survives on a diet of small reptiles, small mammals and large insects.
We have plenty of those hereabouts too.

Now, those who know me well, may have noticed I rarely wear florals.
Nonetheless, and obviously affected by the Floral Fest popping up in this summer's fashions,
I not only made last week's red floral, but have brought home this:

Black on white rose floral printed cotton, with matching black.
To make this:

Vogue V8786, floral centre panel, yoke and sleeves,
and black side panels.

Fingers crossed ...

I hope the week is going well for you ..



  1. Your still life photos are absolutely stunning. What an experience to visit the exhibit. Not familiar with the bird you mention and impressed you were able to get near enough for that picture. Good luck with the new sewing project; nice fabric.

    1. Hello Sanda, glad you like the still lifes. I want to go back and do more, just for fun. Can't wait to start my new project.

  2. What an interesting and unique idea at your art gallery.
    That Pheasant Coucal sounds like a good bird to know. As good as a cat.
    I do like that floral material. It will be very nice made up in that pattern.

    1. The art gallery have really excelled themselves with this show! The still life experiment is proving very popular. The pheasant is still about, I can hear its call as I type!
      Might start sewing this weekend :)

  3. Now " that " exhibition sounds interesting! Never heard of one hereabouts. You took great pictures.
    I like very much the fabric you chose for your dress-to -be- made!
    The bird pictured has a wonderful tail!!

    1. We believe we are very lucky to have the Spanish paintings come right around the world to Brisbane, Mette. Some of the most famous works of Velasquez, Goya, El Greco, Titian, are right here in our city!! The pheasant does have a wonderful golden tail, very impressive!

  4. The black and white fabric is going to look smashing made in this style Patricia, I do hope you showcase the finished product here.

    1. Thanks Annie - I will showcase if it turns out well!

  5. Hi Patricia, I have been trying to find an email address so I could email you privately. I wanted to write you about the comment you left on my blog. I think we have a lot in common in spite of the distance between our countries.
    You can email me at SheAccessorizesWell at cox dot net
    Your still life photos are beautiful.

    1. Hi Debbi, Thanks for joining my Blog. Hope the email find you!

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