Friday, October 19, 2012


October is Breast Cancer Awareness month.
Is that why Michelle wore a lovely shade of pink?
I thought this suit was very attractive, whyever she chose it!

See that tiny figure at the other end of the Watermall in our Qld Art Gallery?
That would be moi ....
I know, you can't see, but under a black jacket, I am wearing my recent effort,
the Red Poppy Dress:

Last days for the wonderful Prado Exhibition..
Here are postcards of some of my favourites:
Upper Left: Maria Antonia Gonzaga, c. 1795 by Goya .
    Goya shows us the beauty of an older woman.
Lower Left:  Christ carrying the Cross c. 1565 by Titian
Titian makes Christ look us right in the eye - an amazing experience.
The Infanta Isabella Clara Eugenia and Magdalena Ruiz c. 1585 by Coello.
The most gorgeous life-size glittering painting of a Princess, complete with jewellery, embroidery and exquisite lace.  She holds a cameo portrait of her father, King Philip II.

It is a jungle out there in the Red Cardinal Garden of Neglect.
Two Eastern Water Dragons are creeping in and around our pool.

The other morning Mr C went out to pick up the morning paper, and a hare jumped out of the rose garden ...

and took off at full speed down the street.  I don't know who got the biggest fright!
Hares are not native to Australia, but were brought here byt he early settlers, possibly to provide food.
Later we discovered a section of the garden where all the bulbs had been dug up and vanished.  Would hares do this?

In other news, our Hippeastrums are in bloom.  Love 'em ...

Have a super duper weekend!


  1. Oh Patricia.. I would get such a fright at seeing those dragons..around my pool.. I would scream like hell..not to say that i am not used to seeing Iguana's in Africa..but i never liked them.
    Great photos of the hare, he sure was a big one.
    Thank you for showing us your photos of the el prado exhibit.. you will miss going when it leaves.. some great paintings.
    Did you read about the art robbery here in Europe.!
    happy weekend.
    val xx

    1. Hi Val, the dragons are pretty harmless, thankfully. They are pretty funny to watch. I will have to follow up on the art robbery; I caught the end of something about it on TV but don't know the details. Art robberies always tend to be interesting. Enjoy the weekend~! xx

  2. Yes, all my Hippies our out at the moment, adding a lovely splash of colour to the garden. I have never picked them - but am curious as to how long they last in a vase????

    1. Hi Judith, The Hippies are magnificent blooms. Mine have been in the vase for a week, and still looking OK!

  3. Your poppy dress is gorgeous! I would be thrilled to have the water dragons for a visit. Love to see that Infanta painting close up, it looks amazing. Have a great weekend.

    1. Poppy dress went down a treat - I love it! The Infanta painting is definitely amazing; the lace, gold and pearls look real. Hard to imagine it is nearly 500 years old!!

  4. I love your poppy dress! Agree those are great hare pictures not sure if they eat our bulbs but mine have disappeared as well.i have blamed it on moles or voles but not sure do you have moles in Australia? We are overrun and don't know how to rid lawn of them. Your hippeastrums look like amaryllis. Are they one and same? Hope your weekend is peachy!

    1. Poppy dress thanks you Sanda.. How funny your bulbs are also disappearing - no moles or voles in Australia. Which is just as well as hares and rabbits, not to mention bush turkeys and possums, do quite enought damage! yes, Hippeastrums are in fact amaryllis. Different names for different climes :) and a peachy weekend to you too!

  5. Agreeing with everyone about the dress -simply great!
    Do you dare to swim in your pool ( the dragons )? Liking the pictures of the hare!
    Have a lovely weekend!

    1. Hi Mette, the dragons are quite shy, and would run away quickly if we got in the pool at the same time. They don't bite, so we do not worry about them. Glad you like the dress.

  6. Patricia,

    I LOVE your red poppy dress! Michelle had better watch out! :)

    And I'm so envious that you are enjoying Spring followed by Summer, while we will soon prepare for Winter. Enjoy all the sunshine!!

    1. Hi Debra, I love Michelle's dresses; she can really carry them off well. Glad you like the poppies!

  7. If you are interested in Art robberies, you should find the book, Stealing Rembrandt. Great reading.
    I have always loved lizards, but never saw one swimming.
    Love that dress!

    1. I have noted that book, Beryl, and I'll look out for it. The lizards are funny swimmers, and can stay underwater for a long time, about 15-20 minutes. Just when you think they are dead, up they come and run away!

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