Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Hello from my sweet faced pansies.
I still have a few in bloom, but it is getting difficult these days,
what with the weather playing at Global Warming or some such:
Searing heat one day, hot wind, cold morning, rain, and that was just the past few days!
Black rose dress is finally finished.
Here she is with my new head-piece.
There is, after all, a rather important Race Meeting coming up in Australia next week.
I thought this dress was pretty.
I'll file that lace half-overlay idea away in the "to try sometime" basket.
Meantime, I am still working away on Vogue 8805.
I took fright when I reasoned that the loose linen weave would not stay firm without lining or an interfaced facing.  I don't want to line it (too hot over summer) and a facing would show.
The solution: iron-on stay tape by Vilene.
Thank you, lovely lady at Scaffs, Indooroopilly...
I took the tape right down the kimono sleeve seam, too.
It works a treat.
The purple orchid given to me by the Art Gallery is back in bloom.
I love it!
Today was my last day guiding the wonderful Portrait of Spain Exhibition.
I had a hot chocolate, in honour of this little still life.
That is a copper hot chocolate maker at the back, and large chocolate pieces at the front, bottom right on their wrapping paper.  Hooray for South America for sending chocolate out into the world in the 1500s.
I'll miss this fantastic walk through Spanish history, but as always, there are other excitements just around the corner.
Happy Halloween Everybody!


  1. Your black rose dress is lovely, it looks very striking. Wish I had your skills, I can barely sew a button on without stabbing myself.

    1. Oh dear, no stabbing please, Miss Kitten!

  2. You sure will look very smart in your new black rose dress Patricia,
    You are very very busy.
    love your pansies.

    1. Thanks Val, I do like to keep active, but it takes me quite a long time to produce one dress! x

  3. What a great dress - beautifully made. And thanks for the pictures of your finishing the edges on that linen dress. We don't have the Vilene brand here, but I think Pellon is close. I've really enjoyed the Spanish paintings. How interesting that chocolate one is.

    1. Thanks Beryl, we have Pellon here too. The tape I used is very similar to pellon. Got a laugh from my tour group when I told them I chose that painting just because it is about chocolate (food of the Gods).

  4. You are such an accomplished seamstress. I really envy your skills in that arena. I remember back in the days when I was sewing that I could pull it off, but the articles never seemed to fit to my liking. I suppose there's a skill to altering the pattern to one's proportions before proceeding with cutting the fabric and sewing it! I love your pansies; such a cheerful little flower with their cute faces I hope you enjoyed your cup of chocolate!

    1. The older I get, the harder it is to do the fitting Sanda. I do have a pattern which a pattern maker drafted for me a few years ago, and overlay it to make things work out. I'm planning to get another one done soon. Like doctors, I bury my (sewing) mistakes!