Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Long-time readers might remember that 12 months ago, in October 2011, I was in Canada visiting my daughter,
 enjoying the pumpkins, the golden leaves of Autumn, and Halloween with my little grandson.
Six months ago, I had a left mastectomy.
It's been an eventful year!

I bought this folding paper pumpkin in Canada.
At last, its time has come!
A certain amount of poetic licence is required, considering it is officially Spring round here,
but we are doing orange pumpkin/Autumn/Halloween themes.
Just for fun!!

PS Don't forget that Mammogram ..



  1. I think pumpkins are cheering, and I love your paper version as well. So much can happen over a short period,it's a timely reminder to make our health a priority. So glad you are doing well.

    1. Thanks Sulky, an orange pumpkin is indeed a cheery thing! Can't believe a year has passed already.

  2. What an eventful year you've had, dear Patricia. I love your positive approach to life and am sure that has gone a long way for your recovery. Beautiful pumpkin pictures and thanks for getting into the autumn frame of mind for the benefit of us who are in the midst of it---even tho you are having spring. I never skip a mammogram.

    1. Thanks Sanda, I try to be positive, and blogging helps me focus in this direction. Not that I always succeed; I do have days of fear and despondency, and wonder what lies ahead - normal I guess. Three cheers for Autumn!

  3. I knew nothing about you a year ago.
    What a year. I admire your strength and positivity at the frightful time you experienced.
    I too believe that your positive attitude has helped you at difficult times. Life goes on.
    If only we all remembered to live each day to it´s fullest.
    Thank you for your important post.

    1. There is nothing like a health scare to make us do as you say Mette: Live each day to its fullest. I am told it could be another 6-12 months before I return to full strength, but am happily back at the gym these days. I never imagined getting back to lifting just 2kg would be such a big moment! Now look forward to 3kg. All takes time. Happy October to you in Finland.

  4. A great post Patricia.
    What delightful photos and halloween things you brought back from Canada.
    I joined your blog after coming over from Annie's blog Red Roses and Crystal.
    You had just come home from having the operation..
    So its six months we have been blogging friends.
    Dear Annies mum is not well.
    She is in my prayers.
    Happy week

    1. Yes, Val, six months of lovely new blogging friends. Always something nice comes out of a crisis. Annie is in my prayers also, in difficult times. We can all support each other in blogland. Happy days to you xxx

  5. Great post!!!
    If you want, we can follow each other!! let me know!



  6. Time seems to pass so quickly for me. It has been 11 years for me and it seems like just yesterday in some ways. You will get stronger and while you will never forget, there will be times when it doesn't cross your mind.

    1. Sage advice Debbi - already there have been odd occasions when I don't remember what needs to be different now! Looking forward to being stronger:)

  7. Hi Patricia - Lovely pictures - that paper pumpkin from Canada is so cute. I'm glad you're getting healthier. It is so difficult to remember what you can't do, after so many years of taking your strength for granted. And then trying to balance how much you need to push yourself, with the need to take it easier.
    Thanks for that Maxine Cartoon!