Saturday, September 24, 2011


Hi, I've been working the orange frock today,
to see how many combinations I can come up with.
Orange browallia flowers set the mood.
(Also called Marmalade plant, who knew?)

Red Phoenix Emporium White Jewel necklace,
combined with vintage 80s beads.

My Spanish sandals, c. 2005,
work a treat with an El Cheapo bangle.

Kimono style hand-dyed light jacket,
Paddington Markets, Sydney, 2011.

Leopard scarf from the 90s, still going strong;
Yellow beads from a local antique shop,
Orange bead necklace recently found on a stall
raising funds for Ugandan orphans.

Old favourite:  Floaty poppy scarf, very summery.

Off to sew some cushions now..
or maybe make a cuppa....

There is a lovely new orange dress on Annie's blog
Red Roses and Crystal - make sure you take a look!



  1. Oh Patricia we are almost twins! I have a RPE white necklace too. Loving all the combinations you are experimenting with, you will look fabulicious in any of these combo's.
    Thankyou for the mention, you're very sweet :)

  2. Ps. I've been tinkering with my profile to simplify things. Blog housekeeping is never ending...

  3. Annie: Twins indeed!! I read your new profile, and found lots of things which also appeal to me which I never thought to put in my blog. Aren't the RPE necklaces great? I also love my FF Leo with the fuchsia beads - worn almost daily.

  4. Thank you Faux Fuchsia - I think orange is key this summer. Long may it Reign.

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