Friday, September 9, 2011


I don't know about the rest of you, but I do love a Chook!
Call it what you will -
Chicken, Hen, Rooster, there have always been one or two of them about the place.
It may have started at birth, when I was gifted this hand-painted china tumbler:

I know, not the usual subject for a baby gift -

what was my mother's friend thinking???

I love this little black and white pottery chicken...
I bought it at the Native American Indian Pueblo in Taos, New Mexico, in 2006.
The Pueblo has been continuously inhabited for 1,000 years.
It was so beautiful, just blending into the landscape:

Wonder of Wonders, the Red Cardinal Garden of Neglect has excelled itself,
and produced - ta dum - Freesias.

 I've never planted bulbs before,
but a few months ago I purchased a little bag of 4 from the local Cheap Crazy shop.
Despite the fact that I forgot where I put them, they have excelled their pretty little selves.
Well done, Freesias.

What with the financial down-turns, the rising cost of living, and the general dearth of cute trendy frocks for mature age ladies who would prefer to be young and frivolous, and last saw their waistline a hundred years ago, I have purchased three dress lengths of fabric:

Here's to the triumph of Hope over Experience..
Guess what I'll be doing this weekend??


  1. I'm laughing Patricia at 'the red cardinal garden of neglect'line! I suspect you really do possess a green thumb.
    How positively lovely are your chook collections, to be treasured for sure. I'm dying to see the finished fashion creations because I admire anyone who sews. I'm terribly slack because I can sew but have never enjoyed the process.
    Did you watch the new four part ABC series this week about Art works and their authenticity? Thoroughly entertaining!

  2. Hi Annie, yes, I saw the first episode of the ABC Art works series, but forgot last week (silly me). I very much enjoyed the episode I saw - must make a bigger effort this week.