Saturday, September 17, 2011


A surreal experience is still available at
Surrealism: The Poetry of Dreams,
continuing to attract the crowds at GoMA. 
The Surrealists were a group of young bohemians, led by Andre Breton,
 who took a wild artistic ride in early 20th century Paris, 
seeking to explore the subconscious and change the world.
They challenged the status quo in just about everything,
in my favourite artistic period - Early Modernism.
See these historic artworks right here in Brisbane, closing soon.

Near the entrance is this large red arrangement.
Look a little closer, and you will spot:

Yes, the Red Cardinals are there, keeping an eye on proceedings.

Nikolai Demidenko, Demon of the Keyboard, is in town.
Last night the Cardinals attended his fantastic performance of
the Prokofiev Piano Concerto No 2.
It was Thrilling!!

To settle us down after interval, the Qld. Symphony
performed the Rachmaninov 2nd Symphony.
I think I love Rachmaninov best of all the Great Romantics.

The timid Pale-headed Rosellas have returned to our bird-feeder.
They are so sweet and shy, and I had to stalk very carefully to catch this pic.
The dear things were soooo hungry,
and clucked like contented little hens while they breakfasted.
Too Cute.

Some little purple orchids popped out this week.
They seem to thrive on neglect,
unlike the roses who are Very Pernickity.

Last weekend we were freezing in front of the fire,
 arctic winds blowing outside and rattling the windows.
Today it is 33 degrees, with a heat haze across the sky.
This isn't Climate Change...
This is Climate Weird...

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  1. I agree totally Patricia, it's very climate weird!
    How cute to see red cardinals in the arrangement and the exhibition and concert sound wonderful.