Friday, January 12, 2024



We are told that after the recent heat waves and floods, we are to enter a Monsoon Season.

We always had a rainy season when I was a child, but Monsoons have not been mentioned since global warming began to be noticed....

I remember when we moved into our first house, it rained continually for eight weeks.  That was fun....

Ten years later we built another house, moved in, and it rained for eight weeks again...

That was even more fun as we had three small children and there was a Lot of Mud.

  Who knows what will happen this time?

We have had a few days of medical business this week, which seems to be the norm at our age.

While I did not watch the Golden Globes, I looked at the fashions...

concentrating on the Mature Aged, which gives us all hope:

Helen Mirren, 78.

I love the frilled sleeves and the contrast of pale pink and lavender. Glamour for a girl nearly 80...

Meryl Streep, 74

Who does not love a sequin, and a whole sequin suit is even better.

I'm thinking of pulling out my old black sequin pencil skirt and giving it a turn.  With a crisp white shirt.

Well played, Meryl.

Oprah Winfrey, 69

Wow, Oprah looks better than she ever has.

I do not know how she does it, but I'm impressed...

the perfect gown for 'The Colour Purple' movie, and how happy she looks.

And a shout out for our own Queensland golden girl, Margo Robbie, in Barbie Pink...

She is having so much fun with that movie.

Love her tulle boa which gives her fairy wings...

Stay dry, or cool..

or warm and cosy, whatever applies.

Has the snow started in Canada yet?

I hear they had a Green Christmas this year.



  1. Fashions are always a fun thing to see in the news, especially the older women that are past letting it all hang out. lol

    1. So true, Salty Pumpkin. Only Oprah reveals a tasteful shoulder!

  2. I always watch The Oscars for the fashions too, Patricia, so I enjoyed seeing your post with all the different styles and accessories. The Barbie pink had to be my favorite. She wears the gown well. Oprah's dress is my favorite color, Purple! Something so mysterious and lovely about this color. Take care during the Monsoon season. I hope you don't have any damage through it all. Have a blessed weekend, Patricia.


    1. Dear Sheri, I remember you love purple - I bet you have read The Colour Purple. Margo does justice to pretty pink, which is my favourite colour. It is dark and rainy today, so we are staying home and doing indoor activities. Safest thing to do.

  3. I didn't realise that you were expecting Monsoon weather, or that it was something that you have experienced before.
    The weather here is cold, but so far no snow appears to be on the horizon.
    Oprah is looking good for her 69 years of age. I read recently that she is using weight loss medication as a tool to avoid "yo-yoing." From this photo it appears to be working for her.

  4. We are probably at the southern extent of monsoonal weather, when it happens. Certainly in my childhood we had it every year, but that has changed over the time. It remains to be seen to what extent this prediction will actually eventuate. Oprah does look good; I wondered if medication was involved. She is not only slimmer, but looks so well too.

  5. Oh my, I hope the Monsoon misses you, Patricia. I have a feeling that would not be fun at all. Is there any escape? The fashion photos are quite amazing. Helen Mirren looks magnificent for her age, doesn't she? So does Oprah! I hope you have a lovely 2024, and that all the extremes will pass you by.

    1. It is just occasional storms and a lot of showers at the moment - and maybe that is all that will happen. We will just have to wait and see. Those ladies sure do look fantastic - with a lot of expensive help, I imagine. Best wishes for the new year of 2024.

  6. I never like gowns for myself that go below my shins, but these gals have handlers and look beautiful. Margo was the perfect Barbie, wasn't she? I can't think of more perfect casting.

    Pretty flowers as usual, Trish! Let us know if you do get weeks of rain. I hope it's a good and not a destructive development for Queensland.

    1. It has been a long time since I wore a long gown, but I remember it feels rather nice when you are dancing! Margo is such a good actress, and really was good as Barbie. I went with my grandson, who enjoyed the movie too. So far, we have a lot of rain (which is a change from hot and dry), but not severe storms so that is good.

  7. Monsoon rains sound foreboding - hope they won't last long. I thought Helen Mirren looked fabulous, although her hair was a bit severe, in my opinion. But what a dress! I wish we had opportunities to dress to the nines more.
    Cold weather and snow is hitting the middle and east of Canada this week. Hope your family stays warm!

    1. It is still raining a lot more than we have become accustomed to, but without strong winds which are always a problem. The creeks are starting to rise.... I agree about Helen's hair, but that dress was amazing. We no longer get the opportunity to dress up in that way, much to my disappointment. Aha, I knew the snow would hit eventually - my grandsons will be looking for a snow day off school!

  8. Mirren and Streep are great actresses still, but I had forgotten their ages. Normally older women are not offered important roles, but they look and sound terrific.

    1. Those ladies do look great in their 70s. Times have improved for the older generation, and they sure do look terrific.

  9. Hi Trish!
    Saying prayers for your monsoon season to be safe and not to brutal on anyone. It's freezing here! Well below zero - brrr.
    I love seeing all the fashions too. That Oprah dress was a stunner especially to me. And she does look amazing! Love Margot too - she's so adorable. Loved the Barbie movie and her look that night.
    Blessings on your week ahead. xoxo

    1. Thank you dear Carrie. Well below zero is cold indeed. I can only stand it for a week or two, then we have to come right on home. Oprah is doing great things for a purple dress! How tiny she has become. We love Margot, especially as she grew up in our region. Her look is fun as well as glamourous. Blessing to you too. xox