Sunday, November 16, 2014


President Obama with his retinue of helicopters flew over our house early Saturday.
Woke us up - caught a glimpse but no time for the camera...

Here he is with our PM Tony Abbott and his wife doing the cocktail party rounds - in the Art Gallery where I guide.  Exciting. 
 Hope they all enjoyed it there.

The G20 is now finished, and was held without major incidents or violence - 
for which we are all extremely thankful.

Perhaps another record-shattering heat wave helped with this.
It was 42 deg around here on Saturday, unknown for November.
We have had so many record weather events over the past year -
something is definitely changing.

The POTUS visited my old University, where he gave a landmark speech to students.
Combating climate change was emphasised.
Which is surely a good thing.  

To escape Saturday's searing heat, we went to a long movie at the Mall.
'Interstellar', a space adventure about a future when earth becomes unlivable due to crop failure and gigantic dust storms.

Man goes searching the universe for another home.
Relocation has become the only hope for mankind.

A bleak but pertinent message, and a cracking adventure story.

After a very hot night, we faced extreme heat again on Sunday.
The skies were not blue, but white with heat.

It was 41 deg when we picked up my Dad from his residence.
Took a while to convince him it would be hot outside and to take off his jacket.

We drove to the mountains, where it was a benign 35 deg.
These photos are looking out over what is usually a pretty view but the heat drained all the colour from the landscape - just a bleak white shimmering haze out past the trees.

Over in Canada, our grandson the Little Bebe turned 2.
He is in love with Thomas the Tank Engine. 
Here he admires his cake, made by his Mum, our talented daughter.
I had the fun of joining in via Skype - the laptop sat on the table to the right of the cake, and I could see everybody, sing Happy Birthday, and wave greetings.

His older brother loves Star Wars.
Looks like quite a party over there...

And Happy Birthday to Prince Charles, the Prince of Wales, who turns 66.
This is Charles as a baby - 
now we know who Prince George takes after, don't we?

Cooler weather forecast for tomorrow.

Have a good week.


  1. In 1992 H and I attended the first Earth Summit in Rio de Janiero, Brazil, where all the leaders of the world signed up to an agenda for the 21st century including a convention on Climate Change - sadly some have completely ignored what they signed up to. Almost 25 years further on, and the consequences are becoming increasingly tangible.

    1. That is interesting, Rosemary - more than 20 years ago, and still they prevaricate and make excuses. Our PM was gently rapped on the knuckles this weekend - he wanted to keep it off the G20 agenda.

  2. That is truly appalling hear for what is still late spring for you, Patricia. I'm sure you must be dreading what the summer may bring. I too was glad to hear President Obama speaking out so forcefully about climate change. Given your extreme weather and the three year drought in southern California, as well as the exessive rain and wind which have plagued Europe this year, I don't know how people can contuinue to deny that it is happening.

    Happy birthday to the Little Bebe. I always know when Prince Charles has a birthday as he shares my father's. :-)

    1. You are right, Perpetua, I do rather dread what summer may bring - partly for the garden and what that means for crops and our land in general, and also for my lymphatic system. It can get a bit miserable in the heat. Denial is futile - this is real, and happening now.
      Little Bebe will have to get a new name soon, won't he? Such a big boy now.

  3. I'm sorry you have been hit by an early heat wave. There's a part of me that wants to hope important things like climate change get dealt with at things like the G20, and there's a part of me that thinks it's way easier to say wonderful things than actually accomplish them. I'm glad to hear the event happened without any major incidents.

    Your little grandson is at such a sweet age, and how nice that you got to take part in the celebrations using Skype.

    I hadn't realized how much Prince George resembles his father until I saw the picture you posted. Not a hint of Kate!

    1. We are relieved that Brisbane stayed safe, even if that meant a large portion of our population gave up and went off to the beach for the weekend, such was the security and the lock-downs.
      The skyping was fun, and we might get to do it again in a few weeks with Darth Vader turns 5!

  4. Oh my goodness that is hot Patricia, I don't think I'd cope with temperatures like that. On our cruise we had temperatures of 35+ and it really wiped me out. So glad the G20 conference went well. There is always that fear that things could go terribly wrong, such is the world we live in today. Keep cool. P x

    1. I don't cope with it either, P. We have to make good plans to avoid our own house when it goes over 40, despite having an air-conditioning unit. It just can't cope with those extremes.
      So good the G20 passed without major incident - about 14 arrests of habitual, known, protesters; that was all, I think. Trying to keep cool :) x

  5. POTUS, I like that. I think I'll just call him that instead of Obama. We are on the southern Darling Downs and really looking forward to some cooler temps today. It has been blistering this year. All the gardens are struggling to survive.

    1. Can't take credit for POTUS, Barb, I picked it up on the internet somewhere, and it amused me. I hope you get some cooler temps - we aren't cut out for this heat!

  6. I heard that you were having record heat, it is very strange for November isn't it. I hope that you can find some coolness soon. xx

    1. Very strange for November - should be mild, with a few storms. It was cooler today, and should be back to 'normal' tomorrow. Phew! xx

  7. Some still deny climate change. Maybe they need to visit your area. The movie sounds a little frightening but timely. I'm glad to see those little boy faces, what a great cake.


    1. There will always be those doubters who bury their heads in the sand. Wasn't it a great cake - my daughter is gifted in the cake department!

  8. Happy Birthday to your sweet grandson, Patricia. It's so nice to go up to the mountains and spend the day. Me and husband drive up to his mom's every now and then, and it's beautiful.

    I hope you are enjoying these November days. Our Thanksgiving is in a week, so just getting ready for that. Have a wonderful week.


    1. Thanks Sheri, that little baby grew up so fast. The mountains were so much cooler - we are going back next weekend.
      Happy Thanksgiving, which I think is a very nice celebration. xx

  9. Happy Birthday to little Bebe - wonderful to be part of the celebrations via Skype Patricia! The blue Thomas engine cake looks very professional!
    Oh that heat - I doubt I could cope with that now, the odd day maybe!
    What an occasion for the uni students having the POTUS on their campus - they will talk about that special day in years to come!
    Shane x

    1. Little Bebe is getting so big, he needs a new name. I'm sure you love Skype too. On weekends like we have had, I could easily migrate over to NZ - much cooler there. It really does stop us leading our normal lives, as we have to retreat to a cool spot and keep drinking. Great day for UQ! x

  10. Happy birthday to Little Bebe! November is a great month to be born, I should know. :) How exciting to have Obama there for a visit. I can't believe that photo of Prince Charles, you're right, George looks just like him! Wow.

    1. Yes, November rules, Jennifer - my birthday is also this month.
      It was exciting having all the world leaders, including Obama, here. In a way, more so once we knew it was all OK and nothing went wrong. Back to normal now. Happy Thanksgiving!

  11. Dear Patricia,
    How lovely that you could take part in your grandson's birthday. Skype is the best invention..
    I hope something positive comes out of the summit! So much unrest in the world at the moment.
    How amazing- little prince george is the image of his grandfather.
    Thanks for visiting me.. always nice to see you. xxxxx val

    1. Dear Val, yes, many positive initiatives came out of the summit, about 1,000 recommendations on various topics. We hear about the heads of government, but there were thousands of other delegates here for a week or more, working on everything.
      Isn't that an amazing photo of Charles, just like George?
      Nice to see you too xxxx

  12. Thank you Val, those boys are adorable. I'd probably sell my right arm to go over there for Christmas ....
    I'm surprised too that the media haven't discovered this royal resemblance which I found on the Monarchy site. Bet it shows up in the magazines now :)

  13. Oh gosh, has it been two years already since the baby was born? How they are growing up! Darling pictures!

  14. I know, Debra, too quickly, and the little one doesn't really know us. Apparently he went to sleep clutching the little Thomas train we sent over for him :)

  15. That comment about your dad made me laugh, mine wore a shirt and tie on every holiday! I'd like to guide in gallery but I can't cope with lots of folk at once, but what an interesting thing to do.

    1. Ah, such gentlemen from another era, our fathers. Of course when we went outside to the scorching heat, Dad cried out "What Happened?". I suppose it did feel like the end of the world to him.
      Gallery guiding is the best job I ever had, crowds or one on one :)