Sunday, December 10, 2017


The Red Cardinal Garden of Neglect is doing its tropical best to get into Christmas mode...

But fake berries and snow are still the go around here..

I like to stitch and sew, but I failed Craft 101..
Nevertheless, I have been hard at it with the glue and scissors, making a felt Tree Skirt (with thanks to Dear D, who gave me this awesome kit).

Have burnt my fingers on the glue gun...
Sequins have been falling off everywhere..

Did you know you could get stick-on red jewels which can substitute for felt holly berries?

They fall off too....

Behold the almost finished project!

Now if I can just figure out how to transport it to the other side of the world...

Thank you all for your kind birthday wishes on my last post.
My special friend M gave me a sweet antique silver sugar bowl and spoon -
Thank you, I love it so much.

Very special pink roses from Mr Cardinal

The Sewing Sisters met for Christmas lunch, at V's beautiful pad by the river...

Her hand crafted snowmen are beautiful, made from lots of found jewellery and other sparkles.
She does not burn her fingers when crafting....

We all love her Christmas quilt.

Furthermore, Miss V makes a fantastic Aperol Spritz...

And Happy December, with a look at the last page of Birds of Canada.
I see snow, and soon we will be there.

And so to packing...
Accessories: warm hats, scarves, and a red bag.

One dress.  Red wool.

Long sleeved tees...

Cashmere cardigan and sweater...

Jeans and stretch pants.

Three shirts.
And the wild card is? one is a leopard print.

Otherwise, very boring altogether but it should work for nearly a month.

I have a heavy snow jacket which lives in Canada, and will wear a navy wool coat in transit.

And do I put it all in a cabin bag like so many clever bloggers?

Of course not!  I have a big check-in suitcase, as well as a well-packed cabin bag which includes a beautiful travel rug I bought last year in Dublin.
A flight of about 14 hours requires some comforts.

I take so many other items, medical and precautionary, a little bag with small sewing projects, a kindle, camera, cords and chargers...

And of course, gifts for the family.

And the tree skirt.

and a quilt.

Happy Christmas prep to you all.



  1. Hi Patricia oh I love the Xmas tree skirt,so beautifully made,hope you have a lovely time away xx

    1. Thank you. The tree skirt design is so attractive, I am very pleased with it (despite the odd blob of mis-placed glue!)

  2. I love your tree skirt.. the little berries look iridescent and delicious! I love your red dress, it's beautiful. Looks like a good travel wardrobe and a month is way too long for carry on. Enjoy the snow and family.

    1. Thank you, I was pleased with the me-made dress too. Found the red wool at that factory sale we went to at Sumner. Works well for Canada!

  3. Lots of lovely Christmas preparation there. Love the travel fashion. Enjoy your time in Canada. So exciting to be with grandchildren on Christmas Day.

    1. Hi and Happy Christmas. Almost prepared, but it takes me days. And more days. It has been snowing over there today, so White Christmas is looking good.

  4. I am terrible at crafts and would definitely burn myself with the glue gun. The most I can manage is a bit of straight line slapdash sewing!
    Your packing up looks really perfect and how clever to have your Canada coat stored here waiting for you! We finally have winter here now and you must so be looking forward to your family. Such a long flight but it sounds as if you're well-organized for it! Well done on Christmas prep xx
    (and a late wish but Happy Birthday!!)

    1. Glue guns are the work of the devil. They glue so well, but burn so badly! Glad you think the packing is OK, I am always a bit uncertain of the seasons. No point in bringing the Canada coat to Brisbane, lol. Thank you for your birthday wishes - am saving birthday money for Canada spendings :) Happy Christmas to you.

  5. When I travel, I also check one bag and have an old fashioned carry on that I received as a high school graduation present!
    I love your red dress and all your clothes look sensible but also very elegant, like you!
    I hope you have a wonderful time in Canada!
    Beautiful post, as always, I like to enlarge your photos and look at them carefully. I love the snowmen that your friend made for the table centerpiece. x

    1. Ah, travel validation, thank you Kay. Am attempting to be elegant in case I see Justin Trudeau in the Parliamentary precinct...
      Aren't those snowmen gorgeous? They include beads and bits from her mother's collection, so a special memento. x

  6. The tree skirt you made is wonderful, Patricia. You did a great job on it. I hear ya on the glue gun burns. It happens to me once in awhile too when I'm working on craft projects. You have a nice selection of clothes to take on your trip. I love that red dress and red hat. That little mouse with the red dress is so cute, and the green ornament that your sewing sisters gave you is special.

    I am enjoying this beautiful Christmas season, and I hope you are as well. : )

    love, ~Sheri

    1. Ha, you too, with the glue gun, Twins! I always enjoy the Christmas season and I know you do also, with your beautiful collection of ornaments and decor. Off to the land of red and white, very soon...

  7. Your tree skirt has turned out beautifully and love your quilt. You must be getting very excited if packing is happening....I hope you enjoy your chilly Christmas whilst we put up with the heat lol! Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones xxx

    1. Thank you Michelle. Yes, getting excited but also the usual slight concerns to remember everything and pack well. The family have lots of activities planned, generally involving snow, fairy lights, trees, etc. Perfect. Merry Christmas to you and your family. xxx

  8. Trish, you copied me! I burned my finger making Christmas cookies, not by pulling the tray out of the oven, but after I sat it on top of the stove and had taken my gloves off. For SOME unknown reason, I thought I could touch the hot tray. At least your injury resulted from a true accident and not from absentmindedly.

    I love all the red of Christmas!

    And, you are a great trip packer! I don't mind wearing outfits over when I'm away from home. I count on people making allowances for travelers in seeing clothing over. How exciting ... your trip!

    1. Aha, I do that with cooking trays, quite often - Twins!! Red is the best Christmas colour, as well as the Canadian flag, so it's the way to go. My trip packing is quite repetitive and once away, I don't think about it too much so it must work. Will miss Pink and Yellow though :)

  9. I think I could wear your travel wardrobe all winter even though I'm staying home. Very well though out and coordinated. Hope you have a wonderful visit and great holidays. You must be really excited.

    1. Thank you Darla. We are very excited about our Winter holiday - and will be happy to get away from the Summer heat for a while.

  10. What a wonderful tree skirt and all the fun pictures.

    Hugs Diane

  11. Have a wonderful holiday Patricia!
    We are getting snow today!!
    That tree skirt is absolutely fabulous!!
    Linda :o)

    1. Yay, snow!!! Tree skirt should look good with a background of lovely whiteness. Cheers P.

  12. Have a wonderful time with your family. Great packing. Happy Christmas

  13. I am rather late to this post Patricia, and may be you have already left for your big trip to Canada.
    Love the red dress, so bright and cheery - will you be wearing it on Christmas Day?
    Happy, happy holiday to you both.

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