Wednesday, November 12, 2014


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Are we ready?  I think we are...
Unless you have been hiding under the proverbial rock, you probably know that our city, Brisbane, is about to host the G20 Summit this weekend.

Preparations have been going on for months...

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A lot of these have been flying over our house..
(Can you see the jacaranda trees in this image?)

and a lot of these have been erected in the inner city exclusion zone.

There are lots of cultural events, in the streets and around the town.
The city is looking its best.

The security is overwhelming, the like of which we have never seen before.

South African President Zuma has arrived, the first of many leaders over the next few days.
President Obama will come on Saturday, and speak at my old University.

Let us hope all goes well, and the visitors enjoy our balmy, sub-tropical 
City of Brisbane.

Little Aussie has been visiting...

We had our own Summit Discussion re the Christmas Tree...

I gave him carte blanche to decorate as he thought fit:

Deep in thought..

Uniquely rustic version of the Red Cardinal Christmas tree.

My sewing room was turned into a cubby house for Pinocchio..

and of course, there was swimming every day...

I have been cultivating succulents -
seems only sensible since rain is now hard to come by..

Remember a few weeks ago I mentioned the possum which was visiting to eat our parsley?

     Super sleuth Mr C rose at midnight to catch not one, but two,
naughty possums.

Score for the night:  all parsley decimated, two geranium buds consumed, and several pansies and petunias apparently eaten.

Mr C declined to use the flash in case it frightened them.

Mrs C will be up with the flash camera next time...
Sorry chaps, but I like my flowers.

I made a new cushion today, based on one seen in a store window in Rome.
The Roman one had a blue ribbon. 
 I sketched the idea in my travel diary.
It is made with an overlapped opening like a pillow case, then the two ribbons are stitched one on each side and simply tied together in a bow.
I think it looks very Summery.

Over the weekend, Blogger visited a new affliction on me.
I have been receiving an 'Error 400' message, when trying to comment on other blogs, or post replies on my own.
The message says an illegal request has been made,
together with the unhelpful remark 'That's all we know'.
Apologies to those whose posts I have attempted to comment on, only to have my comment rejected.
Today the problem seems to have abated, but Fingers Crossed.
Has this ever happened to you?

..and in the 'one that got away' department,
my neighbour tells me that, while I was typing the beginning of this post, the helicopters I was listening to, flying over our houses, were those belonging to the United States, to be used by President Obama this week.
They are doing practice runs over the city.
I have since seen them on TV, quite large and unusual aircraft.
Something we will never see again, and I missed the chance to get a photo!

Keep well,




  1. Perhaps you could hang onto some of those politicians for awhile...though maybe they'll make some useful decisions and act. Meanwhile, can we interest you in any rain...?

    1. Hmm, well the city is in lockdown for the weekend, so I think we'll just send them off home on Monday.
      Will definitely have some of your rain - in fact we had a drizzle over night. Was it you?

  2. Ha, I remember the hoohaa (not sure how to spell that one!) when we had the summit, so good luck :(
    Yes, reading Mike's comment, you can have rain, rain and more rain, it just keeps coming here and so heavy with it at times :(
    I've had all sorts of probs with google and blogger in the past so just hang in there, it usually sorts itself out in the end :(
    Wow, three unsmiley faces!
    Glad the snowman is settling in.

    Suzy xx

    1. Hoohaa it is, Suzy. As long as nothing Bad happens, we will gain maximum amusement from the whole exercise.
      The 400 error now comes and goes, so trying to work with its whims.
      Smiles for the snowman :)) xx

  3. What an exciting time to be in your city all around, Patricia!
    Hope the summit brings lots of revenue and the spotlight to the city. Little
    Assie is sure growing up! And as usual, I love the pretty flowers.

    Until next time ...

    1. We were promised lots of revenue and a big rise in Tourism, Debra. With the lockdown, the city is deserted and many have left town for the duration. Time will tell if there are ongoing benefits. However, the G20 is good for unusual entertainment value for us, and the TV panel shows! We will have to start calling that child Big Aussie soon.

  4. The Christmas tree decorations are a-dor-able!
    I know the possums are a pest but they are so cute. Can you tell I have never had to deal with possums ;)
    Re the summit I remember when Sydney was in lockdown and people avoided the city centre rather than be harassed by security but two comedians in a limo and fake ID"s got right through..
    p.s. Did you see the APEC leaders wearing their 'Star Trek' shirts. What a giggle.

    1. Thank you Valerie, must admit I did tidy up the Tree after a day or so. When Aussie returns he can have another go at it.
      Possums are cute, and I wouldn't get them removed. Wish they'd back off on the parsley, though.
      Lockdown is weird and people are avoiding the city already. Photos of deserted streets in today's paper. We don't plan to go anywhere near it either. Love the Star Trek shirts - how can we top that?

  5. I can feel the buzz from here Patricia. It always amazes me when cities push out the boat when foreign dignatories are about to arrive. Parks are manicured, streets are cleaned, red carpets are laid and above all security is spruced up, a necessity in this day and age so can't complain. Enjoy your time with little Aussie and have fun. P x

    1. Yes, so much beautification going on Patricia. The city is looking its best - but rather devoid of locals now. Most dignatories arrive over the next 24 hours, so fingers crossed all goes well. Over 100 motorcades will cause much traffic gridlock and many will be late home tonight. Public holiday tomorrow to take off the pressure. I think we'll go to the movies. Little Aussie is always fun to have around! xx

  6. Sometimes I am convinced that blogger is personally out to get me! I know it isn't and these problems usually pass, so I hope that your problems will be gone now! I love the tree that Aussie decorated, it is just the way that children decorate trees, which I love, they have their own carefree style don't they. I would definitely have given the flash a go when taking pictures of the possums - or should be say flower stealers!! xx

    1. Ah, yes, Amy, I have blogger victim mentality too :) The problems came back, still persisting. We have decided to blame the G20...after all, why not?
      Had the flash camera ready last night, but the thiefs did not return - obviously they know to wait a few days while the parsley grows again. xx

  7. Gosh, what a lot of excitement is going on around you, Patricia. I'll keep a special eye on the news now I know the G20 is in Brisbane. I freely admit that the closest I've come to Christmas preparations so far is to buy my cards. Everything else can wait until as close to Christmas as possible. :-)

    1. Watch the news, Perpetua! We are 'on the map', we are the 'centre of the world' this week - so they tell us. You have bought cards? Well done, I haven't even thought of it yet. The Christmas tree exercise was of course a sneaky way to entertain a five-year-old for a few hours :))

    2. I guessed as much. :) The cards are going early this year with a change of address notice in each of them, thus saving a great deal of now very expensive postage.

  8. Hopefully the G20 will be a calmer one than here in Toronto!
    I think little Aussie did a swell job on the tree♥️
    Your possums are different than ours...ours are REALLY ugly..
    Love your succulents!
    Linda :o)

    1. Yes, hopefully, Linda. The TV keeps running footage of the Toronto event, just to make us apprehensive!
      Our possums are quite sweet looking, just badly behaved :)
      cheers Linda.

    2. PS Linda, unfortunately today the 400 error won't let me comment on your blog - grrrrr. It looks lovely by your lake!

  9. Just hoping that they all come to some agreement over various problems tha are plaguing the world today.- We get flashes on the news about it.
    Brisbane by night looks fantastic.
    Lets hope that some sense comes out of the summit.!!
    Cheeky possums, but they are so sweet. I have never seen one.
    Your christmas tree is well decorated... looks good.):-
    happy week Patricia.
    val xx - love your pillow.

    1. With all the work that has gone into it, surely some worthwhile things will occur at the Summit, Val. We are mainly praying for a peaceful time, with no violence in the streets.
      The Christmas tree thanks you - a new experience to be decorated by a little boy! Glad you like my pillow - it is a quick easy design. xxx

  10. An exciting weekend ahead!
    If only these big meetings would get results, sigh. Such disorder everywhere in the world. When was there last a peaceful period? Just after WW2?
    Once again, your post is so full of information. Fun to read.
    Is it difficult to get on Christmas mood when it is summer- hot and dry?

    1. Lots of helicopters flying over today, as all the leaders come to our city. And yes, it is difficult to feel like Christmas in this heat. Another mini heatwave forecast, with 40+ deg over the weekend. What will our international guests think of that?

  11. Hallo Patrizia (it's Patricia in Italian) ...
    they really cause lof of confusion ... however.. it's a big event.
    I see you have already the Christmas tree ! wow .. no bad at all !
    Happy week end, saluti

    1. Hi Massimo, My French teacher used to call me Patrizia - it has quite the stylish sound to it. Very chic.
      President Obama flew over our house this morning!
      Cheers, saluti.

  12. Sounds like your fair city is ready for the big event. Hope it all goes well. I really like the new cushion you created. I also like the tree your helper decorated. To early for me to do Christmas decorating though. We have possums and we have possum pictures. I could do without either.


    1. Thank you Darla, They have all arrived, and let the show begin. Fingers crossed for a serene experience for all. Yes, too early for decorating, but it kept a small boy entertained for half a day :)
      I feel your pain re the possums, he he

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