Friday, September 13, 2013


Gwyn Hanssen Pigott, 1935-2013:  'Travellers no. 3', 2001

This elegant porcelain still-life arrangement, currently on display at Qld. Art Gallery, celebrates the life of distinguished Australian ceramic artist, Gwyn Hanssen Pigott, who recently passed away aged 78.
Hanssen Pigott was born in Ballarat, Victoria, in 1935 and created a new language for ceramics through her famous still-life groupings of pots, bowls, bottles, jugs and cups carefully displayed in precise arrangements.
They became sculptural artworks. 
Early training in Australia was followed by establishment of a studio in London, then later in the Loire valley during the 1960s.
Later she returned to Australia and worked in Tasmania, then Adelaide and Brisbane.  Constantly experimenting with wood firing, her pieces were refined, quiet and delicately beautiful.  She continued to exhibit in London until the end of her life.
I never met her, but I do know one lucky person who did, and who owns a collection of these beautiful pieces.

And from the sublime to the dreadfully mundane, summer has hit this week with soaring temperatures, well into the 30s.
However, we had a cold snap about 10 days ago, and in a cold corner of our back garden a few days before the heat came I found this:

One lonely daffodil....
I plant bulbs, despite the climate being tropical and completely unsuitable, just to have the fun of occasionally getting this result.

My friend V last week presented me with this great bunch of cuttings, all eminently suitable for the sub-tropical garden.  We are cleaning out some old beds, and creating a leafy understory beneath a few large trees.
Some I planted straight into the soil without trying to strike them in water...
Fingers crossed...Thank you V!

I have planted orange cliveas and orange day lilies - my love of orange is well-known.  So of course, I love this dress Michelle wore the other day.

.. and of course, who wouldn't want to look like this on their first post-baby appearance.  I have never worn a dress which sparkles all over...
but I suspect I'd love it! 

In other news, the Red Cardinal blog welcomes its 40th Follower:
Khammany @ Sweet Inspired Home.  
Pop on over and have a look at her pretty blog.

Remember our new grandson, the Little Bebe we travelled to Canada to meet last May?
Well, look at him now:

Not yet 10 months old, but standing ..
sometimes without holding on!!

Today I went to rehearsal at my Choir for Ladies of a Certain Age,
and (Hurrah) we sang my favourite lullaby, which makes me think of the little man:  "Mille Cherubini in Coro".

Here's Andrea Bocelli singing it, with chorus, on YouTube:

Enjoy, and have a great weekend, dear readers.




  1. The porcelain is beautiful! It is actually quite perfect! It's just entering fall over here, so glad we're getting out of the soaring temps. Thanks for visiting my blog and extra thanks for mentioning it on your blog post! You are too kind!
    Your grandson is a cutie! Love them at that age where they're just learning to walk!
    Have a wonderful day!

    1. Glad you liked the porcelain - it is incredibly delicate and fine. Totally agree, the Little bebe is indeed a cutie!

  2. Lovely post. And what a gorgeous little (or, rather, big, as I am sure he would rather be) grandson!:)

    1. Thanks Jenny, and he is gorgeous, and also quite a big boy too!

  3. The beauty and simplicity of Pigott's porcelain pieces is stunning; love it! We're saying goodbye to hot temps and you're getting them. What a cute little man you have! Just a doll. I know you can't wait until the next visit.

    1. Glad you like the porcelain Sanda, she was Australia's foremost contemporary potter. Little man is like a doll, with a very winning smile. Thank goodness for Skype!

  4. What a lovely eclectic post, Patricia. The porcelain still life arrangements are beautiful - so elegant. I have not heard of the artist before. And then the daffodil! What a thrill they are to see in the spring. What a shame you jump straight from winter to summer so quickly and miss the spring. I wouldn't mind replace winter with spring :-) Of course your little grandson is gorgeous!

    1. Thank you Val, Spring is the best - hopefully we will return to Springtime again this week, and the temperatures will moderate. I doubt there will be any more daffodils until next year!

  5. Very nice porcelain! Gee, one Finnish ceramist over here has very similar low bowls in her collection too, I have some selected pieces myself..
    My, your grandson in Canada has really made a leap in a short time, and how very handsome he is!
    Might the family come over for Christmas?
    Thanks for showing pictures of your favorite women - Michelle O and Kate !
    Andrea Bocelli: mmmm!

    1. Now that you mention it, the ceramics definitely have a Finnish look to them Mette, and I know you have some lovely pieces.
      Little bebe has indeed go far in the last few weeks - we are quite astonished, and he is not a baby any more. I think he is beginning to climb too - now the fun will really begin! It would be great if they came over for Christmas, but I don't think it's going to happen - but there will be lots of Skype..
      Andrea is a bit of a heart-melter, isn't he?

  6. The pottery pieces are so elegant. I bet they are nice to hold as well. Something so smooth about them appeals to my tactile sense.

    Handsome little boy, they just grow fast and learn so much don't they?