Monday, June 17, 2013


As the biting winds and chill cold of winter bite into Brisbane's West,
I seek that most humble of vegetables, the Pumpkin!
Pumpkin soup, warm and golden ...
Pumpkin mashed, baked, turned into scones or breads ..

The weekend skies were that brilliant blue rarely seen in our hazy summer ..
the blue which comes as the sun warms up a morning of low, single digit temperatures ..

The Cardinals flew off for a hot chocolate fix at this popular spot upstream on the Brisbane River, known as College's Crossing.
Those people down there are fishing -

Poor College's has been inundated by very bad flooding twice in the past two years, and the evidence is still there - fenced off for safety...

The kiosk, happily renovated in its high vantage point, was basking in the winter sunshine and doing a roaring trade -

The Brisbane River, rendered in stone as part of a large paved area..

We popped into a local plant nursery on the way home

and spent the rest of the day 'improving' the Garden of Neglect ..

You know how much I like a bird: behold the new white lorikeet which has mysteriously appeared among my milk glass collection - who, me?

Found this blue pansy ring holder in Canada - 
note the pansies I planted two weeks ago are flowering prolifically already -
pansies are tough little friends..

What can I say?
I love the cooler weather 

Have a lovely cosy week



  1. Part of the fun of blogging is being reminded that things are different in other parts of the world. You are cooking with pumpkin and we are making lemonade.

    Nice new bird for your milk glass collection.


    1. Ah lemonade, I love the way the Americans make it!
      The white bird says thankyou..

  2. Nothing better than pumpkin in the dishes you mention. What nice weather you are having. Your finds at the plant place are very nice. Love the cute little faces of pa sies. I will be in envy of you when we get our 100 F. Temps this summer. There you'll be in your cozy sweaters taking a brisk afternoon walk. Enjoy the weather!

    1. We are having the perfect weather, which we only see for about 6 weeks every year, so making the most of it. Hate those 100 deg days, even if they are called 40 deg here! Just did my brisk walk, and it was indeed pleasant.

  3. Love your new glass pieces! Wish I had a better feel for temperatures expressed in "C" scale. When you say single digits, I immediately think of Minnesota Winters. Beautiful blue skies!

    1. So funny, Minnesota Winters are to be very afraid! Freezing here is zero, not 32, (which it was until the 1970s, I think). I can loosely translate between F and C. Single digits is pretty cold and can go down to frost on the grass and ice on the windscreen. Love those blue skies!

  4. Enjoy your cooler weather, Patricia. Tasty winter food is so comforting. Mind you, with the temperatures we're still getting at times, soup in on the menu here too. I can easily understand you welcoming the brilliant blue skies after so much heat haze.

    1. Loving the cooler weather, even though my fingers are freezing on the keyboard! We are tough in Queensland...

  5. Its summer time here Patricia..
    but today, for some reason ,the weather has changed and its rained most of the morning.
    My pansies are looking stunning.. I do love them.. your little glass bird is lovely.
    I am pleased you enjoyed Canada..

    best wishes.. val x val's alentejo...
    i am writing to you through bloglovin.
    hope to see you over my blog..

    1. Dear Val, I hope you are well. Greetings from my pansies to yours; I love their little faces peering up at us. I can't resist a bird, as you can clearly see. I have not ventured into bloglovin, but will go right over and visit your blog! xx

  6. It´ s extremely difficult for me to believe you are entering winter time down there.
    Everything is green, the sky is blue. We call your weather summer over here. And only six weeks of cooler weather. Boy, I´m jealous.
    I´m hurting all over here during the looong winter months, but no aching when it´s warm outside.
    Maybe I am born in a wrong country!
    Wishing you all the best!

    1. We may have a short winter here, but it hits hard, especially with unheated housing. We are very fond of flannelette sheets and PJs! All the best to you too Mette.
      PS I am always looking at your blog, but sometimes the computer gremlins won't let me comment. I am there in spirit!

    2. Hello ! I have the same problem with Mette's blog but I thought it was me being, as always, computer illiterate ; thanks for reassuring me, Patricia ! Enjoy your cool weather, it's all about rain, floodings and high winds here in France ; pandemonium actually !xx

    3. Hello SB, noone is more computer illerate than moi; maybe we will both figure it out some day! Weather pandemonium sounds a bit serious - take care xx