Monday, June 10, 2013


Mr Cardinal bought me a Very Special Gift the other day...
It came in an elegant white box..

Yes, I have finally come out of the Dark Ages, and have my first iPhone!
I never thought I'd fall in love, with an electronic gadget - of any kind...

But of course, I became addicted in one day, and am on a  very steep learning curve.
Downloaded my first App today: Tiffany & Co.  

While investigating the beguiling possibilities of having the Internet in my hand or handbag at all times, I have spent the past four days listening in to ABC Classic FM radio's CLASSIC 100 MUSIC IN THE MOVIES countdown, the results of a recent poll.

As a confirmed Romantic, I rather fancied Lara's Theme from Doctor Zhivago to win - I have had this sheet music since I was a girl...
But no, it came in at No.5.

ET came in second last, at 99 - surprised, I rather liked that score.

Here are the final ten:

10 - Schindler's List (1993)
9 - The Piano (1993)
8 - Out of Africa (1985)
7 - The King's Speech (2010) (Beethoven Piano Concerto No 5)
6 - Lawrence of Arabia (1962)
5 - Doctor Zhivago (1965)
4 - Chariots of Fire (1981)
3 - The Lord of the Rings (2001)
2 - Star Wars Films
1 - The Mission (1986)

Some surprises right throughout, but we enjoyed the fun of it, and the guessing games.  While I like the music from The Mission, I was surprised it won.  A certain little grandson in Canada would love to know Star Wars themes did so well - he sings Darth Vader's theme all day long!

Speaking of small boys, did you see the Google header today - just for Maurice Sendak's 85th birthday.  All the Wild Things had a party!
 I loved it...

I've been out having cake and laughter, and doing a few stitches of embroidery, at my friend J's.  That rhubarb cake was Superb...

Princess Madeleine of Sweden was married this week.
Definitely a day for tiara watching, and lovely pastel gowns.
Here is her sister, Crown Princess Victoria:

Somebody is going to be a lovely Queen one day ..

Have a delightful week



  1. I did'nt realise that you were safely back home now.
    I have not succumbed to an iphone. I am a bit scared of becoming too addicted. From time to time when I am out I need to forget about the computer - but who knows.
    Glad you explained about Google - I did wonder.
    Dr. Zivargo music - lovely - it immediately transports me to the snowy landscapes of the Russian countryside.

    1. Yes, Rosemary, we slipped quietly back into Australia when nobody was looking..
      I am hoping the iPhone will reduce the time I spend sitting in front of the computer desk. We shall see!
      Russian countryside was unforgettable in Dr Zhivago - I think it inspired a generation.

  2. Me again - I now realise having looked at your image that there is a video on google and then you finally reach Maurice Sendak's 85th birthday cake. I should be a bit more observant.

  3. Enjoy your new iPhone. I got mine month or more ago and have yet to download an app. I do text a lot with the teen aged GD though. Sounds like you are settling in well back at home.


    1. So far, enjoying the iPhone - and glad to know yours is also a new acquisition. Have to admit all my friends had one first, and I was feeling quite the dinosaur!

  4. That movie list definitely includes some of my all-time favorites and the music is no small part of that! I do love mu iPhone! So many fun apps to explore. Do get a protective case (or perhaps you don't drop your phone as I do) the case has saved mine from breakage numerous times.

    1. Thank you for the tip, Sanda. I can be quite the klutz so a case should be purchased asap.
      The complete movie list of 100 was really fun, and rather like seeing one's life journey of favourite movie experiences.

  5. What a lovely gift. I'm still in dinosaur mode with my phone! x

    1. It is lovely, and hubs keeps smiling at me and commenting that I seem to be enjoying it. Of course, this old dinosaur has to learn a lot to make the most of it! x

  6. Have fun with your new phone, Patricia. I'm not a mobile user, though I have an ancient one for emergencies only, but have been tempted several times to get a tablet computer, though so far I'm resisting temptation. I spend enough time online as it is. :-)

    I too am surprised that the music from The Mission won. It's ages since I heard it so I'd better go and refresh my memory.....

    1. Perpetua, I have had a basic phone for emergencies since mobiles were invented. And I have been on the cheapest plan still available in Australia: $10 per month! Eventually decided it was time to move on, and I love having a photo album of our trip to Canada right there in the phone.

  7. A new toy to play with during this wet weather is the perfect gift! And it doesn't matter what class I teach each year, they all just crumble when we read 'Where The Wild Things Are' together - it just has lasting appeal...J

    1. Yes, perfect wet weather gift Judith. Wild Things was always a favourite of our children; such a classic. You can't go wrong bringing that out for any class of kids!

  8. Great for joining the iPhone 5 club. I have had mine since January, but managed to twist it somehow, so now I have a new one.
    The phone is great, just use/ keep it safely, as it might brake in some way easily.
    I only use minimum of it´s capacity, on " the learning " yet!

    1. I see how fragile the phone looks, for something with so much capacity, Mette. Today I bought it a case, delicate blue and pink, very feminine! I suspect I will be learning for quite some time, but did manage to download the Facebook app :)

  9. Glad you're enjoying your iphone, I don't have one but I'm tempted because I love my ipad. That's a pretty little cream jug.

    1. Hi sulky,playing with phone as we speak - bit slow but can be done in bed - v. Relaxing xx