Sunday, June 23, 2013



or blue:

That is the question!

Wasn't it lovely to see the Queen's horse win at Ascot ...
a lovely Coronation Anniversary gift.
And didn't she look beautiful, and happy..

This one will divide the masses, but I liked the Ascot outfit worn by Lady Helen Taylor, daughter of the Duke of Kent.
Colour-blocking in its finest hour...

Michele has also been colour-blocking, on a trip to Berlin.
The black/white combination has been popping up about the place,
and would be easy to copy.
Except I would worry about it looking a bit Kardashian ...

Pretty party dress....sigh, look at her perfect shoulders...

Happy Sunday, 
and have a great week



  1. Love all of the images you have in your post and the outfits are gorgeous. Wasn't it fabulous watching the Queen's joyous reactions to her horse winning- I don't think I have ever seen her so happy!

    Hope you had a terrific holiday with your family xxxx

    1. Hi Fifi, thanks, our holiday was bliss!
      Agree re the Queen - happier than we've seen in ages! xxxx

  2. Thank you for the latest pictures.
    Please don´t get mad at me, when I say that IMO Mrs. Obama is still searching for her very own style.
    Angela Mercker therefore only wears jackets and pants - in multiples - and as a woman in her position, I think that she has found what she wants to wear. I´m not saying, that I´m thrilled by them, but she looks fit for any possible event.
    President Obama looks fine, as does The Queen.
    Hopefully KM will get to wear pink in the near future as well!

    1. Dear Mette, I never get mad at you :)
      You are very insightful, and I have been pondering what you say - is it perhaps that Michele chooses items from lots of different US designers, to encourage them, at the expense of defining her own style?
      I have wondered about Angela Merckel, and knowing it is difficult to be elegant when short and with a mature figure, I think she has found what works for her, and just got on with her job. Good for her!

  3. For some reason I think that the baby will be dressed in pink - my powers of deduction being nil. I thought that I was expecting a girl when my first son was born!!!
    I have never seen the Queen with such a happy smile on her face before, and she looks so lovely when she does smile.

    1. The Queen does have a beautiful smile, and it was lovely to see her win.
      I am hoping for a baby girl - maybe because I have three grandsons, and am a bit obsessed with baby girls these days!

  4. Sorry, misspelled - Angela Merckel, naturally.

  5. Replies
    1. Blue is good, and a perfectly acceptable substitute for pink! xx

  6. All are lovely women. That is s wonderful photo of the Queen.
    If I have to choose I will choose blue.


    1. A vote for blue - it is rather nice that they have chosen not to know in advance, as so many people do these days. Royalty have few secrets, living life in the public eye, so good for them.
      Apart from her happy smiles, I thought the Queen's hat was particularly fetching too!

  7. I think the little Royal will be a girl. Don't you remember they let it slip early in the pregnancy?
    The Queen did look very happy when her horse won (wouldn't we all?) but it was her companion that did all the jumping up and down!

    1. Interesting point, Valerie. Maybe they do know, but are pretending they don't?
      I noticed the jumping companion - so funny!

  8. Even in Tulsa, they showed the Queen on TV when her horse won. It was lovely!

    1. Good for Tulsa - they know a good news story, and this one was a winner!

  9. I vote for a girl. But Kate is prettier in blue! And the Queen is Lovely in Lavender!

    I could go with the color blocking in Lady Heley Taylor's dress, with the little turquoise hat really threw me off!

    Michelle perhaps hasn't found her style because she looks so stunning in everything she wears!

    1. Yes, the Queen is one of the few senior ladies who can wear serious colour so beautifully.
      I have to agree, the turquoise hat threw me off to, but I really like the colour combination of the dress. Maybe I'll try and make it some time soon.
      Michelle does look stunning, and maybe she likes to try a lot of different looks!

  10. Such lovely photos Patricia..
    I think she looks lovely in the blue.. could it be a sign.!
    As Rosmary wrote.. I have never seen the queen so happy. She has been all smiles recently.
    lovely post..
    hope to see you at my new blog.. val xxxx

    1. Hello Val, It won't be long before we know, pink or blue.
      I have been over to your blog and tried to join Bloglovin - and got in quite a tangle! I hope my blog does not disappear on 1st July - fingers crossed.


  11. I love the lavender the Queen is wearing. I am very partial to blue for my own dresses.