Friday, June 7, 2013


Hi there,
These lovely pots were made by the Hermannsburg women potters, from Central Australia.
They are part of an exhibition of contemporary indigenous art:
 My Country: I still call Australia Home, which opened the other day.

This pot features lorikeet images.
Our lorikeets have not forgiven us for going away for a month,
rarely come to the bird-feeder, and are startled and fly off when I appear.

Did you know kookaburras catch and eat snakes?
Just saying....

So how did the Garden of Neglect fare during our absence, you may ask?
Well, this old toughie, the crucifix orchid, carried on as usual.

but my little cottage garden had disintegrated into a tangled mess..

herbs were nearly all dead...

and 'somebody' had made quite a mess, overturning pots and destroying seedlings ...

You know who you are, Mr legally protected native species Wild Bush Turkey!!!

A quick visit to the local plant nursery,

a day working in the garden,

and things are starting to improve.

Happy 60 year Coronation Anniversary to Her Majesty

I thought the Queen looked lovely in her white brocade, with just a hint of delicate blue flowers and that huge Aquamarine!
So sad that Prince Philip is in hospital at this special time..

Kate looked great, too:

and I liked Camilla's minty green outfit..

also with a lovely big aquamarine, apparently the gem of the day..

Enjoy your Queen's birthday holiday weekend, Australia!
What are your plans? We'll be back in the garden, and taking my Dad out for lunch in the country - somewhere....



  1. The pots are beautiful... and I am sure your garden will soon recover. Your orchid is lovely. Jx

    1. I love those animal pots - might show a few more! Back into the garden this weekend - winter is the time for gardens here. xx

  2. First time I see these colorful pots!
    Your garden survived surprisingly well " on it´s own ". Perhaps, as the weather is cooler?
    Queen Elisabeth looks as fresh as ever.
    Our neighboring country Sweden is going to have a Royal happening tomorrow, as Princess Madelaine and her American fiancee are having a wedding tomorrow.
    I expect Royalties gathering into Stockholm tomorrow, perhaps someone from Britain is expected too..
    We will see - maybe you too!

    1. You are right Mette, with the cooler weather the garden can do more interesting things. I am on tiara watch with the Swedish royal wedding - I think Prince Edward and Sophie might be going for England ... I like watching her style these days.

  3. It's amazing what a day of work in the garden will do to turn things around. Looks like those wild bush turkeys had a real party while you were away. What an amazing woman the queen is; she just keeps on keeping on and looks great.

    1. So true, Sanda, we spruced up the garden very quickly, and are moving onto other neglected areas this weekend. The Queen must have incredibly good health and stamina - one wonders how long she will keep up this hectic pace!

  4. Good for you Patricia spending a day in the garden. Mine is also looking a bit neglected so you have inspired me to take a trip to get some potted colour to liven it up a bit. Happy long weekend .

    1. Nothing like a few pots of colour to bring the garden back to life. I bought lots of purple, matched it with a bit of yellow, and the whole place sings!

  5. A super post Patricia.
    what wonderful artwork the Aboriginals make.. so great that they keep up the old traditions.
    Your garden looks lovely. I am sure you have some work to do after the wild turkey attacked the place!):
    I think the Queen looked lovely.. i have so much admiration for her.
    poor Phillip. She looksgreat for her age.
    happy gardenening..
    val. vals alentejo. / or bloglovin

    1. Thanks Val, so true about the indigenous art. Aboriginal people make up only 2% of the Australian population but make a huge contribution to the visual arts, both traditional and contemporary. It is raining here again, good for the garden and makes the weeding easier! x

  6. Those pots are pretty special. Your garden held up quite well apart from that naughty intruder! Re your question about coalfields etc, I think just a matter of changing times. x

    1. Hi Suzy, Yes, changing times of course - there is a similar pool at a place we sometimes visit, with just a trace of former glories, old steps and pathways, slowly going back to nature. Glad you like the pots - they are very popular. x