Tuesday, May 21, 2013


We have crossed the Ottawa River and been to Quebec - 
in fact, the French Grandparents took us to Montreal at the weekend...

The old port area was the place for action ...

Singing the Blues ..

Artists Alley

It was Dollard-Des-Ormeaux Day -

Adam Dollard-Des-Ormeaux was a garrison commander who saved Montreal from attack by the Iroguois in 1660, so I am told..

which seems reason enough for a show of firepower on a Sunday afternoon..

I was heading into the Cathedral and nearly jumped out of my skin when those guns were fired!

Facing Place d'Armes Square, the famous Basilique Notre-Dame de Montreal.

A symphony of gorgeous blues, it is unusual in that the stained glass windows, rather than biblical scenes, depict scenes from the religious history of Montreal:

While in Montreal, we also visited St Joseph's Oratory, one of the world's tallest basilicas, built on the slopes of Mount Royale in central Montreal.

It was founded by Brother Andre, a humble brother of the Holy Cross Order, whose duties included visiting the sick.  He was devoted to Saint Joseph, the patron saint of Canada, and his prayers came to be associated with many miracle cures of the sick.
In 1904 he founded a small chapel on this site, which has since expanded to a huge basilica built in Italian Renaissance style.

The interior has been remodelled numerous times, and has a rather austere feeling of grandeur, very different from Notre Dame.

There are large displays of crutches and walking sticks, left by the cured.

Brother Andre became Saint Andre Bessette when he was canonised on 17 October, 2010, in the same ceremony as Australia's first ever saint, Mary MacKillop.

Still loving crabapples and lilac.

More later ...


  1. Oh such wonder french influences in Montreal - what a treat.
    Notre Dame cathedral is a modest version of Notre Dame in Paris isn't it!
    How lovely finding the Fleur de Lis on the pavement!
    My daughter has lilac bushes and trees in her garden but I've never managed to be there when they're blooming - the perfume must be amazing!

    I'm loving your travelogue Patricia!
    Shane ♥

    1. It was a treat - not Paris, but worth going anyway!
      Glad you are enjoying it Shane.

  2. I do like all of the blue colouring in the cathedral it gives a feeling of calm and tranquility to the setting.
    I have seen symbols of sickness left in churches in Italy and France but normally for a cure rather than by the cured.
    You have hit Canada at the right time in order to see and enjoy all of the spring blossom.

    1. I loved the blue colouring too Rosemary. It is different from the churches of other countries I have visited. The lilacs are getting better every day; they are such a wonder!

  3. Well, you're certainly getting out and about! I'd love to visit Canada some day. I love visiting places of worship on my travels, those stained glass windows are beautiful.

    1. Hi Sulky, we are doing our best for maximum holiday fun. I would like to have photographed every stained glass window, they were so interesting and beautiful, but it would have taken all day! Rest day today ...

  4. I know you are having a wonderful vacation. I have never visited Montreal but would love to. Your pictures are very nice. Enjoy!

    1. Montreal was very attractive and interesting, Sanda. I bought a painting of a street scene in the Artists Alley, to join my other paintings of Paris, New Orleans and Quebec. Now wondering where to find another French culture city to add to the collection.

  5. It looks like you are having a great time seeing all there is to see locally. That is one of the wonderful things about vacations, isn't it?


    1. We are doing our best to see it all, Darla! When in another country, everything is interesting - currency, animals, shops, food - the list goes on :)

  6. You are obviously having the most fantastic time, Patricia. I love your glimpses of Montreal and the Frenchness of the city and the culture - not only the equivalent of Paris's Notre Dame but also of Sacre Coeur. So glad you're having such beautiful spring weather. :-)

    1. I am really enjoying my first northern spring Perpetua. It is very transient = already the crabapple trees are almost finished, the daffodils are gone, and the tulips on the wane. But the lilacs have reached perfection! I love them :))

  7. I must admit I'd really love to visit Canada and your photos make it look even more tempting! x