Saturday, May 25, 2013


Things I love in Canada:
French Fairytale rooflines...


Cottage Gardens

Olde Worlde houses...

Red Cardinals!

Butter tarts

The National Art Gallery of Canada in Ottawa

Outside the Gallery, well-remembered:
Maman, Louise Bourgeois, 1999.

and something new:

Majestic, by Canadian sculptor Michel de Broin, composed of 10 lamp posts torn from their place by Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans.
In a variety of styles, they are electrically re-wired and the sculpture lights up at night!
It is cleverly complementary to Maman.

Cute Cottages

and best of all:


Au Revoir!!



  1. Apart from the obvious love of are certainly taken with all that lilac aren't you ! Great photos, you are obviously having a great pleased. Jx

    1. You are right, I am fascinated by the lilac, and the speed with which it has blossomed in almost every garden. But how short-lived it is! Already I see the brown tips of faded flowers start to appear. The whole process of cold-climate Spring is something new to me. It will be difficult to leave the grandchildren! xx

  2. I was just thinking exactly the same as Janice - presumably lilac does not thrive in Australia?
    It is funny the way we fall for flowers that we cannot have. I absolutely love meconopsis - blue poppies, but will they grow for me!!! If I lived in Scotland I would not have a problem.
    The little grandson, I can see, has fallen for you too.

    1. Rosemary, I have never seen lilac growing before, although it may grow in the southern parts of Australia and while I have travelled there it was probably not in lilac time!
      Blue poppies?? I have never even heard of these - and if they only grow in Scotland they must really love the cold. But don't give up, you may succeed with them yet.
      Yes, I have to agree the baby has become our friend, and was looking for us when we went away to Montreal for a few days. His smile is a wonder! Tomorrow is his Christening Day and I am busily arranging lily-of-the-valley and forget-me-nots in little posies.

  3. A beautiful post Patricia. Those lilac trees are stunning. I am going to find out if they might grow in the Alentejo.. but i havent seen any.
    The little cottages are so sweet.
    I am happy for you, that you are spending such a lovely time with your grandchildren and family.. enjoy it all.
    xxxx val

    1. Thank you Val, it would be great if you could grow lilac in Alentejo - I wonder if the climate would suit? Almost time to leave Canada, and the lovely grandchildren :( xxx

  4. The houses over there look very different to those of our´s.
    We get lots of lilacs ( not yet though ) here too, that´s the similarity.
    Naturally your grandchildren are the best in Canada for you, not forgetting your daughter and her husband.
    Enjoy : )!

    1. The houses are completely different from Australia too, which is why they are so interesting to me. My daughter has a little basement, as do most houses. They are almost never seen in Brisbane. It has been wonderful to spend these weeks with our daughter and her family; I am sure you understand the pull on the heart-strings when we have to leave!

  5. I think it will always be lilac-time in Canada in your memory after this visit, Patricia. :-) A lovely post and I can quite see why the those attractive little cottages have captured your imagination. Yes, leaving the grandchildren will be hard, especially as you live so very far away from them. Here's to the next visit - not too far away, I hope.

    1. Lilac-time has certainly captured my imagination Perpetua, almost as much as the baby. I am sitting in Los Angeles airport waiting for the call to board the plane for Brisbane. We are already discussing how and when we will visit them again. Despite leaving family, I am looking forward to being home once more.

  6. What lovely choices you have provided to illustrate the beauty of Canada. Lilacs (sigh)! So beautiful. And such beautiful grandchildren too. How lucky you are to get to spend time with them! Lovely post, Patricia!

    1. Of course I am biased, but I think the grandchildren are the most beautiful children ever! It was so wonderful to spend these weeks with them and to have them get to know us, especially the baby. He smiled at us all the time, which was heart-melting :) Maybe he will do it on Skype when we get home.