Thursday, December 27, 2012


When I looked out on Christmas morn, this is what I saw ..
Very Christmassy, thank you Lorikeets!
Then I found four little pansies, the last of the season.
Despite torrential rain, weeks of 100 deg. heat, and the occasional high wind and visits from possums, these little temperate zone blooms have dedicated themselves to my annual Garden Goal.
Which is: To Keep the Pansies Going until Christmas.
I Win!!
We started the day with a delightful Skype visit to Canada, to watch the Petit Garcon open the enormous box of gifts we had sent to our Darling Daughter and her family.  The Hungry Hippos game went down a treat ..
This is the view of their garden this week.
Look closely and you can spot our cute grandson being a snow bunny.
 I wore red linen for the day's festivities.
My take on Valentino red, sewn for the Valentino Exhibition at QAG in 2010.
Accessorised with a little ebay purchase, a red bird necklace:
Mr Cardinal gave me this sweet dish, with a whole bunch of other goodies ..
and my friend L sent this painted tin birdie - cute as!
The family spoilt me - here are a few more lovely gifts ..
But enough about me, look at Little Aussie our local grandson,
 with his Pirate Telescope:
The upside down coffee table behind him has been doing double duty as Santa's Sleigh the past few days.  He puts on a Santa hat, gets in the sleigh, and sings Jingle Bells really fast (which makes it fly through the sky, don't you know ..)
I made him a pair of pirate shorts, Butterick 3475, and found a piratey T-shirt.
Now he has a Pirate Uniform.
I do hope your Christmas was fun too!
Enjoy the


  1. I love your dress and necklace ; you must have been thrilled when you found it on e-bay, it seems made for you !x

    1. Thank you SB, and yes, when you search for 'Red Bird', it is amazing what turns up. And it was super cheap, too. Made for me, indeed! x

  2. Such beautiful gifts with your 'signature' written all over them! And don't you have 2 very lucky (and extremely spoilt I am sure) grandsons...J

    1. Thank you Judith. I might have to invent a different signature next year ...
      Yes, our grandsons are lovely but as we don't see them on a regular daily or weekly basis, the times we do spend together are full of fun and probably quite a bit of spoiling too!

  3. Glad your pansies survived! That's a wonderful selection of presents and I love your outfit - that red is beautiful.

    1. Hi Sulky, funny thing is I haven't worn that dress for about 2 years, then wondered why when it felt so good on Christmas Day. It might get out a little more now!

  4. Thank goodness for Skype - when friends and relatives are miles away it is such a salvation. It must be strange for you to be enjoying hot weather and learn that at the same time your grandson is playing in the snow.
    So many little red birds at your place, I expect everyone keeps and eye out for them for you. Lovely to see your Callistemon in flower, it will be next July/August before I see mine.

    1. I would be desperate without Skype! The reverse seasons are quite handy, as some years we escape the hot weather by flying over in January. I didn't realise Callistemon could flower in England, so am learning something new here. I was surprised to see this crop of flowers at Christmas as its best is usually in September. Re the red birds - might have to call a halt there soon!

  5. I´m a bit late here commenting, sorry (;
    Your red dress looks a classic, good!
    100F, I´ll never understand the differences in the temperatures/ climates in different parts of the world.
    Your Canadian grandson´s climate looks close to ours.
    You have received great gifts and you have chosen to give great ones as presents as well.

    I have been pondering about writing a post about " the best gift ", but then I already know, that the answer would be : The spirit, the time spent with the dear and near ones.
    Maybe I should place my question in a different way ; )..if I decide to get materialistic answers.

    1. Thank you Mette, I'm glad you like my red classic. I would say the climate where they live in Canada would be about the same as yours - well below freezing through the winter months.
      As always you are very insightful, and absolutely right: the "best gift" is the spirit and time spent with special family at Christmas. We managed to see the 4 generations in 24 hours! (but it is fun seeing/reading about other bloggers 'goodies')

  6. What an adorable pirate. Great creative idea for a sled too. Maybe I should try singing something really fast to see if it would make me go faster myself, LOL!

    Looks like you had a wonderful RED Christmas. Wishing you a Happy New Year as well.


    1. The pirate is very cute - when he is not being a Fireman! Singing fast works for him..and red works well in our strong sunshine.

    2. I love the Pirate shorts you made for your grandson. Pretty special gift. Great pictures of wonderful presents, too. I always forget that you are wearing Linen while we are in wool. Lovely Christmas dress with that unusual Red Bird necklace.

    3. I was pretty pleased with the pirate shorts too, Beryl. Our grandson is very big on dress ups and role playing.
      Linen is essential in this hot weather!

  7. Gorgeous photos. Patricia, and I'm glad your Christmas was so good. Plenty of festive red on this side of the world, mainly thick sweaters and scarves. :-) I'm wearing one of the former as I write....

    1. Thank you P, red sweaters and scarves sound perfect for the season!

  8. Patricia,

    Happy New Year! What beautiful clothes and gifts. Congratuations on your sweet newborn grandson.

    It is cold here in the USA. What a treat to see your love flowers. Enjoy your summer!