Wednesday, December 12, 2012


It took me about two years, but I finally finished my
Cardinals Christmas Cross-stitch.
Framed and hung, part of the Christmas theming.
Little Aussie, our eldest grandson, came to visit the other day.
His computer skills are fast becoming superior to his grannie's...
Do you remember that hit movie from 1957,
Boy on a Dolphin?
I present the 2012 version:
Starring Little Aussie, in the Cardinals Pool..
and, after a decent drenching from long-awaited storms,
the garden has sprung back into action.
With a  little help from Aussie,
I planted out a new cottage garden beside an old rose bush,
with blooms, yellow foliage, and a rosemary bush.
It is possible there was a Hobbit influence going on ...
 Happy Wednesday


  1. Dear Patricia,
    Your cardinals are beautifully executed.. how lovely they look all framed and hung. You sound a little like me.. I do try to get things finished, but often start something else.
    Little Aussie on his dolphin looks so cute.
    Yes, I was young when i saw the film Boy on A Dolphin.. i must look it up again on u tube.
    Your garden looks divine.
    happy wed.

    1. Thanks Val, yes I am another who often goes off and starts something else, but I am glad I finished this stitchery.
      Little Aussie is sure a cute kid!
      All the best to you

  2. The cross stitch piece is very pretty. Looks like you had some fun with your adorable little grandson. I laughed at the Santa hat and the summer outfit. When you are used to cold equals Christmas it is funny to be reminded it isn't like that for everyone.


    1. Ah yes, Darla, a Santa hat with shorts and summer top is a common sight at Christmas round here!

  3. Your cardinal cross stitch is beautiful. Such a nice addition, ESP. For Christmas. Your little Santa is so adorable! And so cute on the dolphin. I remember the movie title but never saw it. Oh the flowers! Makes me long for spring. It's funny that I know my geography, it never fully dawned on me that people in the Southern hemisphere celebrate their Christmas in the middle of summer until I saw the movie "Babe" filmed in New Zealand. And what a great little movie that was. I gave up pork for WEEKS after I saw the movie..

    1. Thankyou Sanda, now that you mention it, the scenery we saw in New Zealand was exactly like that in Babe, very lush and green. Of course, being further north, we add in extremes of heat in Queensland. The world did fall in love with that cute little piggy, didn't they?

  4. What beautiful cross stitch. I used to cross stitch quite a lot. I hope to do mroe one of these days.
    Little Aussie is mighty cute on that dolphin. It is always a bit of a shock to see summer when we are having winter.
    You have such a lovely garden.

    1. Hi Debbi, glad you like the cross stitch. I find the stitching very soothing. Hoping to do a lot more catching up in the garden post-Christmas.
      btw, I had my first post-surgery scans and mammogram yesterday, and got the All-Clear!! So relieved and thankful, and can really get on with life now.
      Wishing you a happy and joy-filled Holiday Season. x

  5. Patricia, congratulations on finishing your gorgeous cross stitch! Love all of the flower images from your garden and what fun your grandson must have had in your pool! The facial expression said it all. Wishing you a wonderful Christmas with your family and friends, Fifi xxx

    1. Hi Fifi, thank you, I was very happy with the cross stitch. We are looking forward to more dolphins in the pool over Christmas. And wishing you a wonderful Christmas back here in Brisbane, too! xxx

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