Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Princess Charlene, pretty in pink at the Dior Haute Couture collection show this week.
Can we look forward to a summer of pastels?
I for one would enjoy that - pastel pink, mint green, delicate lemon yellow: yum!

Charlene has the delicate blonde looks of her late mother-in-law
Princess Grace.
My mother bought this tiny plate in Monaco back in the 70s, when Grace was in the prime of her life as Princess of Monaco.
Yes, we are still sorting out the old family home ...

Beautiful, heavily scented stocks from my Dad's garden;
he hasn't been there to care for it since January, but his groundwork was apparently so good that they came up and bloomed just the same.

In the Red Cardinal Garden of Neglect, meantime,
the shrubs are dormant, and an opportunist has been spotted:

Ye old scrub turkey;  Dad says they used to shoot and eat them when he was a boy.
That would be over 90 years ago.
Times were tough then, just after World War I...
bet the bird was tough to eat as well!

An sweet white cane table also came to me from the old place.

And a big pot, which I filled with herbs and pansy plants for Spring:

Been to the sales, too.
Photo frames, 40% off at Myer ...

Car Doona cover for Little Aussie's next visit: $19 at Pillow Talk.
Because, readers, it is Very Near Freezing round here.
In fact, -1 in this area this morning.

Meantime, over in Ottawa, the Petite Garcon is sweltering these nights in his little attic bedroom.
So I made another set of summer pj's for the little man.

Happy July to you all!



  1. Hi Patricia, oh my it's been cold and this house of ours is definitely designed for summer Not winter brrrrr.
    How nice you can give some of your father's possessions a new home. The white cane table is a beauty.

    1. Hi Annie, I have wanted that white cane table for about 20 years, and could not believe that none of the others wanted it! Woo Hoo!
      Cold again tonight ... brrrrr indeed!!

  2. I have a big bunch of stocks behind me as I type, their perfume is one of my favourites. Those little pyjamas are super-cute!

  3. Sulky, so true, stocks have the most beautiful fragrance. Just my three stems perfume the house. Glad you like the little pj's, I was pleased with the result.

  4. Pink looks fine on Princess Charlene, I agree. It just seems so funny, that you are looking forward towards spring, as we are towards fall/winter wear.
    Great, if you have place for the things from your father´s home, especially so, if they have memories for you.
    That small set of pajamas is so, so cute : ).

    1. Thanks Mette, glad you think the pj/s are cute. The reverse seasons is useful to us: we can look ahead to what is happening over there, and we are in the know for the next spring. :)

  5. Hi Patricia - I loved making PJ's for my kids. I would let them pick out 4 different buttons as a reward for suffering through a visit to the fabric store, and them put them on their PJ's. Trucks, Mupppets, and Peter Rabbit buttons on the same pair. Now that they are in their 20's and 30's, they call and request a new pair of PJ bottoms (no tops anymore - they all wear T-shirt) at least once a year. Good Times!
    Oh, and is that the varmit FF refers to in her blog as destroying her garden? I always thought she was kidding. We have wild turkeys in Oklahoma, but not in residential gardens. (Your Fashion Police secret is safe with me!)

    1. Hi Beryl, and welcome to my blog. I love your idea about the different buttons; maybe I can do that for a grandchild one day. Or have fun choosing the buttons myself :)
      Yes, it is the same as the FF varmint; we live several suburbs away but the birds could even be related! FF is not kidding you, they are holy terrors in the garden, and our turkey is scratching and flinging the mulch around as we speak!
      Love that you live in Oklahoma - one of the bestest musicals ever, and one Mr Cardinal and I have performed in, back in the olden (ie young) days.

  6. Hi Patricia
    Love you pictures. The cane table--a real beauty. Also the vases you show. Lucky you to grow stocks; I love, love them but, alas, cannot grow them in my hot and humid climate. Their fragrance is heavenly. Please send some cool my way! 106F. Is miserable!

  7. Hi Sanda, glad you like our pretty table. 106F is indeed miserable, so sending some cool your way this morning. It sometimes is that hot here also during our long hot summers. I grow flowers during our short winter only, because as you say they don't like intense heat and humidity. I see you live in Alabama: we have been there, visited friends in 1998! And had a great time!

  8. Patricia, what pretty images this week! Love the flowers, and the bird, the dishes and the picture frames to name several.

    1. Hi Debra, so nice to hear from you in busy N.Y.C. Glad you like our local colour :) Say Hi to MOMA from me!

    2. On Patricia, it will be so hot this weekend in NYC, I may be living at MOMA during the day. : ) It's just a few blocks from my apartment building. Nothing like central air conditioning when the city is experiencing extreme heat!

      I love your red cardinals, by the way. Once in a while I see one in nature and always hope it leaves behind a feather, but it hasn't happened yet.

    3. Lucky you Debra, living near, and possibly in, MOMA!
      I am still hoping to see a cardinal in nature - one day ...

  9. Hello, Patricia ! When two great minds think alike ... I have just finished my last post and now realize I almost stole your title ; I see that we have the same references in British television. Coincidence, I also have a picture of Charlene at Dior's. I promise I didn't copy you, I didn't have much time to read blogs this week as I had a very busy and fairly unpleasant week !! I can't believe it's -1 where you are ; your beautiful fireplace makes me long for winter ; Summer is not worth it when the weather is dull !xx

    1. Hi Bunny, Coincidence will always occur when like-minds communicate. I would not mind if you did copy; it would be a compliment :) However, your blog is lovely and unique; I love how you write and put it together.
      You are right, summer should bring happy blue skies, not dullness. Here's to a pleasant week in Paris!