Thursday, July 19, 2012


It could be my daily freshly squeezed carrot and orange juice ...
My love of orange seemed to be getting a bit out of hand:

Last year it was the orange dress ...

Recently there has been the orange with clocks scarf ...
closely followed by the new summer season's fetching orange sandals ..

some paper napkins ..

another item from the old family home:
Nice watercolour of birds with, you guessed it, orange faces ...

Are we worried yet?

Nope, small pink and orange box from Tree of Life,
followed closely by a new Black Bag ..


Then behold a winged messenger came from above to feast at our pink petunia plants...
Remember, you love pink best, he communicated in best Cockatoo-speak ...

And thus I went forth and found a pink-spotted, pleated skirt, for $20
at that amazing bargain shop in the city, (source of Faux Fuchsia's fabulous yellow cardi - just so you know)

And it came to pass that peace was restored, the sun came out,
and a pink rose bush burst into bloom!

and so endeth the lesson xx


  1. This is one of your best posts yet Patricia! Love it.
    I'm very pleased calm has been restored to Red Cardinal HQ after the dalliance with Orange. Oh and the bag is divine, the orange against black really stands out.
    Naughty cockatoo.

  2. Thanks Annie - calm is now restored in these parts and pink will reign again.
    Those cockatoos are rather naughty, aren't they? Cheeky things xx

  3. I love your new pink skirt. But will it goes with the new black bag?
    I didn't know birds ate petunias. When we were little we would pick them and suck on the ends, which were sweet, but never saw any birds around them. He's very pretty though.

    1. Aha, clever Beryl, you have gone straight to the core of my dilemma :) The black bag was supposed to be a Go With Everything one. No wonder a bird came to sort me out! We sucked on petunias too as kids - cockatoos will have a go at just about anything, sort of like goats, really...

  4. Oh what a clever post! I love all your orange things and its definitely ok to flirt with change to spice things up. The cockatoo is so cute with the petuina in its mouth.

    1. Thanks Sanda - sometimes life just rolls out like a blog and you can put it right down. It is hard to be cross at a naughty bird which looks so cute!

  5. I also love that bag, it's gorgeous. I admire people who aren't afraid of colour, so orange or pink, it's all good!

    1. Thank-you SK, the bag was definitely hard to resist! My love of colour needs to be restrained at times - must be living in the bright tropical sunshine :)

  6. Oh Patricia I love all your orange things. I was a bit worried when I first saw the cockatoo pic - I thought your next shot would reveal a dip-dyed bird with an orange body, the white feathers are so tempting LOL!

    The new skirt is really pretty and looks v. easy to wear - is the background black or navy? xxx

  7. Well, now that you mention it, the cockatoos are a bit of a nuisance as it happens ... perhaps a paint gun?
    The skirt is great to wear, and while I was not sure myself, I have now decided the background is black. What with old eyes and artificial light, sometimes it's hard to tell the difference :) xxx

  8. The only orange we see over here is on fruit and vegetables. The color is too bright in our surroundings. But great over your place.
    What a beautiful cockatoo, is it really real; )?

  9. Hi Mette, The cockatoos sure are real! They look attractive but are quite naughty, screech a lot, and make a mess. But as a bird lover, I am happy to have them around of course :)