Friday, August 26, 2011


The sweet peas are Blooming!!!
In a triumph over hope over experience,
I have succeeded in nurturing a couple of plants from Seed to Flower -
after a lifetime of failed attempts.
Admittedly, they are in a balcony pot, not a garden bed,
but in our vicinity, such delicate little blooms find survival in the wilds of our backyard a considerable challenge.
There are far too many predators - from overbearing self-sewn unwelcome little trees,
to scrub turkeys, possums, neighbourhood cats, and even the Mower and Whippersnipper guy.
By the way, the Sweet Peas smell Delicious.

I've been to see the lastest movie adaptation of Jane Eyre.
Reader, I LOVED it.
OK, I stole that line from Jane herself, but
she could hardly say Reader I Married Him in the movie, could she?
And I just had to get it in somewhere.
Now, getting back to the film....
the cinematography was gorgeously gothic;
almost every frame could be taken and hung in a frame, so beautifully crafted is this work.
Very few liberties are taken with the original story, and the cast are terrific.
Good old Judi Dench makes a perfect Mrs Fairfax.
Charlotte Bronte would surely approve.
Ten Stars from me.

I have been Decluttering this week.  Twenty year old cookbooks are gone, and a lot of other stuff we no longer use.  As the inspirational Faux Fuchsia often says, Decluttering is very liberating and satisfying, and it is.  Why is that, I wonder?

With all the blossoming flowers about, Spring can't be far away.
And with Spring comes the Wardrobe Declutter and the fun of the new Summer Fashions.
I love Michele Obama's bright colours and style.
Even though she is tall and slim with killer shoulders,
and I am, well, not...

Source:  Mrs O.
I love this great colour block skirt, which just screams Summer in Queensland. 

Rain is forecast for the weekend - keep cosy.


  1. Oh I am with you 100% in loving the new Jane Eyre adaptation Patricia. I wanted to stay in my seat and watch the whole film a second time.
    Aaaarrrggghhh bush turkeys! we are on a quest to outsmart at least three last count.
    I'm so envious of Mrs O's arms. Has she never worked in a school tuckshop like me I wonder?

  2. I think maybe decluttering feels so good because it creates space - perhaps it allows room to THINK more clearly as well as to move more freely?

  3. I will have to check in here to get my doses of flowers and color. So cheerful and beautiful. And I love red cardinals, a symbol of my home state. I used to see them in our backyard and always hoped they'd shed one of their bright red feathers, but I never found one.