Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Look at this amazing wedding cake.
It was sculpted in icing by my incredibly gifted and talented friend J.
Naturally, she won a Gold Medal for it, at the
Salon Culinaire Competition in Brisbane recently.
The Eiffel Tower is made from Royal Icing,
and J handmade 250 fantastical roses.
Ooo La La!!! Magnifique!

Last year clever J made this dear little pony to top the
Christening Cake of our little grandson.
Isn't it delightful?
She also sews like a dream, and is a True Artiste.
Congratulations, J!!

The other day I decided a change was required in the Cardinal nest.
After rounding up the white collection,
the hutch was changed.
From this:

to this:

Don't you love collecting items with history and meaning?
The tiny cup and saucer came from the Guggenheim in New York.
The white chook I found in Echuca.
My mother-in-law owned the white jug.
The shells I have owned for so long,
I don't remember when or where they came from.
They have spent a lot of time in bathrooms, in our various nests.

This should keep us going until the
Great Annual Christmas Decorating Bonanza.

Little Prince Christian of Denmark, the firstborn of Our Princess Mary,
has started school.  Hasn't time flown?

Source:  MY ROYALS

Too, too cute...
Like proud parents the world over, Mary and Fred took their boy to First Day at School.
Christian looks very self-possessed and grown up, with just a hint of Australian small boy about him.

Au Revoir


  1. Some people are truly gifted.
    I wonder if the school has decided where to put the little prince's bodyguard!

  2. Ha ha Annie - I hadn't thought of that. But then, the little prince did say it was 'a secret', as to what he had in his school bag...............