Friday, April 22, 2011

Easter holidays

As we spend this quiet Easter time at home, rejoicing in being together again after the longest separation of our married life, I have been thinking of Easter family holidays over the years.

When I was small, no matter how short of cash we were, my parents organised at least one trip to a beach location every year.
 Here we are enjoying camping at the beach at Ballina with family friends, long ago:

That is me with the large double hair bows, showing an early inclination towards extravagant accessories.

We camped in this little tent for years, until Mum refused to do it again after her fifth baby arrived.

When I was nine or ten we travelled to Central Qld, visiting cousins, camping in the tent along the way. 
 I remember being very excited by Ban Ban Springs, where we drank lovely fresh water as it bubbled up from underground. 
I wonder if the spring is still there, and accessible to curious children?

I hope you are enjoying your Easter holiday.

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