Sunday, April 10, 2011


I have been a patient in an ambulance twice before in my life. 
The first time was when I was very young, and we had a light old 1930s vintage car with a canvas roof. 
My father put me in the front passenger seat (no seatbelts then) and failed to close the door properly. 
He reversed out the driveway, turning onto the road, and the door flew open, I fell out onto the road, and the front wheel went over me. 
I can still remember the ride lying down in the old ambulance vehicle.

The second time was when I was 22, and riding my little Honda 50cc red motor cycle.
I was going to my piano lesson at the Dorrington home of my teacher, Alan Lane, father of the internationally renowned pianist Piers Lane. 
I was early, so went for a little joyride in the suburb, turned on loose gravel in an unfamiliar street, and went off the bike.  A few seconds later I remember a circle of feet around me, and a voice asking "Is she dead?"
Second ride in an ambulance...

Karen the Kleaner brought these cheerful flowers today.
After pink roses, I love yellow roses second best.
Have you purchased your Easter confectionary yet?

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