Friday, April 22, 2011

Easter cheer

The cheer squad is still with us:
Yesterday two of the Sewing Sisters came with books, DVDs, a Quilt Sewing project to keep me going,
and not one, but two delicious cakes.....

Apple Rhubarb or Orange Poppyseed?

Young Super Secretary Extraordinaire K arrived with these Easter goodies:

The generosity of people when you have been in a car accident is so wonderful, almost overwhelming.
To say we are extremely grateful is an understatement, but we really, really are :)

I always did like a tea party.
This is me, back in the day when the only guests I could muster were my little brother and a blue rabbit.
I look a bit fed up, truth to tell.
Our little table and chairs were blue, too. 
The grassy block beside our house was Verboten, and held a Fearsome Cow!

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