Monday, September 20, 2021



Angela Bassett

It has been a long time since we had a Red Carpet fashion parade -

but behold, the Emmy Awards gave us a burst of much-needed colour in these difficult times...

Here are some who caught my eye:

Michaela Coel

A little bit daring, but elegant and a glorious shade of yellow for we citrus fans...

There must always be a pretty pink princess gown, especially cute with a sparkling red clutch..

Rachel Lindsay

Trains work well on the red carpet - extra points for elegance...

Sarah Paulson

Regal in red - puff sleeves continue their time in fashion favour...

Nicole Byer

Twirling in purple...  This one is fun..

Yara Shahidi

My top pick is this fresh green gown, reminiscent of Dior, c. 1950.

Last week we went for a drive in the country, to the area where we used to take my late father for Sunday picnics..

These mountains mark the border between Queensland and New South Wales.
Today, it might as well be the border of another country.  Strict border restrictions continue along with the pandemic.  

Our twin grandsons in Sydney turned one this month, and sadly we have not seen them for many months. Luckily, we could see them on Zoom for their birthday.

We passed through the town where I grew up, the first time in about two years.
Imagine my surprise to see this:

on the land of my childhood home.  The house has vanished, demolished, obliterated...
There was no sign to say what is being built there, but what a shock.
A family member tells me our old home was still there a few months back, so this is quite a new building site.

All we have now are memories..

Somehow, in these strange times, it just seemed to fit the mood..

Take care, and be safe.



  1. Oh, I missed watching the Red Carpet fashions. Thanks for sharing a glimpse of it, Patricia. I'm so sorry you drove by and saw the demolition of your childhood home. That would break my heart if I saw my childhood home buried in the ground. It was hard enough when I found out it was being sold. I guess we still have our precious memories, like you said. And we will always find comfort in that.

    I think my favorite dress on here is the green one - so elegant and classy.


    1. Glad you enjoyed the gowns Sheri. It was very strange to see that building site where our house had been. There were building site fences all around, and I poked my camera through a gap to take the photo. A vote for the green dress - Yay. Definitely the best one.

  2. The only reason I would watch the Emmys would be to see the fashions. I didn't watch them, so it was fun to see your recap. I love the pale pink one.
    It's always a shock when remembered landscapes change.

    1. I did not even watch them either, Lorrie, just saw it on the news and used Mr Google. A pale pink gown is always a winner, and I love the train on this one.

  3. Such glam gowns, Patricia. I do love your beautiful border scenery, though. You might have restrictions in place, but your heart knows no boundaries and those mountains would make mine soar. Gorgeous!

    1. I only choose the gowns which have some glam or elegance, and ignore all the ones which show waaaay too much skin, lol. Those mountains are really beautiful on a clear day. Unfortunately there were bush fires around, which makes it difficult to get good photos. Looking across at them is one of my favourite views. I am not a climber but my brothers have climbed the last one.

    2. Your brothers deserve respect! That's quite a climb, Patricia! I'm sorry about the fires, though. I hope they've managed to contain them!

  4. I love the green gown also despite not being able to wear the color myself. I'd order it in sapphire blue or neon pink!

    I get sad when familiar buildings are torn down. Hard to imagine that one day a vibrate house will get old and in such disrepair that it will be demolished.:(

    1. Oh yes, those colours would be excellent in this style. What a classic dress it is. Like you, I think it sad when old buildings come down. It was more of a shock because when we sold the house after Dad's passing, the new owner renovated it, adding some new features, and it has looked quite smart the past few years. Sadly, it seems the value of the land was worth more than the property in the end.

  5. Hold on to your memories Patricia. I made myself a rule that I would never go back after I drove past a much loved home that we had left 10 years previously for an adventure… spending 3 years living in Oxford. The house was very run down and I shed a few tears and vowed never to go back.
    We have just about unpacked the last of 90 plus boxes in our new forever home in Upper Kedron. We were so lucky to find our perfect home complete with a piece of bush complete with bandicoots!!
    I picked the green dress too. It is beautiful so elegant. It’s interesting we have binge watched The Durrells and I noticed that Louisa Durrells wardrobe wouldn’t look out of date today … wide legged trousers, cut out sleeves on dresses, high waisted and slim skirts that brush the calves. Wonderful how it all comes back around. Cheers Lindsey.

    1. Yes, we always have the memories. I have made a point of not going back to the house we Red Cardinals left in 2004 - not good to see what others do to your home. Well done with the unpacking - 90 boxes is a lot, and I imagine we would have the same. I just checked the location of Upper Kedron. It sounds wonderful with a piece of bush and wildlife, a bit like where we are. I go over the Gap Creek Road and Settlement Road quite frequently for various reasons, not far from there. I have not watched the Durrells, but now I know I must. Those fashions are worthy of a return. Another vote for the green dress, excellent!

  6. Hi Trish!
    I watched the emmys too and loved the fashions. Lots of power colors on power women! ❤️
    I'm so sorry you still have been unable to see the twins - but birthday blessings wished to them!
    What a shock that must have been about your childhood home. You're right about it being crazy times in general. I feel anything is possible these days. Good or bad. Biggest hugs though, as I know it's still like a loss. Your memories can never be taken though. 🙏
    Blessings on the rest of your week. xo

    1. Thank you for your kind wishes for the boys' birthday, Carrie. They got little red cars to ride in, so cute. Those power colours were stunning - so nice to see. Our memories are so precious, aren't they - I think back to good times with my family whenever I am feeling low :) xo

  7. Another lovely post darling! I can only imagine what a shock that must to have been, not seeing your family home ... especially these days!

    Beautiful dresses you highlighted my dear!

    Sending you big hugs from Southern California! XOXO

    1. Thank you dear Tamera. Yes, a shock about the old home, and how wonderful that we have the power of our memories to draw on. I'm sure you enjoyed the Emmy dresses too. Big hugs back from Down Under XOXO

  8. I'm with you - the green dress is classy and she wears it very well. Sorry you had to go through this shock, I can imagine how difficult this must have been.

    1. Hi there Amalia, glad you like the green dress. Today I bought three metres of green linen, to make my own version. Hopefully, there will be a chance to wear it some day! xo