Monday, April 6, 2020


Good morning friends across the world..

On Palm Sunday, our neighbourhood joined in placing palms outside our properties at 7.00am.
A beautiful statement for morning walkers...

We are so grateful we live in a kind and caring community.

A cheerful note was popped in the box by a little girl who lives nearby:

What a sweetheart..

Here I am in one of my masks, off to a local organic market for a few essential food items.  
I know, I used to have dark hair.
But six months ago I turned allergic to hair tint (and a few other things), so here I am, going to the grey side...

To be honest, I quite like it, and after about 40 years of monthly visits to the hair salon, I am enjoying a new kind of freedom...

And saving money.....

All gyms are closed, including the free equipment out in the park.
My trainer and I had a Facetime session putting together a programme I can use to exercise at home using our own facilities - chairs, balustrade, old weights...
It is so important to keep fit and keep moving when not going out for one's normal activities..

Our personal Festival of Beethoven has come to an abrupt halt, concerts being cancelled and a proposed trip to Melbourne for Symphony No. 6 now also cancelled.

Undaunted, we have deemed Saturday night to be Date Night with Concerts at Home.  We dressed up, one of us wore makeup, and with glasses of wine and a good cheese watched the Melbourne Symphony orchestra perform Beethoven's Symphony No. 7..

Notice the social distancing of the performers..

I am enjoying reading everyone's blogs, especially about how you are filling your days in our new reality.

Many are sewing, as I am.
Out come the unfinished projects, one by one.
I am making a shirt which had been intended for our trip to Canada last year.
It will be here ready for next time.

A Christmas quilt which did not appear last Christmas, has a much better chance this year.

When the National Shortage of Elastic is averted, there will be more masks - to use and to give away.

Slowly, painstakingly, I am re-learning how to paint..

Lessons have of course ceased for now, but I am looking at videos, online tutorials, etc.

This was fun to do, although my architecture would probably fall over in real life..

We have had our first grocery delivery from Woolworths, and await the second one.  It is a bit time-consuming and in great demand, so patience is required.  But I think it is a safer option than spending time in the supermarkets.

As Australia tries to flatten the curve..

All the best to you my friends.

Take care



  1. A lovely post, Patricia. Your idea for Palm Sunday was very moving, and I love your way of dealing with the cancelled concerts. Welcome to the grey club! It’s quite liberating when you get used to it, isn’t it? We still go to the supermarket here as deliveries are so much in demand, but everyone is being careful now, and I take wipes with me and wash everything when I get home. The trouble is there are risks with every method, so we can only take the best precautions possible. Stay safe!

    1. Yes, the grey club is liberating. I may also join the long hair brigade! I wash everything when it is delivered too, as you do not know under what conditions it was packed. Wipes have been unavailable here for about a month, in stores on online, so that is a problem. I still have a few left, but as you say, there are risks whatever we do. It can all be a bit unnerving! be well..

  2. It is probably quite fortuitous that you have let your natural colour show Patricia, as it is quite possible that you wont be visiting your hairdresser for some time.
    I tend to think, though not always, that your actual hair colour usually compliments your natural skin tones.
    The little picture through the door is such a sweet gift - things like that really lift the spirits.

    1. Dear Rosemary, I think you are right, the allergies came at a very suitable time. And in fact I may well be joining the long hair ladies as well because my hairdresser has already closed, indefinitely. At first I went to the Clarins consultant because I no longer thought my makeup was the correct colour, but she said it was fine, it was just a matter of becoming used to the new hair colour. Take care and be safe.

  3. I love the painting. I've grown out my hair too. The timing could not be better as I'm almost 2 years into the process so I'm not missing my hairdresser. (It's long so I can get away with infrequent haircuts too.) I love the palm idea. So lovely. People are going out of their way to be neighbourly. Take care and stay safe. Xx

    1. Glad you like my painting, Jen. Good to hear you are two years into the process and going well. I am quite interested in the long hair idea too, and may not go back to my hairdresser after the lockdown. The palms were lovely, such a nice idea by our next door neighbour. xx

  4. I do like your lovely grey hair, its more silvery I think. I haven't used hair colour for quite a few months now and wish my natural colour was silver, but I'm salt & pepper and I remember my mother being the same, just have to take what you are given.
    I am doing a lot of cleaning these days, thorough cleaning not just a quick wipe over, and more baking but trying not to do too much as we will eat all that I bake and not good for the waistline. I have done some for my daughter as she is a front line worker so is very busy and the grandchildren enjoy the snacks now that they are home from school. I also love to paint watercolour and have tried to spend a few hours each day painting. I love yours, keep it up as it is very relaxing, Stay safe and well.

    1. Hi Rosie, I think my hair would have been salt and pepper for a long time if I had not kept up the tinting for so long. As it is, that is behind me and yes, apart from a few remaining streaks of dark brown, the hair is a sort of silver/white colour.
      Baking has become a tempting occupation for me too, one I am trying to resist because they two of us do need to watch the calories. So nice to hear your also paint watercolour, so relaxing indeed. Be safe.

  5. I love that baton change pic - apt.

    1. Isn't it a brilliant pic? Hard to believe we have gone from one crisis to another so quickly my head is still spinning. Are you up for a isolation phone chat after Easter? Happy hibernating..

    2. Phone anytime. I am always home!

  6. Hello Dearest Trish!
    I gotta say I love the gray! You're one of those fortunate ones that look lovely with gray hair. I pray I will as well one day. Lol ๐Ÿ˜‰ It's so nice to hear you're doing ok. Poor Australia has been hit with so much - it's time for a break!
    I love the Saturday date nights. We did something similar last weekend and the kiddos and I had a night out at the movies in our media room. I made popcorn and snacks and we found something we could all agree on to watch. Lots of laughing. I think creating those normal moments really helps.
    And rock on with the painting! Your talents never end!! Stay healthy and safe. Blessings on the rest of your week. ๐Ÿ™

  7. PS: Oh and I loved the palm Sunday idea and the sweet pic from your neighbor girl. So precious! It's going to be an interesting Holy week here. But I feel blessed to have my local priest posting from our church online for us parishoners. We just keep adapting. ❤️

    1. In Australia all the churches are doing the same, posting online and doing lifestream from cathedrals etc. We do adapt, fascinating to see.

  8. We've been isolating at home for over a month. It is a very strange world we find ourselves in. The drawing from a neighbor child is precious. Hope you continue with the painting and show us more of your work.