Monday, November 20, 2017


Hello there

and Happy Anniversary to HM the Queen and Prince Phillip, who were married 70 years ago todayAged just 21, she was a picture in that beautiful lace, embroidered gown and veil.

Thinking of our visit to London in 2016, where we saw the Exhibition of her gowns, including the wedding dress.

It was exquisite:

Google image
Photography was forbidden inside the Palace, but this image is exactly what I saw.  The dress has darkened with age, but the embroidery is wonderful to see.
And I loved her satin slippers.

Still together after 70 years.
What a wonderful achievement for any couple.

And speaking of celebrations...
The small boy formerly known as the Little Bebe has turned Five.
Yes, my youngest grandson is definitely a Big Boy now.

Like all good Canadian boys, he is already learning to play ice hockey, and speaks fluent English and French.

Happy Birthday Young Man!

In a rare moment, the Cardinals went to a Charity Ball.
No longer having a 'gown', I wore my blue caftan...
and added my Queen's copy wattle brooch for a spot of sparkle.
It seemed to work.

Especially as the theme was 'Nautical'

Been years since I had a vodka drink, and thank goodness it was mainly lemonade...

Cute dessert featuring bright blue jelly.
And a pansy.

Do you watch Selling Houses Australia?
or its forerunners from the UK, Selling Houses and Selling Houses Abroad?

If not, turn away now, because this will be very boring.

The host Andrew Winter now lives in Australia, in fact at the Gold Coast, south of Brisbane.  And as well as his several TV shows, he does the speaker's circuit.

He is really very nice, and exactly the same in reality as he is in the show.
And he does a highly entertaining version of his career which had the audience rapt for over an hour.

No, I did not ask for an autograph.  Those days are gone...

Going well with your Christmas prep?

Fun combining it with travel plans, is it not?

Happy week



  1. Hi Patricia,yes the royal family have a lot to celebrate,70 years is an awesome effort. Happy birthday to your little man,they grow up so quick don't they.
    Oh you look lovely in your pretty blue caftan xx

    1. Thank you. So many royal celebrations, I wonder how they will ever manage to fit in a wedding for Harry, lol. It seems he has been waiting for ages.
      Love my blue caftan.xx

  2. 70 years is still quite unusual - when I was a child I remember my paternal grandparents celebrating 50 years of marriage - it was featured in the local newspaper as it was considered uncommon, but not now.
    Happy Birthday to the Big Boy, that birthday cake looks particularly delicious especially with all of those chocolate bars surrounding it.

    1. Yes, fifty years marriage did seem exceptional back in the day. I even remember hearing people congratulated on the radio - it was newsworthy! Now 70 is the new 50 perhaps.
      My daughter loves making those cakes, and I thought the chocolate a stroke of genius with about 8 or more little boys running about at his party. So easy to pass around.

  3. Impressed that the Queen and Prince Philip are celebrating their 70th...what an accomplishment.
    Your caftan looks lovely and it looks like you enjoyed a fun event.
    Congratulations to the 5 year that hockey cake!
    Are you counting the days until you visit him?

    1. An accomplishment indeed, and wonderful they are both able to pose for those lovely photos.
      Thank you re the caftan - it does come in handy.
      Yes, counting the days now rather than weeks. Lots to fit in before we leave, but sooooon....

  4. I love your caftan, Patricia! And how lovely your hair looks, so thick and healthy! The images of the queen are super. 70 years is an amazing amount of time to be together, isn't it?

    1. Aw, Val, thank you. My hair was always very thick and now I am older and it has actually thinned out a bit it is much easier to look after. 70 years must still be quite rare, and it probably helps that girls married young in those days. In Australia at least, most brides seem to be around 30 or more today. I love that The Queen and Prince are both still standing and active, enjoying life.

  5. Happy Birthday to your grandson, Patricia. Five years is a special one. How wonderful that he is fluent in English and French. It sounds like you had a fun night out at the charity ball. Your dress is elegant and so pretty. I love that picture of the hot chocolate in the yellow cup with the swirl of flower. It look like marshmallows. Oh Yes, this wedding train is grand, isn't it?

    It is our Thanksgiving on Thursday, and I'm so thankful for your friendship through the years, Patricia.

    love, ~Sheri

    1. Hello Sheri, I wondered when Thanksgiving will be, and I am thankful for yours, and all bloggie friendships too. It is the nicest bit of blogging.
      Thank you re my dress, it always attracts comments because of the deep blue colour. The Queen had both a train and a veil for her wedding, and the grand part is the train, and fantastically beautiful it is too. The veil was shorter, just the length of the dress I think. Happy Thanksgiving!

  6. Hi Trish! Catching up a bit finally. I was catching up on your other recent posts too. ;)

    What an awesome accomplishment for their royal highnesses on 70 years. That is definitely something to celebrate!

    And I love your blue gown - you looked gorgeous! And your grandson is so cute!! And a little Dude right after my own heart with his hockey and his French (well he is practically a neighbor after all) Lol

    I'm getting excited for the holidays and loving all things Christmas - so love seeing those photos as well.

    Wishing you a blessed week ahead. xoxo

    1. Hi Carrie, Yes, the little Canadians are your neighbours, much closer than I am! I can't wait to see the little Dude in his hockey gear - they only started recently. Thank you re my blue dress, which is a real stalwart in my limited party dress wardrobe! Blessings Carrie xox

  7. Such gorgeous lace in that wedding dress. You looked beautiful Trish. Happy big boy birthday to your boy. Love all those pretty decs of yours xx

    1. Thank you Michelle,I enjoyed going to a Ball. It has been a while. Glad you like the lacy snowflakes!

  8. Hi Trish,

    Happy Birthday Little Canadian babe! I see his mother made him another clever cake.

    I love your gown. What fun to attend a gala.

    I've been reading articles in celebration of the 70th anniversary of the Queen and her Prince. Americas are undying Anglophiles.

    The Christmas decorations have gone up in NYC, but not at home yet. I tend to delay taking them out until about the middle of December. But I can easily get into the spirit by walking about town, which I love to do all during the Christmas season and New Year's. A fun time to visit Manhattan too.

    Your wattle brooch was such a great addition ... many reasons to wear it!

    1. Hi Debbie, I can imagine you walking around Manhattan, looking at all the Christmas gorgeousness, just like in the movies....sigh!
      The Anglophiles will be excited if Prince Harry gets engaged to Meghan Markle - I hear whispers that it is imminent - love a Royal wedding :)

  9. Yes, 70 years is grand amount...probably helps that they are both healthy and have had a lot of meaning in their life. It helps. And a five year old - they grow up quickly. I think your caftan looks very elegant for a water theme ball.

    1. Yes, good health is wonderful for people in their 90s, and they seem very bright mentally.
      As soon as I saw the water theme, I thought the same: why look for an alternative?

  10. You look lovely in your blue caftan. It must have made you feel quite elegant while still being comfortable. I think the Queen and her Prince are a great couple. Probably the last of their sort.

    1. Thank you Darla. Yes, the Queen and Prince do belong to another age, and were lucky to have chosen young and still care for each other. Love the way she looks at and interacts with him.

  11. You look lovely in your blue caftan. It must have made you feel quite elegant while still being comfortable. I think the Queen and her Prince are a great couple. Probably the last of their sort.

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