Monday, July 31, 2017



I found the perfect bird lovers clothes pegs at K Mart.
They are fairly clumsy, but for $2 a bag, I could not resist.
Don't you love our crisp blue Winter skies?

We are having unseasonally high maximum temps for the middle of Winter...
24-26c, even - but it is near freezing just before Dawn, when we love our electric blanket.

Layering is the secret of the Queensland Winter wardrobe.

Across in Canada, our two little grandsons are enjoying the Summer holidays.

Small boy goes strawberry picking.  
Only one in the basket, I see.

Winter brings the Australian Golden Wattle into bloom...
I pass this tree on my daily walk:

Which seems reason enough for another showing of my Wattle Brooch, copy of the one presented by Australia to the Queen, back in the 1950s.
I notice H.M. wore it when meeting our Prime Minister at Buckingham Palace recently.

Also noticed that Canada presented a Snow-flake brooch to the Queen, to celebrate Canada's 150 Birthday this year.

I wonder if they sell replicas of it in Canada...

Countdown time - we are off to Canada this year for Christmas!
I can't wait to see those two cute little boys again.

The new garden steps are finished, and so much easier to run up and down.
The previous ones were very steep.

It will take a while for the garden to regenerate, but it should be good in a month or three...

A celebratory barbeque to show the steps to family.

Little Aussie was here - not so little anymore, is he?

Mr C loves the new handrail down to the pool, and the three new bollard lights.
And we have another garden to regenerate...

Mr C is now able to go to the movies again - he was warned by his therapists after the knee replacement because the prolonged sitting is painful in the early stages.

We saw 'Dunkirk' and thought it brilliant.
We grew up hearing of the 1940 Dunkirk evacuation, and the heroism of the English people crossing the Channel in their small boats to rescue the trapped Allied forces on the beach at Dunkirk, France.

There are a series of sub-plots, but the overall effect of the cinematography made us feel we were there in the middle of it, in real time.
Definitely worth a look if you have an interest in history.

I've been shopping at Ladychatterleysaffair again...
It was the red bug brooch that enticed me -
and the napkins..

Be safe..
and have a beautiful week




  1. We are off to see Dunkirk tomorrow.
    I wonder what happened to the missing strawberries, one the the basket and three in the mouth perhaps!
    You must be delighted with your steps they look great.
    I am having a revamp of the kitchen done in a couple of weeks - I am already looking foward to the day that they leave.

  2. I think Dunkirk will be particularly meaningful for you Rosemary, the events being so close to where you live.
    Our last tradesman left yesterday, and it certainly is good to see the end of them! Good luck with the kitchen, and I hope all goes smoothly. I was going to include the kitchen in our latest work list, but didn't have the stamina. It probably won't happen until after Canada.

  3. My 97 year old father was at Dunkirk. He lived on the beach for 3 days dodging bombs his battalion had scattered as they marched for Dunkirk from the Belgian border. Finally while the last of the rescue boats were being loaded he and another soldier picked up the stretcher of a wounded man and took him aboard. The boat was a paddle steamer called the Daffodil which took pleasure trips out from Blackpool in summer. He was one of the last to leave the beach before the Germans made it over the ridge. He was a medic and carried no arms. I feel so proud of him I guess there wouldn't be too many left now who were there.

    1. What a wonderful story you have to tell. It is just wonderful that your father is still with us at 97, having survived against all those awful odds back in 1940. I am sure you are so proud of him, one of the last survivors of Dunkirk. And I bet he always liked daffodils too :)

  4. My grandfather - whose photo I can see from my desk! - was at Dunkirk, but I don't think I could see the film as it would upset me too much. The new brooch the Queen received from Canada is beautiful, I hope you can find one, how fabulous would that be!! Would you like the book I reviewed about the Queen? I would be happy to send it to you. Let me know!

    1. Dear Amy, you must be proud of your grandather, one of the heros of Dunkirk. I am very interested in your book about the Queen, and would be honoured if you were prepared to send it to Australia. I will email you. xx

  5. Hasn't the weather been odd - we have had so many cold nights this year. And lovely days at the moment. Wattle is very pretty, but my immune system does not welcome it! Dunkirk is getting amazing reviews, and apparently the "feel like you are in it" cinematography is brilliant. Not sure I would like that, but these men lived it...

    1. Odd weather indeed, and the same here. Freezing mornings, followed by warm and lovely days. Lots of layering involved. A little wattle goes a long way with me too - always have a Fess saline spray on hand. Dunkirk has a high level of tension, but it is not gruesome (I can't stand those movies!), just very tense. The music plays a big part in it.

  6. Oh how lovely to stop by here, Trish. The beauty of nature, family updates and history -- often about events I know nothing about!

    Brisbane is much more beautiful than Manhattan is in winter. You still have flowers and colorful birds. The birds go South here [Do you have them? Check your yard:)] and the grounds are barren.

    Count me in for a winter barbacue.

    Stay warm my friend!

    1. Our Winter is certainly mild, apart from the frosty mornings. It is the best time for flowers and outdoor picnics. Summer is far too hot. It would be fun to think some birds from North America fly here, but I tend to doubt it. The Pacific is too wide for them to fly over! However we have migratory birds come south from China and other Asian countries. I always wonder how they know where to go :)

  7. The clothesline birds are so cute, Patricia. I love those red flowers, the color is stunning. Yes, little Aussie is getting to be a big boy. I didn't realize you were going to Canada for Christmas. That will be a nice trip to see the boys. Your Wattle brooch is beautiful.

    Happy August! We are in the thick of summer, and it's very hot here - almost too hot.

    love, ~Sheri

    1. Those clothesline birds are just mad enough to be cute and appealing :)
      Yes, we have another trip in the planning stage. Time to think about gifts to take, suitable clothing for snow wear, and so on. Hi from the Wattle Brooch!

  8. So glad to hear of Mr C's continued improvement and still loving your new strps. Knowing Queensland the garden will regenerate in no time. Ps Wouldn't you love to be able to raid the Queen's jewellery drawer snd say 'can I borrow this Gran? ;)

    1. Thank you Val - onward with the gardening!
      Notice that Duchess Catherine has been appearing with a few of the Queen's gems lately - two rather fabulous pearl brooches when she went to Belgium. Must be fun indeed :)

  9. Your steps and yard are looking great. I'm glad to hear you are going to Canada again. It is so hard to go without seeing those little ones. We've had a busy summer but I think I see some "clear space" ahead.

    1. Welcome back to blogland Darla. We are very pleased with the steps etc. and even the laundry has been refreshed. Every day now I look forward to our Canada trip; soon I will be counting weeks, then days. The boys are not so interested in Skype these days, so I am aching to see them. Enjoy the Summer.

  10. The little clothes pegs are darling.

  11. Hello Pat! Haven't been on the blog much this summer, but thank you for stopping by and your kind comments :)
    Your new steps look wonderful, and it must make things so much easier for getting down your steep garden. The new railing looks very stylish too! I didn't know Canada gave the Queen a snowflake brooch ... but I get all my royal news from you ha ha! It would be great if there were replicas for sale, although it looks rather large for anything I would wear. Glad to hear you have a trip planned to come to Canada! Every time I see a red cardinal figurine or whatnot for sale, I think of you! I saw some really nice china cardinals for sale in Algonquin park this past week. We've had such a wet summer so far, but this week has been sunny (at long last!). Enjoy your upcoming weekend.
    Wendy xox

    1. Always a pleasure to read your blog, Wendy!
      We are so happy with our home improvements, who would have thought :) Yes we plan to have Christmas in Canada this year, all being well. Perhaps I will have the joy of seeing a real red cardinal against the snow, which would be awesome. That is sweet that you think of me when you see them about; I have quite a collection of them too, as you can imagine, many of them Christmas ornaments. Funny weather here, supposed to be Winter but two days of high Summer temperature this week. Thank goodness sensible cool winds have now arrived. Happy Days xx