Monday, July 10, 2017


We love it when the Red Cardinal garden celebrates Iris Season...

This year, however, it will be a short event.
They have been growing adjacent to an old wooden staircase in the garden, and it is about to be re-built.

Yesterday I had to dig up most of the iris -
 to protect them from earth moving equipment, men with tools, and possibly concrete spills.

Their remains are now divided and waiting in a couple of big pots for a re-plant in a week or two.

Weekend sunrise - and morning temps down to a brisk 2C around here..

Lorikeets send a cheerful greeting..

They will not like it when the workmen arrive, invading 'their' territory...

I have been to my sewing group - Note: This is not my work, but that of a very talented friend.  It became a ring cushion at a Wedding.

Can't claim credit for these either - I was stitching a secret project..

Meantime, Britain's Royal Ballet have been paying Brisbane a visit.
I went with my friend A to see 'Woolf Works'.
We are both fans of Virginia Woolf, and enjoyed this so very much.

Google Image - 'Virginia Woolf'
The ballet is a triptych, based around three Woolf novels, Mrs Dalloway, Orlando and The Waves as well as aspects of Woolf's own life.

The dancers portraying Mrs Dalloway, both young and older, were costumed to look very like Woolf herself...

It was mesmerising, especially to those familiar with the novels and the Bloomsbury set.


'The Waves'
Google image

I was soon thinking about my visit to Woolf's country home, 'Monk's House' in Rodmell, East Sussex, in 2004.  I loved her green interior so much.

At the end of the garden is her little writing lodge, preserved to this day.

Vanessa Bell 'Portrait of Virginia Woolf' 1912
Virginia Woolf's sister Vanessa Bell painted this portrait.

Stay warm, and have a great week.



  1. That is very interesting about the ballet you have just watched Patricia - I was reading about it over the weekend. You have done more than me, I have been to Charleston Farmhouse, but not Rodmell but it might be on the cards soon.
    Good luck with the workmen - last week I had a new shower fitted - now all is cleaned up, repainted etc, and I am glad it is done, but I simply hate having men here doing jobs.

    1. I do hope you get to Rodmell, Rosemary. It is so evocative. We also went to Charleston on the same day, and I loved it too, of course. I might write a post about it some time.
      As well as the garden steps, we are having our laundry refitted - which will incur much the same as your shower. And like you, I hate having tradesmen here, in the house, most unsettling! Such a relief when all is satisfactorily completed.

  2. Glad you enjoyed the ballet! Hope all goes well with the workmen and that it will all soon be done and wonderful!

    1. Thank you Amy. The ballet was such a good experience, on so many different levels. Fingers crossed for fine weather and the work completed efficiently. Always nice when things are repaired/restored.

  3. Trish, what a sight for beauty on your current blog. I love the vivid color of the iris! And the bird as lovely as the flowers you post. The rest of the photos are ooo and ahh worthy also!!!

    I go to the New York City Ballet quite often in a season and would love to see the Royal Ballet too. One of my (and many people's) favorite choreographer's, Christopher Wheeldon, began his life as a Royal Ballet corp member rising to soloist. I'm sure you would love his dances too as they are always beautiful and original.

    Since you went back in time to feature Virginia Woolf, I will reveal that tonight at midnight, I will publish a blog on a Victorian subject, so going back in time, myself. (How are we doing so in the same week?) It is finished, but I need read it over a few times since with a real person, I like to fact check details I say for correctness. I don't want to write fiction about someone in history if I can help it.:)

    Stay warm my friend!

    1. Lovely to know you go to the New York City Ballet - they are so famous too. I would definitely enjoy the work of Christopher Wheeldon.
      I just read your fabulous blog about Princess Alice, and enjoyed it immensely. It is a great read!

  4. Ha ha, stay warm! It's 90 today! I have not been to that house in East Sussex but my in laws have, they loved it too!

    1. Glad to hear your in-laws have been to Monk's House - a must if you are a fan of the Bloomsbury group. I also enjoyed Charleston, the home of Vanessa Bell.

  5. Oh, that's too bad that you had to dig up most of the Iris. They are such a pretty color. Those Lorikeets are amazing birds, and I can't believe they just come around your neck of the woods so beautiful, so colorful. We do not see birds like that here. I'm always fascinated when you show pictures of them. What a nice ballet you got to see with your friend. And a charming country home. I've never seen that much green inside a house before.

    Happy July days, Patricia.

    love, ~Sheri

    1. I know Sheri, I hate to disturb good plants. However they are hardy, and should be established again to flower next year. The lorikeets send their regards :)

  6. My irises haven't done well for the past couple of years. I wonder if I need to dig them up and separate the tubers. I love seeing lorikeets and other exotic-to-me birds in your posts! Just beautiful and so interesting. They're smart birds. The ballet and home look wonderful, very nice opportunities to see them. I hope you stay warm!

    1. Our irises were the same Jennifer, and it will probably do them good to have been dug up. Some of the tubers were huge, and I cut them right back. I think you would like that ballet, a great combination of literature and dance!

  7. Oh, lucky you! I've been wanting to see this ballet. I adore everything about Virginia Wolfe and her talented sister.

  8. I hope you do see the ballet some day Amalia - it is wonderful to see the blend of Woolfe's life and her characters. Vanessa's children even come into it. xx