Monday, May 2, 2016


It has been raining a little hereabouts, much to the delight of the local cockatoos...

Meantime, I have been working on my Flu Recovery -
it takes time.  
I am unable to take the popular Cold Tablets as they affect other medical issues,
and had to deal with my flu the old-fashioned way:
Rest, fluids especially herbal tea, Vicks cough drops, fresh fruit, rest, one Panadol per day, rest...

I cancelled most of my normal activities, and for two weeks only ventured out for a short while to re-supply the larder or grab a coffee with Mr C.

On Day 14 precisely, the malaise lifted.  Halleluia!

I feel very out of touch with my normal life - missed my Art Gallery, my Ladies Choir, my Church, etc etc.
Time now to get back into action...

This is how the pool looks, with its new vinyl liner.  I know, BLUE!
It looks OK when the sun shines brightly, which is 99.5% of the time here..

Let's hope for no more cracks.  Ever.

My lovely friend M gave me this delicate little tea set, with a great selection of unusual teas to try.
And just look at that gorgeous green porcelain spoon.
Here's a close-up:

Thank you dear M - I love it.....

While I was lying about moaning, Qantas Airways emailed to say they would take back my Frequent Flyer points if I did not use them.
They gave me ten days.
Things are tough out there in loyalty programmes, apparently.

Anyhoo, not having any flights that needed immediate purchase, I went shopping in their point-devouring online store.
And now we have a smart new, shiny, red, coffee machine.

And no idea how to use it.

When we have a couple of hours spare, we will unpack all the other little bits, and try to interpret the booklet which no doubt was originally written in Outer Mongolian at the very least.  Then we will have a coffee party.

It is a bit late to mention it, but last week our nation observed Anzac Day, our day of remembrance for the service people who have fought for our country in many wars.  I made Anzac Biscuits, because it is un-Australian not to do so, and a yoghurt/berry cake - because we had company.

Rosemary for Remembrance.
Lest we Forget.

We visited my father yesterday.  He spoke a bit but would not open his eyes, and did not want to go for a drive. 
 We pushed him around the garden in the wheelchair, where I saw this spider web covered in raindrops.

Princess Charlotte of Cambridge, turning one this week.
What a little cutie.  

Have a great week, and avoid the Flu...



  1. Oh Patricia you poor girl - those bugs are so nasty.
    I'm so glad to hear you say you have turned the corner and ready to face the world again!
    I'm still debating whether to have the flu jab. My husband had it a few years ago and had the worst flu bout ever.... it makes me wonder.

    It must be hard visiting your father - I just know how much he must look forward to your visits. Hard for you I know.

    Take care

    1. Ah, the flu jab. I had it exactly one week before my flu set in. At first I thought it was the slight flu I often have from the jab, but it was the whole routine. I will try to get my jab earlier next year.
      It is becoming disheartening visiting my father - he was always so appreciative, but lately you get very little from him. However, we believe it is important to continue to give him family time every week.

  2. It's thundering here right now as I type. Lovely pictures to start off my morning.

    1. Hope you received lots of lovely rain Linda Kay. We had nice rain overnight too.

  3. So happy you're over the flu, Tricia! The worst illness ever. It feels like a truck hit you. Lovely flowers as always, and I love the tea-set and blue porcelain vase and box.

    Years ago, I lost my US Air frequent flyer miles after making a dress buy to keep them. They keep pesting you to book a trip. I was one flight away from getting my free trip, but had nowhere to fly at the time, so needless to say, all my rewards points evaporated, which didn't endear me to the airline. Reward points are earned (not easily) and shouldn't be taken away, IMO. The nerve.

    1. Flu does do that to you! Not as bad as some things that I've had, though. I would be most indignant to lose points that way, the nerve, indeed. The short notice they gave did not impress me either. These points were accrued barely two years ago; in the past I could save them for years and years until I got a free trip, but those days are over, it would appear.

  4. Dear Patricia - I am sorry to hear that you have been suffering from the flue for two weeks, but glad to learn that you are now, hopefully, out of the woods.
    Charlotte does look a sweet little girl, just where has that year gone to?
    Your coffee maker does looks rather like something out of the space-age, but I am sure that you will soon get to grips with it.

    1. Just a grumble in the throat left now, Rosemary. I do think taking time out is the best way, rather than the 'soldier on' which many do these days.
      We have seen few pictures of Charlotte so it did come as a surprise that she is up and walking already!

  5. You have been sick a couple of times this year...
    Hopefully you are out of the woods now...
    Your Rose pictures are that snappy teapot! And...the...uh...coffemaker? Sexy!!
    Isn't that wee girl a cute!!
    Enjoy your week...and stay well!
    Linda :o)

    1. Yes, a few things going on Linda in the illness department. One of our children has a serious illness just now. That coffee maker is so funny, sitting there looking glam while we circle around it wondering if we dare.....
      Off to gym, trying to be healthy :)

    2. So sorry to hear that Patricia...good wishes to you and your family♥️

  6. Too late for me to avoid the flu, but I am mostly recovered now, two weeks after the onset. It really hit me hard and it sounds like it did you too. I hope you're all better soon, Patricia.

    1. Two weeks for you too - nasty little flu bug, it is. You also have been hit hard. It has made me surprisingly weak when I went back to the gym. Better days ahead for us both :)

  7. Oh, your dear must be hard to see him like that, Patricia. But you're there for him, and that's so special. The spider web pic with the raindrops is so pretty. There's something about a spider web and its beauty, isn't there? The yogurt berry cake looks moist and Yummy.

    Get well, my dear friend. That nasty flu can sometimes last for a long time.

    love, ~Sheri

    1. Dear Sheri, sometimes it is difficult to know how to feel when we see my father. How strange is that...
      We do know that it is important to go, no matter what we find. Somehow the spider web seemed to bless us with hope - nature in its delicate beauty.
      Yes, the berry cake is extremely Yummy, and must not be made too often :))

  8. Two weeks of feeling poorly must have taken its toll on you! Take it slowly as you ease back into things. Your new coffee maker is so jazzy looking! I have one bright red appliance (my hand-held mixer). My son was with me when I bought it. Apparently my white appliances are too boring for him ;)
    The spider web looks like jewels sparkling on a length of veil. Beautiful! Enjoy your week,

    1. Trying to take it a bit slower Wendy, but you know how life gets in the way! The red machine certainly dominates our kitchen, where most things are white. Our son was very impressed with it. And yes, the spider web did look like a veil - so clever of you Wendy.

  9. I am glad you are on the mend- make sure you ease back into things so that you do not get too tired. People often get a post viral fatigue. Sorry to hear about your father, yes, disheartening, but you are doing the right thing. Imagine what you would think of yourself if you did not visit - even worse...sometimes we have to do these things because it is right. And who knows what he is still taking in.

    Is it my imagination or does Charlotte look a little like her grandmother?

    1. Hello Sarah Liz, yes, I must take care. I had forgotten that post viral fatigue, which I have occasionally had so early to bed tonight! You are absolutely right about my father. I talked with my sister about why we go, and we agree, it is the right thing no matter what happens when we are there. He takes in more than we think, and surprises us with sudden comments. Yes, little Charlotte has a strong family resemblance - it will be fun to watch her grow, won't it?

  10. Glad to hear you are on the mend Trish. I did enjoy our raindrops too. Love your gifted tea things and the spoon is lovely. Watching your Dad's increasing fraility must be very hard for you. Take care xxx

    1. Hi Michelle, a fellow nature-lover, you would love the pretty spiderweb. It is strange dealing with my father, and sometimes confused is the only emotion I have! take care too xxx

  11. I hope that you are all totally recovered very soon!

    1. Thank you Amy. Trying to get back into the usual busy routine :)

  12. I'm glad you are better, Patricia! Your reading material looks very glamorous. What fun to be a gallery guide! Keep well and look after yourself!