Wednesday, May 25, 2016



I think it's time I took you on another trip to the GoMA...

Pinaree Sanpitak, Thailand, Womanly Bodies, 1998
Thai artist Pinaree Sanpitak has been obsessed by the female form, ever since she gave birth to her only child.
'Womanly Bodies' [1998] is both monumental and extremely delicate in form.

The organically shaped tubes, slightly bigger than 'lifesize', evoke non-specific perceptions of the womanly body.

They are made from rattan and soo paper, sourced from the paper mulberry bush found in Northern Thailand.  Its beautiful natural colour and texture, in delicate fibres, is emphasised by lighting from within.
The effect is very dramatic and feminine.

Apart from the idea of the female form as a vessel, giving life, carrying you through life and ultimately to death, 
one can also sense a Western idea of femininity:  the paper looks to me like white lace or petticoats, a crinoline, or a lacy umbrella.  
It is quite translucent, which does not really show in photos.

When not on exhibition, the installation is kept in frozen storage to prevent deterioration of the delicate fibres from insect damage.
Currently on display at GoMA, Brisbane.

Due to my own neglect, and a long hot Summer wearing flimsy and non-supportive sandals and heels, my feet have decided to complain.
They are now banished into sturdy flat shoes and orthotics, for most of the day.
So what does a girl do?
Go out and buy a new, pearlised pair of Noats, that's what.

They look nice with this new jersey dress I conjured up (Simplicity 1168 for those who are interested.  It has a very nice two-piece sleeve).
And I can run around the vast art gallery very easily in my new Grannie shoes...

Last week I went with M to the Queensland Opera -
Madama Butterfly...

So beautiful, so poignant,
the music is wonderful....

We were reduced to tears by the tragic tale of doomed love...

Here is a 2008 recording of the exquisite love duet, with Renata Scotto and Placido Domingo.  I like this one even more than 'One Fine Day'...

I'm going to miss Michelle Obama, here stunning in cream,

and Kate wore cream to yesterday's Garden Party at Buckingham Palace.
But first, look at William's black silk top hat - I'd love to see my sons wearing something like that...
Kate's lovely outfit is a repeat from George's Christening;
and I still like it very much.
Wear a peplum while you still have a waist, I say...

Some kind readers have asked about my father:
he is continuing to decline, and it is sad to watch.
Sometimes the old Dad reappears - last week I showed him a picture of the Little Bebe of Canadian fame, now a most incorrigible three year old.
Dad gave me a beautiful big smile - it made my day.

Cherish the moment



  1. loved your blog your collections of pics and writing

  2. I like the concept that Thai artist Pinaree Sanpitak uses of a woman's body being like a ‘vessel’ that carries us through conception, life and ultmately death.
    I have not seen Madam Butterfly for a good many years - such a moving opera to see.
    Next month I am off to the Conservatoire where one of my granddaughters is studying music. She is a soprano and giving a solo performance which I can't wait to see and hear.

    1. I think you might enjoy Sanpitak's work, which is quite thoughtful and has a lovely delicacy. Like you, had not seen Butterfly for a very long time, and enjoyed the modern production very much.
      How exciting to have a granddaughter at Conservatoire. I do hope you tell us what she sings, and of course, you will enjoy it so very much!

  3. I love the pattern on your new frock...and to think that you made it yourself! Impressive and I like those new Naots...I read somewhere that metallic is really "THE" shade in shoes.

    1. Thank you Hostess, I liked the fabric on sight, and kept trying to talk myself out of it as 'too floral'. But in the end it kept calling to me, and I am glad I bought some. It was relatively inexpensive so the dress only cost about $20. I am happy to know metallic is 'in' this year...

  4. Wonderful post with a great variety of creamy subjects. Interesting art of Pinaree Sanpitak, I think I should see it my self to understand it completely. Your new dress is a beauty, I like wearing such prints, and the pearly shoes are matching wonderful with the dress. So nice you show us Michelle Obama and Princess Kate in their cream dresses. I loved reading and watching the pictures.

    1. Thank you Janneke - lots of cream seemed to come onto the horizon this week. I am not sure I understand Sanpitak's art completely, but it certainly gives you plenty to think about. Maybe cream is in the ascendancy these days?

  5. I love all the cream so much Trish!! So pretty! Those flats look lovely and that dress is beautiful!! Yay you!! ;)

    I absolutely admire Michelle and Kate's style. Both so stunning!

    Continued prayers and hugs regarding your Dad. Blessings to you dear Friend from afar. xoxo

    1. Glad you enjoyed the creamy post Carrie. Maybe I'll wear my one and only cream outfit to the ballet this weekend. Poor Dad was very low today - prayers and hugs are appreciated, thank you. xox

  6. HI Patricia....
    Lovely creams...I laughed at "Granny Shoes"...I think they are cute!
    Good thoughts for your Dad ♥️
    Enjoy the rest of your week...we are HOT here!
    Linda :o)

    1. Hi Linda, Glad you think this grannie's shoes are cute - I have to get used to them. We had some grandson pics from Ottawa - summer shorts and shirts so I figured it must be very hot. That seemed sudden! Cheers

    2. Yes....Very sudden, and not done yet!
      The gardens have grown a foot in the last week!

  7. Your new dress is beautiful, Patricia. I like your new shoes too. I managed to wreck my feet two winters ago by wearing flimsy slippers in the house and have now reformed my ways. My feet have recovered, and I hope yours do too.

    1. Ah, you too Kristie. We must be careful of our feet - apparently they like good support. Otherwise we might not be able to go on our beloved rambles by creeks and up Teapot Hill! My feet are much better this week, thank you, but orthotics rule :)

  8. I love the variety in this post, Patricia. From marvellous paper art to cream outfits. I'm so sorry to hear about your dad. I remember it well when my father went into decline. It was so sad. Your new shoes are rather smart for 'granny shoes'. I hope they stay comfy!

    1. Ah, you know about the decline too. It is very hard to see, and I fear the end is very near. We are doing frequent visits now. It will be a very busy time for us, with a lot of business to take care of. My granny shoes will be busy!

  9. I really like the cream dresses that are worn by these two ladies. You know, many years ago, we took a family portrait, and we were all wearing cream colored sweaters and blue jeans. It turned out very nice and still admire it to this day.

    It's so hard seeing our parents' health go downhill. Enjoy your visits with your dad, Patricia, they are treasured moments.

    love, ~Sheri

    1. You know, I was never very interested in cream, but those designer frocks look wonderful, don't they. I can imagine how lovely your family portrait looks. We did a similar thing once with black and light blue. That photo hangs on our bedroom wall. Poor Dad no longer can speak to us; it is very sad. I will buy him some flowers tomorrow.

  10. Such interesting art pieces, I really liked them. Sorry to hear about your dad's health.

    1. Glad you enjoyed the art, and thank you for your kind wishes. My father passed away last night....I might be quiet for a while.. xx

  11. Oh no Patricia I am so sorry! Sending virtual hugs xx()()() Val

  12. Oh I was going to leave a comment but now I have read that your dear father has passed away. I am sorry for your loss. He must have been very proud of you, such a lovely artistic daughter!

  13. Oh I enjoyed the GoMA share, Tricia. I haven't seen anything like it here in the US.

    Cream is a lovely clothing color. I don't have anything cream.

    How fun that you should address supportive flats. I have been wearing these: They are more flattering with slacks then with a dress. Nonetheless, I sometimes pair them with a dress just because I want to be kind to my feet. I just ordered a 2nd pair to standby while I wear out the 1st pair. A $30 discount prompted the buy. At first I looked at orthotics (not wanting to spend so much), but the good and thin orthotics ran $30 - $55 dollars, so I thought I might as well just get another pair of the comfortable shoes. They are 100% tried and true comfortable. Done. I like that they are leather and not a man-made material, as more shoes are becoming.