Thursday, October 31, 2013


I once saw him described as a "Smarmy Git" by a (no-doubt jealous) print journalist ..

Kevin McLeod, of Grand Designs fame, was in town.
For one night only.

I admit nothing, but my friend S was keen to go, and I was more than happy to accompany....

much to Mr C's amusement:  

Mr C: "What will he do on stage"?

Me:  Does it matter?

As my friend N said, Maybe he will take off his shirt?

Here's Kevin, building his crazy 'man-shed' ...
just because he can..

And so the essential question arose:
What does one wear, to sit in an audience of probably thousands of women, bearing in mind the remote possibility that for one nano-second, Kevin's eyes might glance across in our direction????

And would we learn anything about how to build or decorate our own personal spaces, or would we simply bask in the radiance... 
but I digress...

After some musing, I came up with this:
cream/black graphic print crepe harem pants, black tee with gold studs, black blazer, blush wedges and clutch, $12 giant chains from Forever New, tossed on with my gold belcher chain...

It was Mr C's birthday, so I made him some cupcakes to keep him company while I was away...

The Lyric Theatre was packed with an audience of thousands,
right up to the top balcony...

and Kevin, it transpires, is really very funny -
in fact, quite the stand-up comedian...

and very energetic - he spoke for over two hours, and quite rapidly at that.

In front of a giant screen, he showed bits of particularly memorable Grand Design episodes, discussed history of architecture and the show generally.
He hates the theme tune, which is universally loved..

and demonstrated some principles of building and construction using jelly, toast and vegemite.

Did I learn anything new?  Not really
Did it matter?  Not at all

I had fun, and so did everybody else.

And no, he did not take off his shirt...

Nice to see you, Kevin.

Happy Halloween everybody



  1. Happy Halloween to you to Patricia. I love Grand designs Australia and watched an episode last night. I cannot believe some of the homes that people build. And forever new is always a fun choice for some bling. A gorgeous outfit you chose .

  2. Peter from Grand Designs Australia was in the front row, and came on stage to join Kevin for a segment. Lots of laughs. His show is really good too. I love the clothes in Forever New!

  3. Never heard of Kevin but it sure sounds like you had fun. I'd love to see the harem pants being worn. I always think they look comfortable but when I try them on I look short, fat and dumpy. And that's on a GOOD day, LOL!

    Happy Halloween, great picture with the pumpkin.


    1. That's my little grandson doing Halloween in Canada, Darla. Know what you mean about the harem pants; fortunately these are cut very lean, with just a gathering on the outside ankle, so are quite flattering.

  4. I'm glad you had such a great time, but this Canadian is sheepishly admitting I have no idea who Kevin McLeod is.

    1. So it seem the Grand Design series of TV shows from England has not made it to Canada? For some reason, Australians love and watch all the home renovation shows - from everywhere!

    2. It might be here, Patricia. I'm not much of a TV watcher. :-)

  5. Loved your outfit Patricia. I must admit to never seeing the programme although I do think I've heard of him as my daughter sees it. I think he may be on with Kirstie Allsop but I could be wrong. Glad you enjoyed the show and please wish Mr C a belated happy birthday.
    Patricia x

    1. Birthday wishes passed on; the birthday continues with a weekend in Sydney. Kevin with Kirstie would be an interesting combination, but alas I don't think it will happen - they both like to talk too much! Australia is very keen on Kirstie's shows too.

  6. No, he is not with Kirstie Patricia - he does the grand designs programme which follows people building amazing houses.
    I had no idea Patricia (red cardinal) that you saw the programme in Australia. It is amazing the way this countries TV programmes go all around the world.
    Love your outfit.

    1. The outfit felt good, thanks you Rosemary, although nobody famous could see it! Grand Designs is hugely popular in Australia, with re-runs going on almost continuously. Now we have an Aussie version as well, and both rate highly. Home ownership is known as 'the great Australian dream'.

  7. I haven't heard of Kevin either, but sounds like you had a fun evening in a great outfit! Always nice to apease husbands by leaving a sweet treat for them when one goes out!

    1. Kevin's English TV show may not be shown in the US, at least I have never noticed it when over there. But it is a great one for those interested in architecture and interior design, and Kevin has a winning way with words. Mr C loved the cakes!

  8. Ooo, lucky you, Patricia. I love Kevin and 'Grand Designs' and have watched some of the Aussie programmes too. He's always struck me as articulate and witty and I can well imagine him keeping an audience charmed for a couple of hours without difficulty. I watch Kirstie and Phil too, as I'm a sucker for nice houses. :-)

    1. As a fan I had to be there! It was definitely worth the ticket price...