Monday, July 15, 2013


So, how are the grandchildren, I hear you ask?

Little Bebe in Canada has advanced to exploration and reconnaissance of his environment -
or as my daughter wrote "And so it begins ...."

Life will never be the same in that house - 
for a couple of years anyway ...

By the lake on Canada Day..

His Big Boy Brother plays with a chipmunk..

and swims in the lake..

Little Aussie, our Australian grandson, has advanced to superior mask-making and has become an Owl!!
He knows Grannie loves birds..

I made a leopard print Tee the other day -
fairly boring sewing, but a useful item...

This orchid has become the gift which keeps on giving..
I do nothing, just water it weekly, and it rewards with the most beautiful trails of orchids every few months...

Well, I'm off for a few days in the sun..

Au Revoir!



  1. Great photo of little Bebe ransacking the cupboard - all your little boys are adorable.
    Have a wonderful trip, and return refreshed.

    1. I like that photo too, Rosemary. Quick-witted daughter thought to snap and send it! Just skyped with them, and the little one smiled for us across the world - we are happy old grandparents tonight...
      and Thank you, we enjoy a little business/pleasure combination trip.

  2. I remember the days with two little boys - you never knew what they would be up to next! That is a very pretty T-shirt you made. I'll bet it gets worn a lot. Don't they say that Leopard is the new neutral?

    1. Know what you mean Beryl - we had two boys following our daughter. Those two in Canada will be up to tricks once the little one is walking. Leopard is definitely a neutral these days.

  3. Have a gorgeous stay up North, Patricia, and bring back lots of pics !xx

  4. Cute little guys and busy too it appears. Do enjoy your time away.


  5. I have never seen a chipmunk ( first thought: a rat ), actually cute.
    You seem to be well- briefed on your small grandchildren.
    I have no skills with flowers; an orchid will be fine for a while and then I carry it away.
    Happy vacation& business time!

  6. Hello Patricia
    Adorable grandchildren. How lucky you are! I love your new tee. Enjoy your days in the sun. And the orchid is beautiful!

  7. Hello Patricia,
    gosh how the little boys in Canada have grown. I am sure you miss them.
    Once again, you have sewn a super top. you are very talented.
    Your orchid is truly rewarding you.
    Happy days Patricia.
    val xxx

  8. Enjoy your few days away Patricia. Love your tee and the orchid is so pretty. I never seem to be able to keep them for long.

  9. Gorgeous gorgeous boys....and like the orchid, they keep growing ! Jx

  10. Bon voyage, Patricia. Lovely photos of your gorgeous grandsons. :-)

  11. Hello Patricia

    The grandchildren are beautiful and what great ages. I love your top which you sewed. You are very talented.
    Enjoy your break

    Helen xx