Monday, August 21, 2017


If I don't say Happy August soon, it will be September!
So Happy August everyone, and I hope you have all been well during my absence.  

Spring is in the air hereabouts, with two crazy Summer days last week -
A 34C maximum - quite unfair I think.
We only get about 12 weeks of Winter here, and some of us enjoy dressing up in our merino and cashmere, not to mention nice warm dresses, coats, and jeans (which are too hot to wear for months on end during Summer)

Sanity has prevailed, and we are back to cool weather and cold morning minimums around 1degC, with a touch of frost on the car.

At our local Florist shop - aren't the colours gorgeous?

We have been feeling a bit flat, what with the latest flu virus doing the rounds and a few other medical issues in the house.

Cheer-up visit from our grandpuppy Harley Quinn.
She is a mad funny happy dog..

The arrival of our first and only annual daffodil in the back garden.
We score points for effort in the tropics.

Can you see the beginnings of five fronds of gorgeous King orchids?
This has grown from a piece of my father's enormous orchid which we divided among the family when he went into permanent care in 2012.
Urban garden legend has it that a transplanted one of these will have one frond the first year, and an additional one every subsequent year.
And so it has proved to be - right on cue, we are up to five beautiful creamy fronds this year, and I can't wait for them to burst out.

Here's a look at Year 2

Lorikeet love..

Brotherly love (by a Canadian river)

The little Canadian grandsons have enjoyed the holiday break, including lots of Summer treats - don't you like the Quebec way of sizing icecream?

Who loves vintage linen - this piece speaks to me of Springtime..

Mr Cardinal is continuing to recover after his total knee replacement.
It takes a long time - and he has been diligent with the daily stretching and flexing exercises, with good results, but is now working on regaining his stamina.

Another milestone, as he felt able to come for a short visit to GoMA to see the Marvel Universe exhibition for himself.  It has been a huge hit with Brisbane crowds.

I have enjoyed guiding some fun tours of this unusual show - although I still struggle to name all the characters and discuss their particular attributes!

Have a great week,
Happy August!


Monday, July 31, 2017



I found the perfect bird lovers clothes pegs at K Mart.
They are fairly clumsy, but for $2 a bag, I could not resist.
Don't you love our crisp blue Winter skies?

We are having unseasonally high maximum temps for the middle of Winter...
24-26c, even - but it is near freezing just before Dawn, when we love our electric blanket.

Layering is the secret of the Queensland Winter wardrobe.

Across in Canada, our two little grandsons are enjoying the Summer holidays.

Small boy goes strawberry picking.  
Only one in the basket, I see.

Winter brings the Australian Golden Wattle into bloom...
I pass this tree on my daily walk:

Which seems reason enough for another showing of my Wattle Brooch, copy of the one presented by Australia to the Queen, back in the 1950s.
I notice H.M. wore it when meeting our Prime Minister at Buckingham Palace recently.

Also noticed that Canada presented a Snow-flake brooch to the Queen, to celebrate Canada's 150 Birthday this year.

I wonder if they sell replicas of it in Canada...

Countdown time - we are off to Canada this year for Christmas!
I can't wait to see those two cute little boys again.

The new garden steps are finished, and so much easier to run up and down.
The previous ones were very steep.

It will take a while for the garden to regenerate, but it should be good in a month or three...

A celebratory barbeque to show the steps to family.

Little Aussie was here - not so little anymore, is he?

Mr C loves the new handrail down to the pool, and the three new bollard lights.
And we have another garden to regenerate...

Mr C is now able to go to the movies again - he was warned by his therapists after the knee replacement because the prolonged sitting is painful in the early stages.

We saw 'Dunkirk' and thought it brilliant.
We grew up hearing of the 1940 Dunkirk evacuation, and the heroism of the English people crossing the Channel in their small boats to rescue the trapped Allied forces on the beach at Dunkirk, France.

There are a series of sub-plots, but the overall effect of the cinematography made us feel we were there in the middle of it, in real time.
Definitely worth a look if you have an interest in history.

I've been shopping at Ladychatterleysaffair again...
It was the red bug brooch that enticed me -
and the napkins..

Be safe..
and have a beautiful week



Sunday, July 23, 2017


Good evening everyone, and yes, Long Time No Blog...

Who would have thought the replacement of a rustic wooden staircase through the tangled Garden of Neglect would take so long...
and go on..
and on...

First remove old staircase.
Followed by all the builders rubbish found beneath it from a previous generation...

Draw string lines and experiment as to where 'the lady' wants her stairs to float...

Destroy a few more plants, and trample on the agapanthus...

Foggy mornings, followed by frosty mornings.
Ice on the windscreens,
 and shivering tradesmen on the doorstep soon after 6.30am. 

Made them muffins...

Maybe this will work out ... ?

Sort of coming together..

The Overseer...

Meanwhile, they also built us a handrail down to the pool area.
Mr C has had enough of walking down those rough stone steps with nothing to hold onto.  We have to take care of the new bionic knee now.

Things are looking brighter...

and we approve.

I made the workers scones for Friday afternoon, but forgot to take a pic before they had demolished the lot.

Meantime, this iris could not wait to return to the garden, and bloomed in the holding pen temporary pot.  What a stalwart.

I have been home much more than usual.
Because they come with questions and requests all day long.
There is other work going on as well, including a new laundry tub and cupboard.

But I did step out one day and buy some new bedroom curtains.
French blue, birds and flowers.
Of course.

This is where we are at - 
Not quite finished, but definitely promising...

We have enjoyed a weekend to ourselves, including the movies.

They will be back tomorrow, bright and early.

Might make them a chocolate cake this time.

How do you feel about having tradesmen in the house for a couple of weeks?

I find they certainly seem to take over our lives, as well as our facilities, for the duration.  These men are well-mannered, try their best, and quite obliging.
But they still miss things, forget things, get mixed up etc.

I suspect this will be enough home improvement malarkey for 2017.

Have a good week everybody.