Tuesday, February 14, 2017


Happy Valentine's Day, dear Reader

Despite the de-cluttering, these heart cushions came out for their annual appearance...

and my little marble 'Si' from Rome...

Mr Cardinal took me out to lunch at the local Garden Centre -
where there is always a selection of sculptural art on display.
We liked these giant leaf-like forms..

A beautiful lunch with all vegetables and herbs grown on site..

Later I made our traditional heart-shaped sponge cake, festooned in pink.
As you do..

The humidity had lessened, after days of record-breaking heat, which allowed the eggs to beat beautifully and the cake to rise to the occasion...

I found these at H&M - a bit Picasso, don't you think?

and a little red velvet bag, because when the temperatures go above 40c, we like to dream of Winter..

Last Sunday, we are told, the Eastern part of Australia was the hottest place on the planet...

It does make normal life difficult to organise..we had a long power blackout, due to the overloading of the State's power grid..

Last night, there was a massive thunder-storm, lots of lightning and thunder although not a lot of rain, but what we had was very welcome for our parched lawn and plants..

Did you like Kate's new floral gown for the BAFTAS?
I loved the bunches of violets all over the skirt, 
and don't these two look like happy little Valentines..

Take care...


Sunday, February 5, 2017


Happy Sunday and Happy February everyone..

Did you know tomorrow, February 6, is a special occasion for Her Majesty?
It is sixty-five years since she became Queen, the Sapphire Anniversary..

The Queen has many sets of sapphire jewellery - I wonder if she will wear sapphires for this occasion?

It has been a busy week -
went to choir practice at two new choirs, trying to decide which to join.
I really miss my old choir which finished before Christmas.
It is difficult to sing and learn new work in a torrid heat wave.

I came home exhausted and dehydrated.
Might put it off until the weather cools a bit, although even the experts have no idea when that may be.

Thinking cool thoughts of the forests at Mt Lindsey..
listening to the bellbirds..

Here is a recording I found on U-tube - it is ages since I actually heard them.
Until about five years ago there was a bellbird colony quite close to our home, but sadly construction of a road chased them away.
They are very shy creatures, and their song is really sweet, like a tiny crystal bell.

I had a wonderful day with the Sewing Sisters at V's new apartment, with a lovely view over the river and the city.
Our topic of the day? Downsizing..
We all have to do it ... eventually....

Dale Frank, Australia, 'He always seemed short, short on socks, short of breath, short on circumstance, short of reasons, short on shame, but was it any wonder' 2009

I went back to work at the gallery, after a break while DD was here from Canada..
This large, shiny, luscious painting by Dale Frank fascinates me.  
He pours varnishes and coloured dyes over a borizontal canvas and then tilts the corners slowly over the months it takes to cure.  The resulting forms are deep and surreal - to me they look like strange underwater creatures.
The colour is sublime....

The carpet cleaner is coming tomorrow, so we have been moving things around to clear the way for him.
It's all non-stop excitement in the cardinal nest...

Have a great week


Friday, January 27, 2017


Happy Australia Day to all Australians as we celebrate this week.

I have been on a long break from the Art Gallery...
but here is a peek at some very special porcelain on display these days:

By an unknown artist in 19th century China, 
I love this exquisite porcelain 'Bowl with Goldfish'...

Fun to find a ladybug in your teacup!

Trio: (the golden canary) c. 1760, Dr Wall (Worcester), James Giles, Decorator.

Ewer (yuto) Japan, 15th-16th century (Muromachi period), artist unknown.

Mr Cardinal took this great picture of tiny Japanese Netsuke.  

In an attempt to cheat the heat, we celebrated Australia Day with the neighbours, at our Annual Street Party, after sundown.

Barbeques on the lawn, 

Salad table on the street..

and card tables in parking bays.
A good thing we live in a very quiet cul-de-sac...

I thought about wearing my Wattle Brooch...
 (copy of the one presented to the Queen by Australia back in the day)
sourced from the Buckingham Palace gift shop on our way to Ireland in 2016...

but that seemed excessive.....

Do you like fine porcelain too?
Tell me what you love...

Have a beautiful weekend