Monday, July 20, 2020


Hello dear readers, and greetings from the Red Cardinal nest..

How are you all faring in this strange new world?
I do hope you are well, and safely managing the social distancing or whatever is required in your area.  We really are all in this together, aren't we?

Life goes on here at its new, slower, pace, and we are enjoying the sunny Winter days of Brisbane town.

Our new yellow rose burst into bloom - followed by a long-neglected orchid.
I had even forgotten what colour it was!

The snow peas have managed a few little pods, just enough to add to my salad each day.. 
and we are enjoying our own freshly grown lettuces.

With no excursions to movies or concerts, we are continuing to concentrate on long walks at weekends in various locations, often with a small picnic by the water.

The sun glittered on the sea at the old-fashioned seaside resort of Sandgate..

So healthy to enjoy the sea air, while watching the regimental seagulls..

I enjoyed the old houses across from the beach.
Lots of them are painted brightly, with a mustard coloured trim.
Sun, sand, and bright yellow paint!

Last week we drove inland to the tiny regional town of Marburg:

It was dull and rainy, but we enjoyed hot coffee at the local shop, and fossicked through some rambling old antique emporiums..

An old hotel is beautifully preserved across the street, but just look at this old petrol pump!  Memories of childhood...

Last week I returned to my watercolour painting group.
I have forgotten everything I learned early in the year - oh dear!

We had a demonstration of pouring paint to achieve the most amazing marbled effect:

The results are stunning!

What a beautiful setting for the wedding of Princess Beatrice and Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi - The Royal Chapel of All Saints at Royal Lodge.

The floral arch was absolutely beautiful, and how lovely for Beatrice to have her special day, despite all the difficulties currently being experienced in these strange times.

Carefully social distanced,  the bride's grandparents Her Majesty the Queen and Prince Philip, were happily involved.  He is so tall and erect, astonishing for a man almost 100 years old.

I thought it a perfect gesture of the Queen to provide Beatrice with a beautiful vintage Norman Hartnell gown from her own archives...  
 environmentally and ethically just right.

As always, the Princess granddaughter of the Queen wears a tiara on loan from her Majesty, and this one is very special indeed.  Queen Mary's Fringe Tiara was worn by the Queen at her own wedding in 1947, and also by her daughter Princess Anne for her wedding in 1973.

 The beautiful gown was worn several times by the Queen in the 1960s.
Pretty organza sleeves were added to give Beatrice her own personal touch.

Above, the gown features a bejeweled bodice and shoulder straps..

Congratulations to the happy couple, and may they live happily ever after....

Be well and be safe



  1. First, so great to see you here Patricia, and thanks for sharing so many great photos of the lovely places you have managed to visit recently.
    These are such sad times (personally I feel like I've aged 5 years in 4 months!) and see no light at the end of this dark tunnel yet. I pray all will soon change but have my doubts life will ever be the same here. We've not been anywhere other than a weekly grocery run - numbers of positive tests, hospitalizations and deaths, continue to rise here in our state and many others. Sadly, it's the young people who have not distanced or worn masks as they should.

    The wedding was lovely - I read all about it yesterday and was astounded at the roses. Loved that the Queen loaned one of her special gowns, and the tiara of course was perfect. Both HM and Philip looked so happy - and the color of her outfit was awesome with those pastel flowers.

    Stay well - glad you're painting again.
    Hugs - Mary

    1. Dear Mary, thank you, it was a tonic to see your comment: despite the awfulness of the situation! I share your fears, and wonder if we will see normal in our lifetimes. Qld is doing very well but recent second waves to the Sputh show us daily what can happen. Yes, here also it is the young who cannot/will not conform to rules. Aged care homes are a nightmare. I love your ability to blog and find cheer in this situation...I need to learn from you, I need contact but find it difficult these days. The wedding was a treat, and a good example of appropriate ways of being. Good for them 👍🏻 Love and hugs. P

  2. Fossicked is a completely new word to me Patricia, and it is something that I too enjoy doing. I was so pleased that you visited me recently as I was worried in case anything had happened to you, so I am really pleased to know that all is well.
    I thought that Beatrice looked lovely, and the dress was far prettier than several other recent royal weddings. I think that they should recycle their many dresses more often. It didn't look at all old fashioned, just very pretty, and I loved the floral decoration around the church doorway too.

    1. Dear Rosemary, Thank you so much for thinking of me, you are very kind. For me it has been difficult coping with the lifting of restrictions - when I venture out I find too many people are ignoring all social distancing and other advice, and our country is now seeing the results of this in new waves of the virus. I kept forgetting even to take photos. It takes effort and concentration to find a new way of being and keep ourselves safe.
      Happy to introduce you to the funny word 'fossick' and its various iterations - and I am glad you enjoy it too.
      I could not agree more with you about Beatrice, and her gown. It is a dress well-deserving of a special place in history.

  3. I think Beatrice looked simply lovely and somehow the vintage dress and the loan of the tiara were just right and effortlessly regal. I'm glad you are enjoying sunny days at Sandgate. Take care, Val.

    1. So true Val. The British royals do know absolutely how to be just right, a lesson some found difficult to learn. I think we are all giving little Beatrice a special cheer this week. Sandgate is so pretty; trying to think up somewhere else for the coming week. Be safe Val, I am worried re Sydney. x

    2. Thanks. I am staying away from hotspots. The population is being tested in droves. Everyone's being careful. I was getting some work, but even that is dwindling. But it's ok. to borrow from the British it's 'Keep Calm and Carry On'

  4. Hi Trish!
    I'm glad you're staying safe and healthy. It's so wonderful you have such beautiful beaches to go visit during this crazy time. And I love going through antique stores - one of my favorite hobbies. I loved Beatrice's wedding and think it was almost extra special being smaller and more quaint and sweet. I loved that she wore that dress and tiara. So pretty.
    I think it's wonderful you went back to painting. That poured effect is stunning! Hope to see more. I hope you continue to stay well and find lots of fun ways to keep busy. Blessings. xoxo

    1. Hi Carrie, It is nice to have at least one or two beaches we can drive to in less than an hour. We do enjoy getting out in the fresh air and walking is good exercise while maintaining social distancing. Glad you like Beatrice's wedding, it does seem extra special right now, and what a gorgeous dress it was. Hope you stay well also, and have a nice week. Blessing to you too xoxo

  5. I was also moved when I read that the Queen lent Beatrice her own gown, such a gesture of support after what must have been an awful few months for the girl.

    1. It was such a supportive gesture, wasn't it, after all the negatives we have seen. Let us hope they live happily ever after! I believe it is the first time the Queen has lent a gown for such a special occasion. So sweet. xo

  6. Good to know you continue to stay well, Trish! Beautiful sea and beach to enjoy! Love the flowers too, but that is a constant when I visit here. And the pouring paint seems like fun.

    1. Hi Debra, we have plenty of time to garden right now, which is very pleasant. I thought of New York when I saw that paint pour: Jackson Pollock, and all the other Abstract Expressionists! Everybody wants to try it ...

  7. Hi Patricia oh I sure love your pretty flowers and how wonderful to be going to the beach,it all looks so lovely there a beautiful place to go . Yes I love all the beautiful flowers and the way that they were arranged for Beatrice's wedding,hope you have a wonderful weekend my friend xx

  8. Thank you and Hi from my flowers. They like this weather. Happy weekend to you too cx

  9. That is such a unique piece of artwork you are painting, Patricia. You know, Nel and Jess have art get-togethers on Zoom, and they paint away and chat for awhile. Oh Yes, I remember those old gas pumps - those were something else. That's nice that you were able to take a drive to a nearby town and enjoyed a cup of coffee at a coffee shop. It's those little things that we need right now. The picture of the sun glittering on the sea is beautiful, and those sea gulls are sweet birds, indeed. Jess sees dozens of them at the ocean near her house. Enjoy the slow-paced Winter days, Patricia. Thank you for the yellow rose. It made my day. : )


    1. What a great idea, to paint while on Zoom. Might try that one day. Yes, we really need a nice, safe excursion at least once a week. I seem to get a lot of weird dreams during lock down, and need to get out and about. Lucky Jess, living near the ocean - the other side of the Pacific which we visit :)

  10. Such a lovely post, Patricia. Your winter blooms are so beautiful, and I love your marbled paint too. There’s nothing better than a walk on the beach and those houses look so charming with their pretty verandas and bright colours. Princess Beatrice did indeed look very pretty. So nice that she was wearing one of the queen’s dresses.

    1. I see a new photo has turned up of Beatrice coming out of the church. Such a happy face, and she looked great in that gorgeous dress. Hopefully there will be more painting this week, and another sunny outing at the weekend. It has been raining a lot for over a week!

  11. HI Patricia...
    your Roses and Orchid are gorgeous...
    My gardens are struggling here...due to the crippling heat and humidity...
    We are watching The Crown on Netflix, and I am quite enjoying the stories about The Queen and her family...Princess Margaret was quite a handful,eh??hahaha!!
    Stay safe...enjoy your outings...
    Linda :o)

    1. Hi Linda, I have heard the heat is bad over there - poor plants! We enjoyed The Crown too - Princess Margaret was something else!! Hope we can go out this weekend - it looks like we are in for a second wave of Covid :( Cheers, and be safe too.

  12. Slowly catvhing up with my online friends. Instead of becomming more active online during isolation I seem to have become less active.
    I always enjoy your lovely posts Patricia. I imagined myself walking along that shore for a few minutes.
    There is another spike in CA, USA so we are back to staying in except for real necessities. I was looking at some bills lately and I can't believe how seldom I have gone to the gas station. Guess there is some good in every situation, LOL!