Tuesday, January 7, 2020


Christmas and Epiphany have been and gone, and all the decorations have been packed into their boxes and banished back to the cupboard under the stairs...

One of the pleasures of a quiet January is to do lots of reading.
I enjoyed this book very much:

Do you remember the rescue of the 12 Thai soccer players and their coach from a flooded cave in Chiang Rai, Thailand?

Experienced cave divers, Australians Dr Richard Harris, an anaesthetist and Dr Craig Challen, a retired vet, agreed to anaesthetise the boys to enable them to be swum out by British divers, one by one.  Miraculously, all survived.
The two doctors were declared Australians of the Year for 2019.

Somewhere in our basement store-room, I still have my old copy of Little Women, by Louisa May Alcott.  This was a firm favourite throughout my childhood.

Today I saw the latest (seventh)  film version starring Saoirse Ronan and Emma Watkins among a star-studded cast.
I loved it!

Apparently it divides the masses, and might not appeal to those who have never loved the books.  But I hope it wins lots of awards...

Yes, Awards season has arrived.  We will take a look at the Golden Globes Red Carpet, beginning with Laura Dern, because she was lovable and gorgeous as Marmee in Little Women..

Renee, fabulous in blue.  Loved her star turn as Judy Garland..
She should win an Oscar for that one.

Black and White, always good..

Our Nicole, splendid in red..

Always pick a pink gown...

and our Cate Blanchett.  This one confuses me, but wins an award for bravery and Yellow.

Thank you all for your kind comments and thoughts on my last post.  
The on-going bush fires in Australia are shocking and frightening.
The Government has swung into action, bringing in the Army and Navy to help with evacuations and fire fighting.

Slightly cooler temperatures the last two days are helping to bring some relief in Victoria and New South Wales.
And while it is unpleasantly hot and humid here in Brisbane, we are not having those extreme temperatures which cause the massive fire eruptions.

It will take years for the townships and land to be restored, but people are raising funds and coming up with innovative ideas to help those in need.

Reliable statistics are hard to come by, as things change daily.  A small number of people have tragically lost their lives, and well over a thousand homes have been lost, as well as businesses, wildlife and livestock.  

We are grateful for all the help and kindness shown by the International community.  It is so heart-warming in Australia's time of need.

Keep well.



  1. Nicole looks stunning in red. I was pleased to hear on the news that the fires had abated for the moment. I never seen so many strong and stoic people who have lost have lost so much - I would be devastated.
    Are you using your new computer, and if so, is it going well?

    1. The new computer is still in its box! I think we both are feeling a bit flat and unmotivated just now. So much going on in Australia, it is difficult even to process it all. Another spike in heat is expected on Friday. Yes, re Nicole, I remember her in dramatic red at the Oscars once - just stunning.

  2. I will have to see the new Little Women. I saw the one with Susan Sarandon, Clare Danes Wyonna Rider and Kirsten Dunst years ago, as well as, the original.

    I don't like the underwear worn as outerwear look I saw lots of this year at the Golden Globes. The lacy bra look that various actresses wore. I thought "oh, no, this is the thing now."

    When Judy came out, I too said Renee with win an Oscar for it, and yes, her dress and she were stunning!

    I didn't understand (nor saw) the changes in her face that the press talked about a few years ago. Yes she looked unlike her 20 year old self, but I saw no plastic surgery, and thought (think) she looks great! I thought it was very cruel, as well as, untrue to have that kind of press! Plus she is so classy!

    Well the award season begins!

    1. I remember that version of Little Women too. My favourite was always the 1930s one with Kathryn Hepburn - so feisty as Jo. The new one is definitely worth a look.
      I think Renee looks lovely too - she is older now, and we all look different as we age :)

  3. Happy New Year! I saw the new Little Women on the weekend. I really enjoyed it (and loved Meryl Streep) but I have a lot of loyalty to the 1994 one for some reason. I think it's because I visited Concord shortly thereafter to see Orchard House and the experiences are commingled in my brain. Laura Dern was wonderful too. I really like her as an actress.

    I'm continuing to think about you and all of the Australian bloggers. It's quite unbelievable what is happening. But, as you wrote, it is heartwarming to see the global response. Xx

    1. Oh yes, Meryl Streep was a treat. She looked like she was having fun as Aunt March. I am so jealous, you have seen Orchard House. We tried to get to Concord about twenty years ago, but the best we managed was a street in Boston with a plaque that Louisa has been there. Thank you for your thoughts - it is quite overwhelming what is happening with the fires. xx

  4. Replies
    1. Thank you so much. Your kindness is really appreciated.

  5. I loved the new Little Women as well. And Jody. I've also just seen 1917 and thought that was excellent as well. I hope that you are safe! I am following the news of the fires and am horrified by the scope of it.

    1. Hi Amalia, Glad you liked Little Women too. We want to see 1917, it sounds so clever and interesting. We are safe from the fires, thank you, and have had some rain. xo

  6. Lovely to see your post, Patricia, and to know that life is normal for you there in Brisbane. Gosh, are those frocks ever vivid and daring! I like your reading too. I must try the divers’ book. Keep cool...my thoughts are with many friends in the south east of the country.

    1. Hi Val, yes, life is normal here, but the bushfires are always on our minds. There is a lot of fund-raising happening, good to see. The divers book is so heart warming, what a great success it all was.

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  9. These fires are so scary. I hope they have them under control in Australia. And do take care, Patricia. You mean a lot to me.


    1. At last we have some rain this week Sheri. It might see the end of the fires, we hope. So sad, so much loss.