Monday, May 14, 2018


Where has the time gone?
It has been weeks since I blogged - but I am still here.

Autumn has set in, with chilly mornings and brilliant skies...

Mother's Day was absolutely lovely...

Little Aussie was here with his Dad...

and with Mr Cardinal they arranged a party lunch for me!

There were bunting and balloons, flowers and gifts...

Mr C gave me a new crepe pan, and my favourite white chrysanthemums:

our younger son came bearing a warm apple tea cake, made with his own clever hands:

You can tell that young rascal Aussie had a hand in the decor...

and his card melted my heart...

He chose these flowers, and was fascinated that they had been artificially coloured...

In fact, they match his unique portrait of moi:

He says it is Wild Grannie, based on Where the Wild Things Are..

Bless him, the cheeky imp....

In other news, after trying eleventy hundred pairs of walking shoes in every 'comfort shoe' shop I know, I have settled on these black Naots.
I have 'difficult' feet, with several of the well-known issues which hurt.
Naot has always been my most successful brand, and I really don't know why I didn't just go to them in the first place.

We have to walk to the opera and concerts in Berlin and Prague, so I think these  little sparkle shoes will work with the various black outfits I plan to take.

A botanical top from H&M

We have been to some Brisbane concerts:

Piers Lane, playing Chopin at the Medici Concert, exquisitely...
 and another great QSO Maestro concert: Rachmaninov Symphonic Dances, and brilliant young violinist Chad Hoopes playing Barber's Concerto for Violin and Orchestra.

So satisfying, and I can't wait for our European jaunt where there will be a concert every second night or so.

Saturday:  Royal Wedding Day.
We are going to The Races during the day, and will spend the evening in front of the television to watch the telecasts from Windsor.
It begins at 9.00pm Australian time.
We are told the Wedding Cake will be lemon and elderflower flavours....
Found the cordial in Coles, and will make a little lemon cake for our supper.

Off to the shops for some last minute travel needs...

Stay warm Queenslanders - it might be down to single digit cold this morning..



  1. Hello from Pennsylvania, USA!
    Happy Mother's Day to you!
    It looks as if you had a lovely day with your loved ones.
    We are looking forward to the Royal Wedding here as well.
    It will begin at 7:00 AM!
    Have a cozy autumn day.
    Spring has arrived here. : )

  2. Hi Billie Jo in Pennsylvania - I have been there, twice, and loved it. The Barnes Collection and the Amish country were amazing. I did have a great day. Be up early to watch the royal wedding, and we will be in sync!

  3. I'm so excited for the royal wedding, it's going to lovely. I'm glad you had a nice Mother's Day, Patricia. Thank you for sharing your day. Your new shoes look great. I have horrible feet, nothing ever feels right to me. My gigantic clodhoppers. :)

    1. What fun to all watch the wedding together Jennifer. I have horrible feet too, and it is exhausting trying on shoe after shoe when as you say, nothing ever feels right! I need to take care of these sparkle shoes :)

  4. I had assumed that you had already set off on your travels Patricia.
    How very strange - The Bottle Green Company are local to me, and they gather their elderflowers from our local hedgerows.
    Glad you had a lovely Mother's Day and what a beautiful portrait Aussie did for you.

    1. The elderflower cordial has only appeared here lately, I guess in response to the wedding, and I love the idea that my cordial elderflowers were gathered around your local hedgerows. It was an unusually excellent Mother's Day for me, and I loved it. Sometimes they are all off somewhere else!

  5. I love those sparkle shoes! That is just right for a Wild Grannie! I will be watching the Royal Wedding too, you know I will! Personally, I love that Prince Harry is marrying an American! Brit/American makes a good combo, like Laurel and Hardy and Richard & Kay! :-)

    1. Thank you Kay, I never thought of that. Someone suggested I am a faerie, so sparkle shoes are about right. A special Brit/American combination in this wedding - and I do hope Mr Markle can be assisted to come across to participate. A 'recluse' needs special care, I think. Fingers crossed.

  6. Hi Patricia...
    What a great looking tablescape! Bravo to the men in your life👌🏻
    Can’t wait for your posts from Europe...have a great time!
    Linda :o) your portrait ☺️

    1. Hi Linda, we had a great day - and I know you did too. Not long now until we take off but still running about sourcing perfect wardrobe items :)

  7. What a lovely Mother's Day, Patricia. Those colorful flowers are so pretty, and the card is cute that Aussie made. I like those face balloons too. The apple tea cake looks Yummy that your son made, and wish I had a slice to go with my tea right now. I love Mums, and they are my favorite flower in Autumn. Your shoes will be nice for walking a distance, and they are sparkly and pretty.

    I had a lovely Mother's Day as well.


    1. We think Aussie is such a talent :) The eyes of grandparents! I picked up our tour details and we have to walk 600 metres to the first Opera House. Definitely a time for sparkly but flat shoes. I bet you had a great Mother's Day, especially now you are a grannie too.

  8. I had to laugh at your portrait. Wild indeed. Those Naot shoes look lovely. I think I'll just go google their site ;))

    1. Love my portrait, and am thinking of a turquoise frame. Those shoes were $30 less online than in the shop, plus you can send back if they don't feel right after wearing around the house for an hour or two. I try to support shops, but with shoes online often wins out!

  9. Hi Trish wow how awesome was your Mother's Day,what a special family you have,love that your son made that lovely cake.
    Oh your holiday sounds amazing ,lovely post my friend xx

    1. It was lovely to have some of our family here, and that cake was a first - most impressed! Holiday prep continues, and it will be wonderful to take off. xx

  10. So nice to catch up with you and hear you had a lovely Mothers Day. That portrait of you as Wild Grannie is absolutely priceless. Now that you found comfortable shoes (my problem as well) you look well set for your next trip. Enjoy!

    1. I'm glad you like my Wild Grannie portrait - a surprise to see myself with horns and pointed ears! Shoes begin the outfit with me - so difficult to get something both comfortable and smart. I am breaking them in now - gently....

  11. What a wonderful day with family, Trish! Glad they showered you with love and appreciation. Looks like they have great instincts.

    I'll be watching the tail end of Saturday's wedding. It begins at 4 am in the USA, so I plan to turn in for the re-caps, which are sure to be plenty of hours all day long. I want to taste lemon and elderflower flavored cake. I have never had it before!

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