Sunday, April 8, 2018


I hope you all had a peaceful Easter.  
We Cardinals have been enjoying the more temperate weather of Autumn, including some fabulous rainbows..

and an Easter trip to the beach.

Climbed up the headland, and enjoyed the rainforest jungle..

Lots of beach walking...

A souvenir..

Did we have a Bunny Shake?
Oh yes we did.....

Evil Bunny Shake and two straws

We came home to a visitation from this naughty boy..

and his mates..

So cheeky, looking at me through the glass door..

They amused themselves by wrecking the bird feeder.

So a little shopping excursion yesterday, and we brought home a new one:

The lorikeets, however, are having none of it.

I awoke today to their screeching with annoyance - and they will not go onto the feeding platform.
A few daring ones did a helicopter hover to check it out, but not one had the courage to land.  They have been back a few times for another look.
We will see what tomorrow brings...

Visit from grandpuppy..

Uniqlo have Marimekko designs - who knew?
This is my $39 special, and my intense 'can I do a selfie' face...
It is beautiful fabric, and it has pockets.
A contender for Europe?

Take care and have a great week



  1. Hi Patricia lovely post the beach looks wonderful and I love your new dress,love your Easter drink xx

    1. Thank you, the beach was glorious, I took heaps of photos. What a find in that dress, it fitted perfectly which is totally rare for me! xx

  2. I want a bunny shake! YUM!!! I love your new dress, it looks great on you. I can't believe all those cockatoos, a whole flock of them! Naughty birds breaking the feeder. You're so nice to buy a new one. It must be so much fun to watch these birds, you get the best variety. I hope you have a good week!

    1. We love our birds, and as we live on a hill they fly around at eye level and we feel part of their day! Now, to make a bunny shake: first find a chocolate bunny, and you know the rest :)

  3. Oh that beach looks glorious Patricia!
    And you look fabulous in that dress! Such a savvy shopper!
    Those birds are naughty! A Cardinal would never behave so badly! ♥️
    Enjoy your week...
    Linda :o)

    1. Thank you Linda, you are right, a Cardinal would never break the bird feeder. Cockatoos are the naughtiest birds on the planet, and they do it for fun. Glad you liked a glimpse of the Pacific Ocean.

  4. What naughty birds - cockatoos can be very noisy and tiresome sometimes. We don't have them here, and I had forgotten their little ways. I do love the daffodils - and yes, the dress has to have a holiday with you.

    1. They really are naughty birds, and love to visit our deck, high on a hill. But also quite funny at times. I think spotty dress is in for the trip!

  5. What a beautiful place you are in - those beaches are beautiful. I didn't know Uniqlo had Marimekko, I was passing today and didn't think to look inside! I will next time...

    1. They have nice tee shirts and several prints for the dress, as well as Marimekko accessories. Selling out fast around here! Glad you enjoyed a look at our Gold Coast beaches Jenny.

  6. Trish, I'm exciting for you on venturing into Uniqlo and making a purchase! I've been looking at the same dresses here our US stores. You can't go wrong with this retailer. You will get hooked as I am! Great dress, indeed!

    What a love beach to celebrate the Easter holiday. Looks so clean and picturesque! Happy fall to you. And as soon as Old Man Winter departs, a lovely spring for us. OMW has overstayed his welcome this year!


    1. I love this dress, hope it stays looking good. Also got a black tee. Other trips to Uniqlo were unsuccessful but I can pop by often. The beach was beautiful; been too long since we went!

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