Tuesday, September 19, 2017


Greetings from the Red Cardinal nest.
Life has been busy, and Springtime is flying by..
Jonquils have bloomed in our daffodil garden,

and friends came for lunch bringing me a wonderful bouquet, just stunning.
We celebrated Springtime in the garden....

Dad's orchid was duly admired - next year, Six Fronds!

My dear friend D gave me this lovely vintage bowl - 
Springtime Perfection...

It is countdown time: in three month we fly to Canada for Christmas.
The little grandsons are enjoying Fall, when it appears the apples do just that...

Naturally, we are looking for a White Christmas -

Fingers crossed...

I joined a new choir for Ladies of a Certain Age:

Have been to a few rehearsals, and so far, so good.
It's been lovely re-connecting with many friends from my old choir which closed last year.  There is a uniform:  a shirt in a plain, bright colour, worn with black.

I made this from a small length of silk from the stash:

These tiny orchids are stalwarts -
they appear every year, demand no maintenance, and are wired onto a post!

A bit of rain would be nice for all the other plants -
it's been dry for weeks as Summer moves in on us.

Australian wild ducks, on my daily walk..

Irene Entata, Australia, b.1946, Arrernte/Luritja people 'ALBERT AND REX PAINTING' 2003. QAG.

Indigenous artist Irene Entata, lived as a child at Hermannsburg Mission in Central Australia.  In her paintings, she remembers those times fondly and joyously paints the beautiful MacDonnell Ranges and the abundant flora and fauna of the area.

Entata remembers seeing the famous aboriginal artist Albert Namatjira [1902-59] when she was a small child, and here depicts the early years of the Namatjira story.  A veteran of World War 1, artist Rex Battarbee, travelled by camel on a number of expeditions to paint the beauty of the inland.  On his 1936 visit to Hermannsburg he met Namatjira who asked for tuition in watercolour painting, in return offering to act as 'camel boy'.

Namatjira learnt quickly, and in a few years surpassed his teacher.
I will tell his story in another post.  
Entata's painting is very detailed - look at the trees at the bottom centre and left - what appear to be pink flowers are in fact a famous Australian bird, the Galah:

Have a good week.



  1. I love apple season :) It's been so hot here for all of September, that I think we might by-pass fall altogether and slip right into snowy days! What amazing flowers you get blooming in your gardens. The painting is so lively, just love that.

  2. Apple season is very pretty - we rarely see it, as it is too hot for apples here. I do hope you have some snowy days later in the year - we are coming to see a White Christmas after all :) Lively is a good word for this painting, one I always enjoy seeing.

  3. Hello Patricia.
    The jonquils are lovely. I really like the sweet vintage bowl your friend gave you. These are cute pictures of your grandsons by the apple tree. Oh, wouldn't it be nice to have a White Christmas this year? I do hope your wish comes true. That's wonderful that you are in a new choir this year and reconnecting with old friends. How nice to see those wild ducks on your daily walk. And that Galah bird is a beauty. Did you take that picture? It sounds like you've been very busy lately. Wishing you sweet September days, Patricia.

    love, ~Sheri

    1. Thank you Sheri. I should have given the galah his correct name, which is Major Mitchell Cockatoo. Can't take credit for that photo which I found on google. We don't see them in our area, although there was always a flock of them outside my Dad's retirement home. Glad you enjoyed my pics. Have a lovely Fall.

  4. Canada for Christmas! How wonderful, I wish you fluffy snow! I like your green silk shirt too. Do you have to stick to one bright colour or can you wear a different one each time? (Oh the possibilities)

    1. Ahhh, fluffy snow!! That would be Perfection. I can change colour for every performance, isn't that neat? My orange silk shirt will get a turn, as long as they will accept a collar stand not a full shirt collar. Still learning my way through their little conventions. Was thinking of trying yellow as I notice most of the ladies do variations on pink or blue.

  5. Beautiful blooms gracing your post Trish. I love your orchids. They reside in my garden too although your dear Dads is much more prolific than mine. Happy singing in your new choir xx

    1. I have come late to growing orchids, but they are really very forgiving I find. Dad's orchid is our best, grows bigger every year. When we divided it he had dozens of fronds each year.

  6. Hi Trish,

    We share Canada's fall season. Technically, we have one more day of summer, but I spotted the 1st bags of local apples at our suppermarket a couple of days ago.

    I often wish I had a job that allowed me to work for half the year in the Western hemisphere and the other half in the Southern hemisphere. With such a scienario, guess where I'd be heading right now? Well I'll just have to come back here to see the pretty flowers!

    I'd bet Canada will not disappoint you regarding a white Christmas.

    1. Hi Debbie, interesting to see your date for end of Summer. We have official start of Summer here on December 1st, however with forecast heat wave this weekend, up to 35c, I think Summer is here already. I love to see apple trees in the fall, as we have seen them in Canada. Fingers crossed for the White Christmas!

  7. Wonderful painting, I look forward to hearing more about the artist who inspired her.
    I hope you do have a white Christmas in Canada AND I hope you get to see the cardinal against the snow, once you have seen that you will never forget it!

    1. Red on white, so dramatic! I do hope I see this gorgeous sight this year - it will be a dream come true. Glad you enjoyed the painting, it is so vibrant and fun.

  8. Hi Trish! Your flowers are so beautiful...and ALMOST make me want Spring - however we are in Fall, my favorite. ;)

    I bet you can't wait to fly away to the north and family. I hope it's a white Christmas too, but not TOO white. We're so close to Canada we can get the "feet" of snow too.

    I'm so glad you're in the choir! I love the color of the shirt you made. Just beautiful!! Have a blessed rest of the week. xoxo

    1. Fall is my favourite season too, although I do love the flowers of Spring. The golden leaves of your Fall are absolutely beautiful - I have only seen it a few times as our trees are generally evergreen.
      Yes, not TOO white would be my preference too. I have very little idea what I should pack, and can't even find wool socks at the moment! Blessings to you too Carrie.

  9. Flowers flowers everywhere!
    We are winding down, and you're just getting started!
    You must be thrilled about Kate & William...I thought of you!
    We are having another granddaughter in Dec...courtesy of my son and DIL !
    Before you know it, you will be up here in The Great White North....right now we are toasting in the mid 30's C....it has been a wonderful start to Fall....
    Linda :o)

    1. We have to enjoy our flowers for a few weeks, because once Summer hits only the tough ones survive. I have a big pot of pansies coming into bloom but might need to use shadecloth with weekend forecast of high 30sC.
      Congrats on another granddaughter, wow, so lovely for you all. Little Miss V will love that. It seems ages til Christmas, but it will fly by. Have to start Christmas shopping soon... Cheers Linda.

  10. Jonquils - absolutely my favourite early springtime bloom - such a lovely look and the beautiful scent. Glad you have found another choir - and I am quite envious of your beautiful duck walking spot. You must already be looking forward to visiting your family again - you must miss them all the time.

    1. I love jonquils too, and was thrilled to have a good showing this year. They are so hardy and survive under the soil through the year. My walking track is the best ever - by a creek with birds and ducks and sometimes blossoms. It is very safe with dozens of people taking their exercise. I notice our area has almost no obese citizens - and everyone seems to walk!
      Can't wait to go to Canada again and see our daughter and those cute boys. And possibly a red cardinal in snow...

  11. Christmas will be a lovely time to visit Canada! Three months will fly by...
    Thank you for sharing the lovely spring flowers and pictures which are welcome as we head into Fall here.

  12. I am so excited to see a Winter Christmas - with or without snow! So different from our usual experience. Glad you enjoyed the flowers - I think your Fall is quite beautiful too.

  13. Nice to catch up with you Patricia. I am always delighted when you show and tell about another native artist. The picture has so much detail.

    1. Hi Darla, glad you enjoy the bits of art. I like the detail in her works, not traditional Indigenous, but attractive and naive.