Saturday, July 23, 2016


Happy weekend dear Readers.
It has been a while since I updated you on my special Canadian grandsons...
Summer has arrived over there, and here is the boy formerly known as the Little Bebe....

Learning to feed chipmunks at the Lake..

with his Big Brother - who teaches him Everything (good and bad)...

Classic Canadian lake cruising...

This one will be off to French Kinder in September...

Meantime over in Merrie Olde England, another cute kid had a birthday:

I made a sponge cake for my brothers and sisters when they came to visit last week.
We did the final sorting of my father's possessions, collected hastily from his Care Facility after his passing...

There were many books, photos, and other mementos, and everyone had a few things to take home.
It is a bittersweet exercise, and one I have now done several times over.

Henceforth, I need to start concentrating on our trip to Ireland for the Wedding of the Year - wedding of our Sydneysider son to his Irish Lass.
Above please see my little blush pink sparkle clutch.
So tiny, I don't think the iPhone will fit in.
But it should look good in the photos...

But first, we have a little holiday in London..

On our last visit, quite a few years ago, London was cold and bleak in January.

My inferior camera made it look worse...

But we had fun - visited the Queen's Pictures at her Buckingham Palace Gallery...

This time?  Perhaps the exhibition of the Queen's royal outfits?

Has anyone seen it?

Liberty is always excellent...

This year it will be September, and we will have more time.
I have been looking online at the theatre offerings...

Last night of the Proms on 10th September - Yes please....
But no tickets now available. 

Moving on - perhaps a West End Show?
There are so many of them - which to choose.
I see Breakfast at Tiffany's has burst into song -
Is it popular?  Are the reviews good?

I found that The Barber of Seville will be playing...
but coincidentally, I saw it in Brisbane this week.

Opera Queensland's production is brilliant...lots of fun, and the costumes are fantastic.  It takes red to a new level...

Norma will be on at the Royal Opera House...that would be lovely...

On the list for London are Windsor, Hampton Court, the Wallace Collection, British Museum and Library, the V&A, Sissinghurst, and meeting friends.

Will they all happen?
Of course not, but it is fun to plan.

Any suggestions would be very welcome, and carefully considered.
Also any never know...

It's the middle of Winter, and Summer has suddenly returned.
Yesterday it was 29 degrees, a record-breaking high for July.

I consider this quite unfair - our Winter is only about 10 weeks long as it is, and now even that is being intruded on by Mr Hot Sun/Climate Change...

Cool change forecast during the week, thankfully.

Have a beautiful weekend my friends.



  1. Those little ones are adorable. Goodness they are growing though. You have some fun travels coming up. Hope you find something good in the way of theater in London.

    1. They grow too fast, Darla. Not babies any more, but they are as cute as the chipmunk.
      There is a lot of prep for our trip, but I am looking forward to it, especially after recent events.

  2. Always so much I want to comment on, and I hardly know where to start! Firstly, your grandsons are adorable! I am partial to boys, I only had my one son, you know!
    And that sparkly clutch purse, I love it, LOVE it!
    I hope you will show us photos from the wedding of the year in Ireland!
    We were in England on the last night of the Proms one year and we watched it on TV in Eastbourne and you know I sung along with the TV, wish I had been in London for it!
    That must be a very bittersweet thing, to go through your Dad's things. Your Dad just really seems to be the kind of person I wish I could have known. xx

    1. So pleased you like my clutch Kay - I knew it was perfect the instant I saw it. All of my wedding outfit has now been sourced, and I am waiting for the dressmaker to finish my coat.
      I will certainly be taking lots of pictures in Ireland, and some might find their way here :)
      We might end up watching the Proms on TV at our hotel - thank you for the suggestion.

  3. How lovely to be planning such a special trip. London is always vibrant and fun, but a wedding in Ireland? Now that's special. I love the clutch bag...and as for the return of summer, well, we wouldn't complain about having such temperatures during our winter, that's for sure :)

    1. Yes Val, I think the wedding will be very special. The venue is in a Country House with a beautiful garden. I think we will enjoy London again, including the weather.
      I just need to finish my hotel reservations!

  4. Sounds as if your time will be packed! But you might like to consider a visit to the National Portrait Gallery which is just off Trafalgar Sq and almost opposite St Martin in the fields. It adjoins the National Gallery although you can not get to it through the NG. There's always something interesting to see there though. Have a lovely time and look forward to seeing your snaps, and also of course to hear about The Wedding!
    And that is a lovely little clutch bag.

    1. Oh yes, the Portrait Gallery, I forgot about that one Jenny. I love that Duchess Kate is involved there. I remember looking at St Martin in the Fields on a previous visit, but we should go in and have a look, I think. Their music is legendary!

  5. Sounds as if your time will be packed! But you might like to consider a visit to the National Portrait Gallery which is just off Trafalgar Sq and almost opposite St Martin in the fields. It adjoins the National Gallery although you can not get to it through the NG. There's always something interesting to see there though. Have a lovely time and look forward to seeing your snaps, and also of course to hear about The Wedding!
    And that is a lovely little clutch bag.

  6. Hi Patricia, it's so nice to see the little guys again. I don't have advice about London, never having been there, but it's one of my dreams to go someday! I will look forward to hearing more about your vacation planning and of course seeing what you end up doing. Your bag is so pretty. I hope you're having a good weekend.

    1. Don't those boys grow fast? Only a bit over a year since we saw the little one, and he was a big cuddly baby. I will scarcely know him when they come over to see us in November. And I do hope you will see London one day - it is like walking through history!

  7. Patricia, I love that blush sparkle clutch! It looks so pretty and vintage. I still have to get one for Jess' wedding. Thanks for reminding me. :) I can't believe that chipmunk is getting that close to the kids. What a delightful picture this is. They're almost touching noses. Here, we don't get too close to the squirrels, and they don't get too close to us. I love that picture of the red berries, I'm wondering, is that a poisonous plant? Going through your father's things must have been emotional for you. I remember that well with my sister sorting out my mom's stuff. It sounds like July has been a busy month for you.

    Have a wonderful weekend, Patricia.

    love, ~Sheri

  8. Thank you Sheri, and the sparkle clutch sends greetings :)
    I was surprised at these chipmunks too, but my daughter says they have been tamed at that house over many years, and love to be fed peanuts which they run away and put in their stash. The red berries I would not eat, I think they are ornamental only and could well be poison. Thank you for reminding me, because when the little boys come over for a visit later in the year, they might attempt to eat them.
    Yes, a busy month, and I'm sure you are as well. Weddings are a big event, aren't they? x

  9. Love that little clutch, perfect for the occasion. Is that the "being beaded" dress in the background of the same photo? Good to hear the trip arrangements are coming together. Boys are looking wonderful, their visit later this year will be excitement on all sides.

    1. Yes, it is 'the' dress behind - well spotted...
      Really only started back on trip arrangements this weekend, including choosing hotels, but have now printed our tickets for Buck. House :) Can't wait to see those little rascals..

  10. You must miss your overseas grandchildren. That must be bittersweet as well. And an overseas wedding as well, and perhaps more grandchildren in Ireland one day - although I don't think one is supposed to say that sort of thing nowadays! London is always fun, and we often try to go on London walks - you pick the walk you want, meet at an Underground station and then go to whatever is -and then walk back to another Underground station> Sometimes is is then quite a challenge working out where it is and how to get back to your digs! Time always passes quickly in London doesn't it, so much to see and do.

    1. I do miss them Sarah Liz, and we don't skype often due to time differences and busy schedules (theirs, not ours :) Hopefully not babies in Ireland as they currently live in Sydney. Fingers crossed on that one! I like the idea of the London walks - but first we must Conquer the Underground - I should download a map of it all. Can't wait to see and do it all.

  11. Cute kids and a lovely sponge. Heaven.

  12. Hello dear Patricia..
    A super post.. catching up on your family and life's joy's.
    Petit bebe has grown.. he is beautiful.. both boys have grown. They seem to grow before ones very eyes these days.
    Such excitement for you both, to be travelling to Europe once again.
    I have not kept up these last months with all the posts.. How wonderful that your son is getting married.. and the wedding will be in The beautiful Emerald isle..
    Snap... I was looking at flight to London this last week.. I really want to go and see a show.. I have two on my list.. Billy Elliot and Les Misarables.. I was thinking of just a big injection of London culture.. Might do it after the summer.
    Nothing better than dreaming Patricia.. good for the soul.
    Enjoyed visiting..
    Happy sunday and a good week.
    love Val.xxxx

    1. Hello Val, yes the boys are growing, and I can't wait to see them in Australia late in the year. My first trip to Ireland, which is very exciting. Book of Kells here I come! Two excellent shows for you in London, and I wonder how I will do one of everything :) Dreaming is good for the soul - I like that!
      Love from Oz xxx

  13. When I was in London last year, I went to the National Gallery and saw Van Gogh's Sunflowers for the first took my breath away. Literally. It was worth battling the summer crowds. I'd been to the gallery itself before but never made it to 'Sunflowers'. You can lose a whole day there, honestly..My recommendation for a good overview of London is to go up the lookout tower of Westminster Cathedral. There's a small fee. The church itself has a lovely ambience and is open to the public, unlike the more famous Westminster Abbey. It's also a way less expensive way to see London from above than The Shard. (Stunning but at a rip off price) Another favourite place is the historic jewellery section in the V& A..on the third floor. If you can lash out, have dinner or at least high tea at Claridges then walk down Bond Street pretending to be rich..If you love ships, see the Cutty Sark moored on the south bank...where do I stop..Can you tell I love London? It's one of my favourite cities. Enjoy!

    1. Ah, those sunflowers, aren't they wonderful? Thank you for your excellent suggestions, just the sort of things we like to do. Mr C wonders if Westminster Abbey has a lift - must Google. Now the jewellery is on my list (btw, I see the Buck Palace shop sells replicas of the Queen's brooches, including the Aus Wattle one - can I resist?) High tea - Yes please, Yum. I think we will do everything, dont you?

    2. Westminster Cathedral has a lift that takes you up to the tower. You go into the little shop/alcove just inside the door, pay the fee then go up in the lift. With Westminster Abbey - famous for Royal weddings, on most days you pay to get in the door, unless you sneak into a Sunday service....

  14. Hi Patricia!
    Ahhhh the chipmunks...not my favorites anymore! We seem to have an explosion of them at the cottage...eating everything in sight!
    I am sure you are looking forward to your trip and the upcoming wedding...
    Your grandsons are so cute! and getting bigger and bigger! Just like my Vivian!
    Sorry that your heat has returned...we are still melting up here...crazy upside down world, eh? Imagine if Trump gets elected in the States???? OMG!! I can hardly wait and see what happens!
    Enjoy the rest of your week...
    Linda :o)

    1. Not sure I'd like to see an explosion of chipmunks - too much like a plague of mice, methinks...
      OMG indeed, whatever will happen in the USA - it is beyond imagining. Cute grandies rule!

  15. Love seeing the pics of your Grands Trish!! Such cuties!! So is that little Prince George. ;)

    That cake is a masterpiece and as pretty as I bet it was tasty!!

    So sad to need to handle the belongings from losing someone - but they are precious momentos that help us remember, right? Hugs and prayers over all of that Hon.

    And I so would love to go to London - and several parts of England one day! Not to mention Australia for that matter!! ;)

    Blessings to you Sweetie. Hope it stays nice and winter cool there. xoxo

  16. Hi Trish,

    Oh what lovelies on todays post! I would definitely buy a replica of the Wattle Brooch. It's unique and pretty and will make a wonderful memory of your visit.

    I love London and recommend seeing as many plays as you can in the west end. I also enjoyed having dinner in a neighborhood pub. When I visited, I took in as much touristy history as I could fit in. I remember not making it to the Victoria and Albert Museum. So if I got back, I'd go there. I also love eating the local food.

    I have never been to Ireland, so I will love seeing any pictures you post. Ahh, a wedding!

    And, boys! Letting a lizard get right up in their faces. Last night, when I turned on my bathroom light, I hugh water bug, which must have crawled up my drain make a quick move ... and I jumped back, nearly falling down. I have no idea how it made it's way up several floors of a Manhattan apartment. We don't have any gardens or greenery surrounding our building. Our back sitting area is all concrete.