Monday, August 3, 2015


Remember the nasturtium vine making a bid for freedom?
Here is it, heading to the ground three metres below our deck.
Do you think it will make it?

We have been busy..

Little Aussie has been visiting, and he devised and performed a little concert for us..
I know, amazingly talented :)
He improvised a microphone from an old music stand, designed a costume from the dress-up box, and issued instructions for audience participation.
We did as we were told....
Aussie sang several songs, very well indeed.  He is developing a beautiful singing voice, and he is only five..
There was a little bit of dancing, and an interesting display of fantastical 'inventions' using found items from around the room.

Like all grandparents, we wonder what the future will hold for this gifted little boy.

After the cold snap, we have had a few warm days...
just enough for the garden to think of Spring:

Ta Dah: the first Iris of the season..

 I finished my wool tweed and pleather dress a few weeks ago.
So far, we are good friends and going well.
I hope it gets a few more wears before the end of August -
our Winter is a matter of blink and you miss it...

It is a bit hard to see in this photo, but this is the black and white silk shirt I bought at the French market in Auckland back in May.
It is waiting for a Spring debut..

and I never got around to showing you the Italian silk outfit I bought in Canada.
Above is the skirt, which has an interesting tie belt, and a lovely lace frilled hem, higher at front and dipping down at the back.

This is the top, sheer with embroidered lace sleeves and around the hips.

Although it is two pieces, it is a bit like an old-fashioned tea dress, very light and floaty..
I am planning to wear this to a couple of weddings.

I might carry this bag I made a few years ago.
It is a wool flannel base, appliqued with felt and velvet leaves and flowers, then heavily embroidered and beaded.  It was a real pleasure to make, but I have hardly used it.  There are not many occasions where you can take such a bag.

Did you know Pierre Casiraghi of Monaco married Beatrice Borromeo over the past few days?
Pierre is the son of Princess Caroline and grandson of the late Princess Grace of Monaco and Prince Rainier.

The bride had at least three outfits.  Above a pretty pink Valentino for the civil ceremony.

and here, the 'real' wedding gown...

and yet another for the reception.
Aren't weddings complicated these days...

Have a good week



  1. Thanks for sharing those gorgeous wedding photos and your lovely flowers. The prince is quite handsome, but how could he miss?

    1. Exactly, Linda Kay. Princess Grace Kelly was so beautiful, wasn't she?

  2. It sounds like winter is almost over where you are. I love your dress and I do hope you get to wear it again. Little Aussie sounds like such a delight. I'm glad he loves to sing. That wedding does look very glamorous, three gowns! Wow. I think I'd be too tired to enjoy the festivities with all those costume changes. :) I hope you have a good week, Patricia.

    1. Yes, winter barely begins, then it is finished! Supposed to be 3 months, but often less. I know, all those wedding outfits - I thought it was enough complication just working out one gown!

  3. Lovely photos Trish...nice things appearing in your garden. You will look gorgeous in your floaty number xxx Perhaps little Aussie is going to take after his Nana.

    1. Aha, I suspect Aussie is taking after a few members of our family - there is a lot of ham around :) xx

  4. Hi Patricia!
    Lovely flowers....what winter?
    Your outfits are gorgeous....lucky you!
    So glad you are enjoying your grandson♥️
    Have a great week!
    Linda :o)

    1. Ha, what winter indeed, Linda. But without double glazing or central heating, when it is cold without, it is cold within! That is why I love my electric blanket! Little Aussie is great fun to have around, just like your little Miss V!

  5. All of your outfits and dresses are beautiful!!! I love that bag too, it is perfect for a wedding isn't it. I wonder if the nasturtium will indeed make it all the way to the ground! It is trying hard. xx

    1. Thank you Amy - I loved making the bag, but it rarely goes out. Last time was to a grandson's Christening. Nasturtium says Hi! xx

  6. It must have been so much fun to be an audience for Little Aussie. Isn't it a joy having grandchildren?

    I like the clothes you showed us. The skirt/top goes perfectly with the beautiful bag you made. Glad you have a couple of upcoming occasions to wear it to.


    1. Yes, great joy to be found in grandchildren. We think he is quite wonderful! But we are biassed, of course...
      Glad you like my outfit - we don't get many occasions to dress up in this way now!

  7. Your Italian outfit complimented by the lovely bag is stunning - will it be travelling with you to Dublin?

    1. Thank you Rosemary - yes, I think the bag has an excellent chance of an overseas trip to Dublin :)!!

  8. Little Aussie does sound a wonderfully talented little boy. I've been following his progress off and on via your blog posts. Five now. Wow!
    Nasturtiums do have a habit of spreading. I got a bit tired of them and carefully pulled up all the seedlings but after going away for a couple of weeks returned to find them rampaging every bit as much as usual!

    1. Your nasturtiums are as excitable as ours, Jenny! I have tried and failed to grow them in the past, but this year the climate must be just right, and I have them popping up everywhere.. but they will probably die off when the hot weather comes.
      Seen through the eyes of grandparents, Little Aussie is indeed full of talent :)

  9. What fun to have your grandson perform in a concert for you! The dress you made is gorgeous. Your sewing skills always leave me feeling impressed, Patricia. I hope you are able to wear it a few more times this season before the return of your hot weather.

    1. The concert was great fun, Kristie. He has started young - I started doing the same thing as a kid, but I was about 8 before I had the idea :) Thank you re the dress, I am quite pleased with it, but probably won't go sewing that pleather stuff again any time soon. Too tricky... The weather has gone very cold again, 2 deg min. all this week, so still time to wear our warm things. Enjoy your new granddaughter :)

  10. Your dress is fabulous my dear! Job well done!

    Thank you very much for your thoughtful words on my blog. They touched my heart!


    1. Thank you Tamera, I love the dress!
      And you are welcome - it was a beautiful post you gave us.

  11. Patricia, that is so fun that little Aussie performed a little concert for you. It reminds me of the time that me and my friend did a little skit for our parents when I was growing up. This wedding dress is pretty. Yes, weddings can be complicated these days. I think there is just too much of everything. It can get expensive and overwhelming if you let it. I like the idea of nice and simple. Your Italian silk outfit is gorgeous, Patricia.

    It's been pretty hot here and enjoying the last days of summer.

    love, ~Sheri

    1. Hi Sheri, what fun memories: you did the concert for the parents thing too! I did it a few times with my brothers and must run in the family. Glad you like my Italian silk - I am almost afraid to wear it, because it is as fine as cobwebs! Still rather cold here, so the weather wheel has not turned yet :) Soon...
      love, P.

  12. I loved the black and white silk shirt you bought at La Cigale - it will be fabulous to wear in the warmer weather!
    Your floaty number for the weddings is gorgeous and yes a perfect tea dress as you said - I love pretty feminine clothes.

    I didn't see much of the Casiraghi wedding although I'll look for the "Hello" next time I'm at the hairdressers.
    I think Pierre looked very handsome in his elegant evening dress - love the guardsman stripe on the side of his trousers!
    Three occasions - how exhausting for the couple and the guests!!!
    Shane x

    1. Thank you Shane, today is an unusually warm spring day, so La Cigale shirt will be going out for lunch. Soon I will wear the tea dress too...winter clothes will soon be put away.
      He he, like you, I read this stuff at the hairdressers - one must have a hairdresser who is up to date with the magazines :)
      love P. xx