Monday, March 3, 2014


This is the 300th Post on the Red Cardinal Blog -
and just three years since I began blogging.
 Hollywood joined in, putting on a party for the occasion...

Oh, no, actually that is for our Cate Blanchett, who took home the Oscar for best actress.  And every other gong this season, which must make her the most successful Aussie actress, ever..

She always looks gorgeous in a blush gown, and looked like a princess today.

Then there is our other Australian Catherine...
Designer Catherine Martin won Two Oscars for her work on The Great Gatsby.

As always, I was somewhat glued to the television, well actually I made a cake and did some sewing during the Oscar telecast..

Always loved navy, and Sandra Bullock did not disappoint in this classy look..

Penelope Cruz - well you all know I'll go for the pale pink every time, and the l black accent adds to the glamour..

 Kelly Osbourne looked like a diva in this elegant number..

Liza Minnelli, who is 'of a certain age', an age with which I may or may not have a nodding association.
This was probably a good idea to begin with, but who made this?
So many obvious tailoring mistakes, sleeves which pull, top hem has stretched, pants side seam not aligned properly - I could go on.
If I made this I'd toss it in the bin and start again, possibly with a better quality of fabric.
But perhaps I am being too harsh, Liza with a Z..
but you deserve better.

Surprise of the night: Kim Novak. 
Actually, I was surprised she was still alive, shame on me..
Eighty years old, looking glam, but seemed to have trouble with her speaking voice.  As for Matthew McConaughey, Best Actor winner ...I do so love a Southern accent.
He is from Texas, which we have twice visited, and where we have friends.
I could listen to that drawl all day - sigh!!

Did you watch the Oscars?
Tell me your favourites...

Blogging has brought so much fun and joy into my life...
the real action, of course, always takes place in the comments box.
A lovely reader, B, sent me this photo of a pretty Red Cardinal having a happy time atop a snowman.... just the sort of image I need during our hot summer..

To celebrate the blog's 3rd birthday and 300th post, I am putting together a jolly little bundle of items referencing the Red Cardinal nest..

A red bird pin/brooch from elk..
Elk accessories are designed in Melbourne, and elk works with small family manufacturers utilising traditional crafts and skills, supporting small communities with consistent, sustainable work.  Elk contributes to UNICEF's work for the world's most vulnerable children.

.. can't send you a lorikeet - or can I?

and not forgetting our white cockatoos..

There'll be something handsewn, made with my own little birdie claws...

pink roses..

and Wattle Fairies..

several items from the Art Gallery shop..

and anything else my mind can dream up in the next fortnight.

To enter the draw, all you have to do is leave a comment on the Red Cardinal blog by 17th March, and/or become a Follower... Easy!

I am happy to post internationally - 
love all my blogger friends from around the globe, and this is my thank you gift to you.

It's been raining today - Halleluih!
Maybe I'll get a few more roses next week...

Bye now



  1. If I want a bit of glamour and elegance, I always know where to come, Patricia! All this is so far removed from my world :) Beautiful!

    1. We specialise in vicarious enjoyment of glamour and elegance on this blog, Val!

  2. Didn't watch the Oscars but enjoyed looking at the bits here. Poor Liza, that is a tragic outfit. How sweet to have a give away. I'm entering of course!


    1. Liza's outfit is a bit tragic, I agree. Surely she has a stylist? Entered in the giveaway, Darla - such fun!

  3. Hello Patricia:

    We have to confess to not having seen the Oscars but then we do not have a television. However, Miss Minnelli's outfit was the subject of much criticism in one of the British National newspapers so you are not by any means alone!!

    Many, many congratulations on 300 posts.

    1. Hello Hattats, thank you for the congratulations - who'd have thought I would keep on going..
      Oh dear, criticized in Britain as well - I hope poor Liza can cope with this!

  4. Congrats on your 300th post! I would love to be included in your giveaway draw.

    I didn't watch the Oscars. I'm still recovering from all the glitz and glamour from our trip to Vegas for my mom's 80th. :-)

    1. Thank you Kristie, you are in the draw.
      Your trip to Vegas looks every bit as glitzy as the Oscars.. what a way to celebrate being 80!!

  5. Dear Patricia - congratulations on 300 posts and 3 years of blogging - doesn't time fly when you are having fun.
    I didn't see the Oscars but was shocked to see your photo of Liza Minnelli - she looks as if she left in a hurry and forgot to put on her her undergarments.

    1. Thank you Rosemary, I had no idea I would still be blogging three years later. Much water has passed under the bridge but I continue to have fun with it.
      I was shocked by Liza Minnelli too - and I see what you mean, no good foundation going on there!

  6. Congratulations on your 300 posts and third blog birthday, Patricia, and here's to many more years of happy blogging. Do please put my name in the hat for your celebratory giveaway.

    I'm afraid I'm another who didn't see the Oscars. Among so many stunning dresses I would certainly have noticed that disastrous blue outfit. Poor Liza. :-( I still have such a vivid memory of her wonderful performance in 'Cabaret'.

    1. Cabaret was such a good film, wasn't it? The disastrous blue certainly stood out, for all the wrong reasons. So sad, but at least Liza is still with us and going to the Oscars, which is some achievement given the difficulties she has faced through the years.
      Giveaways are fun - I am still working on my parcel!

  7. I love the Oscar Fashion show that Joan Rivers does, but will have to wait until I get back to Tulsa to watch it. I am in Southern California where I don't have cable for the TV, which means I have no live TV. Lots of Netflix and DVD's, though. Don't even know what won for Best Picture yet. That Bird Pin is adorable. (Glad to know Elk a brand, not the material it's made from.) Give-aways are exciting - is it as much fun to put one together as it is to win one? Knowing you, I'll bet its even more fun!

    1. Yes, definitely fun making up the give-away. Maybe I'll put in a snake - then again, best not :)
      I like Joan Rivers Oscar shows too - I think it will be on here either today or tomorrow. The bird pin is really nice - I like to buy them whenever our local shop gets them into stock. Best picture was Twelve Years a Slave; have to go see that one asap.

  8. Patricia,
    Oh Yes, I would love a chance to win all the goodies in your giveaway. I watch the Oscars sometimes, but only to see the fabulous outfits that are wearing. I have always loved fashion, and it's a delight to see so many interesting dresses. Sandra Bullock's is my favorite on here. It's so simple and classy.

    Are those colorful birds on a ledge at your home? That is amazing. I only see ordinary birds here, but still bird watching is one of my favorite things to do. Every now and then, I will see the glorious hummingbird.


    1. Hi Sheri, I think Sandra Bullock's dress is my pick of the Oscar night, too! The coloured birds are lorikeets, and they visit us every morning. We put out sunflower seed for them sometimes, but they come always. They gather just outside our kitchen door and are a nice start to the day. The sulphur-crested cockatoos come frequently too, but not daily, and sometimes the two species fight over the seeds. Never seen a hummingbird, but I'd really like to!

  9. Just wanted to tell you that I didn't see your comment tonight until later - I came over here right after watching some tv. It seems that we were thinking about eachother at the same time. :~)

  10. Cate always looks pretty in that colour, she must have strawberry blonde colouring. Its nice to see the ladies 'putting on a nice frock' for the occasion.

    1. Hello Barb and welcome to my blog. Yes, totally agree Cate's colouring seems to suit that blush dress to perfection. Love the Oscar gowns!

  11. Big congrats on your 300th. I was so thrilled to discover when we bumped into each other that you too had become a blogger. Your blog is so beautiful and elegant Trish as are you... Love the frosty with Hus Cardinal friend xx

    1. Thank you Michelle, only another blogger really gets it, don't you think? I was thrilled for you too, not just as a blogger but your creative business too, which seems to go from strength to strength. I'm glad you think the Red Cardinal & moi are elegant - we are preening our feathers as you read :)

  12. Congratulations dear Patricia
    You've done so well on 300 posts - I'm trailing way behind you!
    I'm so thrilled to hear Cate won "best actress" - she is gorgeous and a wonderful actress - she looked the most elegant by far.
    Sad to see Liza and Kim, I can't understand the botox brigade, not for me!
    Here's to your next 300 posts dear friend!
    Wishing you a wonderful time in Paris - lucky you!

    1. Thank you Shane - blogging is addictive. When the day comes when there is no longer something to say, I'll close down the blog.
      Liza and Kim were strange, to say the least, but that's the fallout from show biz, I guess. Paris is beckoning! Hugs across the Tasman..

  13. Congratulations on your special day. 300 posts, impressive!
    You are so generous with your give-aways. Actually we, your readers should be the ones giving you something!
    As I don´t watch TV, I did not see the Oscar Gala.
    But thanks for sharing selected picks.
    Poor Liza. Someone should have given her some advice what to wear.
    Kim Novak has really had " lots " done on her face. Feeling actually sorry for her.
    Quite a lot of good actors coming from Australia during the past years!

    1. Thank you Mette, I wonder if I'll make it to 400 posts?
      Australia is very proud of our contribution to the world of film in recent years, and especially the Oscars this year. I felt a bit sorry for Kim Novak too; she looked strange, I thought.
      I'm having fun with the giveaway, keep coming up with new ideas!

  14. Oh Patricia we have so many things in common I feel I know you personally as opposed to virtually. I love reading your blogs and can always relate to things you have to say. I totally agree about Liza with a Z - her outfit just wasn't her - she's too short to be wearing this kind of pant suit and as for the colour!! Blogging really is the best place to be - I love the chats, the camaraderie, the sharing, the caring and so much more besides. Congratulations on your 3rd anniversary and 300 posts. I'd love to take part in your very kind giveaway please.
    Patricia x

    1. So true Patricia - is it because we are the same age, perhaps? I too notice all our common links, and of course you'll go in the draw! Wish I could send something to everybody, really :)
      Poor little Liza - cobalt is one of my favourite colours, but in that cheap satin it looks terrible. Bad advice all round there. I hope she is OK, as sometimes she has been frail over the years. xx

  15. Congratulations on all of your blogging Patricia!! I really like Cate Blanchett's dress, it really suits her and is so very pretty! Just catching up on things after having been off blogging for a little bit! xx

    1. Hello Amy, we all have little blogging breaks from time to time. If I don't do something for more than 10 days, my girlfriends start to check up on me :)
      Cate's dress was the real princess number she kept until last!

  16. Hi Patricia
    Just getting caught up on my fav blogs and this post is a great one. Congrats on your 400th post yours are always a delight to read; so much happiness going on here. I never watch the Oscars. For some reason I just don't like seeing Hollywood patting itself on the back. But I do love movies and Cate and so glad she won. Haven't seen Blue Jasmine yet. I would not have recognized Liza M or Kim Novak had you not told us who they are. Both have had extensive work, to the point they don't even resemble their former selves. Wishing you a good Ash Wednesday.