Wednesday, September 12, 2012


We took my nearly-92 year old Dad for a drive in the country the other day.

Spring may have Sprung, but it is terribly dry out there,
after no rain for a couple of months.

I have seen three dead snakes on the roads in two days:
another sign of change of season, as they come out of hibernation and start to move about, with a fatal attraction towards warm bitumen.

Our destination was Tamborine Mountain, a pretty touristy spot not far from Brisbane.
With its rich volcanic red soil, the mountain is famous for growing flowers, avocados and rhubarb.
I came home with a huge bunch of fresh rhubarb for a tiny price.

There were beautiful Wisteria and May bushes all around the Mountain.

Back at Dad's Aged Care Village, I noticed a garden brilliant with red poppies ...

and other assorted pretties ...

He is certainly living in lovely surroundings.  After nearly eight months there, he has settled in beautifully and does not mention his old home.  He goes on all the outings, often to malls, markets, fetes or fairs.
To my amusement, just as we have been clearing out the house and disposing of a lifetime's worth of antiques and collectables, he has started collecting again.  Little objects d'art are turning up in his room; this week a couple of antique English plates!  Another week, a group of little watercolours! 
Then there is the bird ornament, and the pretty kitten plate ....

I wonder who I take after .........

Enjoy the Sunshine xxx


  1. Yes it is terribly dry Patricia and a good down pour would be much appreciated.
    How sweet that your Dad is collecting a few pieces here and there for his new abode...he sounds like a real sweetie.
    Oh goodness the price of rhubarb in the fruit shop last week was ridiculous. Good on you if you scored a bunch at a reasonable price.

    1. Rain is forecast Annie - but will it arrive??
      Dad has a good eye for an interesting piece - and it is sweet he is getting the chance to exercise it again! xx

  2. What a nice outing you must have had, Patricia. That wisteria on the arbot is fantastic, as are all the other flowers as well. How exciting that you are about to experience Spring! Trying to decide if your May bush is what we call spirea (or maybe flowering almond?). Fresh rhubarb! How nice! Will you make a pie, jam or some other delicacy. My climate is too hot and dry to grow it, but I adore strawberry-rhubarb jam. Enjoy! I know your dad enjoyed the outing and I think it's so nice that he is beginning to personalize his new living space. Have a great week!

    1. The rhubarb is delish, Sanda! I poached it in orange juice and cinnamon, and am enjoying it on cereal, or with icecream or yoghurt. It will keep us going all week.
      It is a good sign Dad is paying attention to the decor; his general health and mental outlook have improved a lot since he went into care. It is fun to watch what he does. Have a great week too!

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